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Music writing task!!

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1 Music writing task!! on Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:21 am

I did this during class last week. We each had to bring in a song and then listen to them all and write while the music was playing. It's a fun little task, that I encourage you to do. :3

P.S some are really short because
A. I was singing along with the song
B. Laughing with my friends at Adele singing like Dory. :PI kid. But she does. Razz
C. I had no ideas

1. You can have any song.
2. Do not skip any songs, just go for it.
3. The written does not have to suit the music. The music is there for help. - If you have a romantic song, you do not have to do romance. You can do whatever you want. Write an Anti-Romance piece if ya like.
4. Make sure you write along with the music and stop when it stops. You can have an extra minute once the music is stopped if you need it.
5. Break rule 4, if you are on a role!
6. Don't watch the music video or even look at the album cover. Just stay on the writing page.
7. Please do not steal any of these ideas or characters. They belong to me, (and some are co-owned by Rebby)

Also, I broke my 7th rule. I stole my BF's charrie Jason. Razz hahahah


John Cage Silence 4:33

He didn't know how long he had been sitting there. The constant dripping gave no indication. It started as a continuous annoyances before fading into a dull reminder that he's alive. He tried to count the seconds, but his mind scrambled and whizzed with imagination, circling images into his sight.

A body lay in front of him. Their back was bare, except for the bruises and blood that cloaked it. It size was small, no more than a child. Its frame was slim, revealing no gender to flaunt.

“H-hello.” He said meekly, his voice torn and broken.


Imagine Dragon- Radioactive

My hands shook as they approached her tough skin. She smirked at them before putting them in hers. They were surprisingly gentle, I almost tore them away.

“Calm down, Bright eyes.” She sniggered, moving closer to me. Her head tilting before her lips pressing against mine. My cheeks flared as my eyes glistened at the new possible threat. Calm down, I scolded myself. Enjoy this.

I brushed my hand against the nape of her neck before sweeping my fingers through her braid, uncurling it into her long wavy strands, that circled around her neck and shoulders.


You and me- Lifehouse

Phillip sat against the wooden panels of the barn house. He sat completely silent, his eyes closed and his hands limply in his lap. His silence was at first alarming to those who knew him. Though, the slight smile on his face, stopped those worrying thoughts.

“Phillip?” A soft voice peeks in.

The kid open his eyes slightly, out of habit, but stared at the space where he knew the voice came from. “Hi Tracey.” He smiled, sliding himself up from the dusty ground.

“Are you lost?”

“....No..I..just, ya know, thought that we could,....I could walk you home?” His voice fumbled and cracked, the lingers of childhood finally falling off him.


Le Onde- The Waves- Bethan

Barry sat at the hem of his piano, his back straight and his head slightly dulled, his eyes shut. He pressed his fingers into the key, playing a flat note. The noise echoed lifelessly throughout the room, unsettling the deadly silence. A shiver coursed through him. He remembered the way the keys felt under his finger tips, the pedal under his feet, the way that the music would calm down his attacks.

The memories should hold something dear, a time when Petalouda was at peace, but the uprooted memories held nothing but pain inside. He could feel her presence behind him, even though he knew that she could not be there. However, she lingered there, like the dust that had settled on the once white keys. Her cold eyes staring down at him, her harsh hands on his, guiding him to the correct key.


Watsky- Tiny Glowing Screens

I stumbled, slammed against the wall. His face snarling, his scowling eyes glaring into mine. No fear, no intimidation, but anger brunt inside of him.

“Get your head together, Kirch!” He growled, his hands clenched hard into my shirt. “No one's going to give you a pity party, Kirch. We're in the middle of a war, your war. People have given up everything for you, died for you, and you're just going to throw it away because someone hurt your feelings?!” He pushed me up against the wall harder,  his hands lifting me ever so slightly.


Imagining- Intuition and Equilibrium

The punching bag flew across the room, crashing into the wall, finishing off with a loud bang. Snaps panted heavily as she narrowed her eyes at the broken equipment. Her fist clenched as she strode over to it. She fist landed hard, cracking slightly, but was ignored as she continued to plummet into it. After her knuckles were stained red and pulsed hard, she finally landed one last punch, screaming into the bag. She held onto the bag, letting it hold her weight.

Arms wrapped around her, pulling her into a hard chest. She lay limply against them, her tears threatening to fall, but never did. She just stood there, her breaths sobbing out, her muscles shaking.

“Kirch is a dick.” The voice said bluntly.

Snaps sniffled a laugh back as she looked up into those shark like eyes. “You're one too, you know.”


Adele – Skyfall

“Connor! Get back!” Belos yelled, thrashing through the crowd.

I ignored him. Just keep walking forward, I urged myself. I clutched onto the dagger tightly, holding it into my chest. Each step felt like my feet were being crushed. Blood slipped down my body, splattering behind me like a trail of breadcrumbs.

“Connor! Don't be foolish!” Belos, screamed, his voice bordering between pleading and anger.

“I can't! I won't let him.” I croaked, pushing my own way through the panic and chaos.


Swim deep- Deanna

“Kid, pass me the wrench.” Barry lay out his hand from underneath the car, expectantly. Obediently, I slid up next to him, inspecting the mechanics of the car.  I scrunched my nose up, the car was orange underneath, bits of broken wires and pipes poked free, gasping for air.

“You sure?” I asked, frowning slightly, cocking my head.

“I know what I'm doing, James.” He chuckled, nudging me slightly.

“Yeah, but you're old, Uncle Barry. You could be forgetting things.” I giggled, nudging my uncle back.
“I'm not old.” He mumbled under his breath before shaking his head at me. “Can you just get it for me, son.” He laughed, sliding me out.

I sighed as I rolled out from under the car, sweeping off any dust and oil from my shorts.


Charlie Brown- Coldplay

I stare at the world before me. The wide open sky calls to me, its shimmering colour shining down on me, poking through the cloud, letting specks of sun dance away. The grass spreads further than I can see. Small houses dot the landscape, sprinkling around like freckles on the earth's face Animals graze gracefully, flocking with their families, being free.

I let out a shaky breath as it finally hits me. No more shows, no more tanks, no more performances. Its just us now. To do what we want. To be free.

Lolita gently links her hand with mine, squeezing it as she takes in a breath of fresh air.

“We're home, Hugo.” I whisper, leaning into her slightly. “We finally made it.”


Small hands- Kateon Henson

The ship shudders, rattling the chains around us. The smaller children cry, calling out for their mothers, clutching to those next to them. The older children hush and comfort, but our own fears rake our voices, raping them from their stability.

“I'm scared.” My sister weeps beside me.

“I'm scared too, but we're together right? Your big brother will look after you.” I whisper, holding her as close as I can without the chains restricting us.


Marriage if Figaro

The women danced through the forest, vanishing between the trees, twirling with the falling leaves. Their naked bodies shimmered, enticing me to them.

“Connor, ignore them.” Belos growled, covering his ears.

“But they're so pretty.” I murmured, taking a step towards them. I wanted to touch them, run my finger through their hair, pull them against me and kiss until the night fell.

“Foolish brat.” Belos grunted, grabbing me roughly, slinging me onto the floor.

I watched in completely happiness as a soldier walked up towards a red headed woman. She put her hands around his neck, pulling him into her naked body. He hazily agreed, putting his hands onto her hips, his lips against her neck. She smiled at him, her eyes turning gold and her teeth sharpening before she clamped her mouth around his neck.


Fort Minor- Kenji

Jane strode down the corridor, her eyes pulled forward with her head high, seemingly ignoring the soldiers next to her, but every moment, every breath, every thought, she caught onto, capturing them for the real emotions behind the masks. She watched them closely, inspecting them, judging her own men with a expressionless face.

She reached the end of the row of soldiers, turning sharply before facing her men and women. Her eyes caught onto the smallest soldier in her force. She watched as his fingers danced against his thigh, tapping away. To untrained eyes, it was just the nervous habit of a young boy, but to her, it was much more. It was mores code.

She eyes followed his twitching, watching as he continued his message. It was an unstable amount of words, a jumble of comforting prose. The one phrase that repeated over and over again brought a slight smirk to her face.

'I'm a good soldier. I will serve Genesis.”


C2c – F.U.Y.A

Phillip lurched high among the clouds, his eyes following his target below. They moved slowly, unknowing to the predator above them. A smile grew ever so slightly  as he stood from his perch. He spread his arms before jumping forwards, letting the air catch him. His hands spread out, his fingers grasping onto the washing line in front of him, before twirling up, letting his feet land softly onto the rope.


Kingdom dance- Tangled

“Jay! Jay! Lookies!” Phillip came bounding down towards Jason, a stack full of prizes bundled in his arms. They ranged from sugary treats, that Jason would later hide, to stuffed animals.

“They're very nice.” Jason chuckled, kissing Phillip on the head before collecting Phillip's goods into his bag.


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