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The Keepers - Contest Entry

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1 The Keepers - Contest Entry on Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:35 am


"There was once a time when the mythological and the logical walked hand and hand. The legends were passed down from mother to son, from father to daughter, and spread across the lands with such eager anticipation that all the legends had at least some root in each society," began the wolf with a heavy sigh. "Over time, it became the duty of one in a generalized area - a pack - to keep track of legends and to share them when relevant. It became a burden to be named as the pack's legend keeper, but that is a tale for another time.

The tale I share with you today is the one of the stars that blink and glisten in the sky high above us. Back when the world began, the Mother Wolf was lonely. Soon, she found another - the Father Wolf. They joined together, and from their blissful breath, they breathed the stars.

But they were confined. Mother Wolf was the Earth, and Father Wolf was the sea. Though they remain together through the ages, their stars, legends of the tales that would unfold in their magnificent world, grew out of their control.

And thus the First were born. Their children took over different things. They are known as the Keepers.

Their first child, a son, became their most powerful. He circled his parents and kept their creations living. He is known as Sky.

Their second child, also a son, was dark and brooding. His hot temper burned what he touched and pushed others from him. He is known as Magma.

Their third child was a daughter. She was quiet, but intelligent. She spent more time away from the safety of Sky's protective shield and away from Mother and Father. She learned the ways of the stars, and though it meant never coming to another, she became the serene one that we know as Gala*.

Together, Mother Earth, Father Sea, Sky, Magma, and Gala formed the world as we know it. They keep the world in check, and manage the others, each one keeping their family in check.

If you listen closely, you might hear the sigh of Sky as he races around his homeland, creating winds. You might catch the rustle of Mother Earth, always watching her beloved. If you're lucky, you might catch a falling star, and learn its secrets. If you are unlucky, then Magma might send forth his burning ooze and destroy your home.

Sometimes, the Keepers fight. Magma and Mother clash quite often, creating disaster in their world. Mountaintops explode, breaking the earth and destroying life as lava tears a path down the slope. Father and Sky clash, creating storms with blistering winds and torrential rain. But Gala is always peaceful. She does not involve herself with the quarrels of her family, but from time to time, one of her stars will blink from the sky and crash into the Earth.

Mother doesn't like that too much. Nor does Sky, as his territory always stirs unhappily when one of the stars fall. Father thinks it is just the youngest playing games to get attention, but they all know, deep in their hearts, that the stars are the greatest realm of all, and that for one to keep them all in they sky, it takes great responsibility.

Stars are like caged animals, when one sees and opening, they go for it. And these fallen stars, well, they are known to deliver prophecies."

With a clever glint in her eyes, the female finishes her tale, "And thus, the five work together, clash, and have led the world we live in to how it is now. Next time it seems like you're being watched, you likely are. Because mother is always watching, and she is the source of strength that provides for us all."

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