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Contest Entry - Cantando Luces

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1 Contest Entry - Cantando Luces on Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:03 pm



The Cantando Luces are a strange and unknown occurrence throughout the lands. They are seen only at night, and only by those who have wondered too far from their home, or the beaten path.

It is said the Cantando Luces have no solid, physical form, except for 3 bright white orbs that never leave each other’s side, coated in an aura of lunar glow and charm that catches the eye of whomever it has set its sights upon. Legend has it that their method of hunting and luring the unknowing prey is to dance all around them, feigning to be prey or something of curiosity. They lure you further and further from your home until you are lost, and cannot find your home, or know where it is in the blinding dark. Only when you are alone, only you are lost in the darkness of the night, will they show themselves to you, and by then it is already too late, for when your instinct to run or cower has abandoned you and run off into the night, then the orbs sing the sweetest lullaby in all the lands, a lullaby so soothingly sweet sounding that it could put a God to rest. As you watch in spellbound wonder the orbs move around over your head, slowing forming closer and closer together, the eyelids become heavy and the will to stay awake or escape this unnatural thing happening before you fades and slides away. Until at last you are at rest. The final details are unclear, some say that the Cantando Luces form into a large beast and devours the sleeping creature whole, others say that they carry them away, never to be seen or heard from again.

The Cantando Luces have no set hunting ground. You may find them upon the highest hilltop, or the lowliest river bank. The only definite that can be said about them are that they only appear after dark, when you have only the stars and moon to guide your way. They do not go after those who travel in groups, but may target those who lag behind when on the move. They also like to pick out those who like to wonder off from their families, friends and homes, and have been known to spy on those they believe to be easy pickings.

If you wish to avoid the Cantando Luces, your best bet is to stay close to those you travel with at night, and never go too far from home when alone in the pitch black of the night’s high noon. If you happen to see one, look down at the ground and speak out loud the way back home, calmly and slowly. This will trick the Cantando Luces into thinking you haven’t seen it and it will move on. Then, once the coast is clear, return home immediately, remember – they won’t go after you if you are with others.

And finally, be careful when looking up at the night sky, because the glowing orb you see in the sky, might not always be the moon.

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2 Re: Contest Entry - Cantando Luces on Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:30 pm

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to reply to this or not, but I enjoyed your entry! It was really neat, and inspiring Smile

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3 Re: Contest Entry - Cantando Luces on Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:58 pm


It is a fab entry :3 And it's the winner of the create your own legend contest not long back :3 So look forward to this being used in the future :3

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