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Winter Butterfly

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1 Winter Butterfly on Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:41 am


The sky is dark and grey, only bits of sunlight reach the earth as the clouds block the most. On the ground lays a thick layer of snow, bright white and sparkling; it looks like a mystical place, a wonderland. Yet the strong wind and terrible cold let it appear as anything but a wonderland, while a wonderland’s what’s displayed in his mind. But yeah, winter days are nothing like other’s imagination, are they?
Some still see these winter days as wonderful and beautiful but there are others who only see the bad sides of it, who only feel the cold.
What does he feel? He doesn’t know; he can’t decide whether it’s good or bad, whether it has an advantage or a disadvantage to it, to his winter days. He just likes to see it neutral, the good and the bad. This is what he does with all seasons, with every day of the year.
Wearing a thick coat he sits in the snow, staring into the distance, his mind somewhere else. He moves his left hand, wrapped in a glove, through the bright white. For a moment the sun breaks through the clouds and a bright light reaches the boy’s blue eyes, causing him to blink a few times and rub them with his hands. This is the first little real sunshine of the week and it might as well be the last for a longer time; best to sit back and relax.
But the boy doesn’t relax, he keeps sitting there in the same position, his eyes staring off into the distance. He wishes there was a season he liked, at least one season he would look forward to, but there aren’t any. There is no single day that he can wake up, stretch his limbs and smile at the outside world when looking out of the window. He hasn’t smiled for days and he probably won’t anytime soon.
What is there to smile about anyway, as you’ve got no one else but yourself? No family, not even a dog to wag its tail at you as you walk by. He’s all alone. And isn’t being all alone a bad thing?
He has got used to it, however, it has made him feel like every day is just the same as the other. There are no good things and no bad things, no speaking to friends and no fun sports. The only thing he does is waking up in the morning, getting up and dressing himself, whereupon he eats breakfast, goes to school and late in the afternoon returns to do his homework. And what do his parents do with him? Nothing fun at all; they only nag and never do games with him, never drop him off at the sport’s centre or go watch a movie with him.
Every single day has become the same, and the boy wonders how long it will take before he can smile again, before he can finally do something fun with his parents, meet new friends or even adopt a dog. After all a dog is a man’s best friend, now isn’t it?
Letting out a sigh he gets up from the ground and starts walking down the hill. He looks back at the tree he had been sitting near; it’s all dull and without any leaves, like the boy is feeling at the moment, every day.
Looking up at the dark sky he mutters something, before continuing to walk away from the tree. soon he would be out of the park, get his bike and return home, like every free day from school or day during the weekend. He would end up home and do nothing but homework, eat and go to bed, whereupon he would get back up in the morning.
The thoughts keep whirling through his mind; what if he would not get up in the morning? It would probably be a good change, after going through so many bad things. But yet it feels like a shame, as he would not witness anything in his life anymore. After all he still keeps the hope alive that someday his life will change for the better, and that he will smile again.
Something flies past him, something small. For the first time since today he wakes from his daydreaming, from his thoughts, and looks behind him. Following the flying thing, he realizes it’s a small butterfly. A blue butterfly with black wing’s edges. It looks beautiful, yet the boy finds it strange the butterfly is alive during winter ; it would have already been frozen to death by now.
The boy stops and watches it fly around. For some reason the butterfly circles around him, it’s like it tries to communicate with him, or the butterfly is just trying to find a place to land. But that can’t be possible, butterflies have like the most tiniest brains ever. They would never try to land near a human, they would see humans as a huge predator.
Yet this butterfly thinks differently and ends up landing on the boy’s shoulder. The boy, a bit startled, takes a step back, whereupon the butterfly leaves his shoulder again, circling around him once more. The kid lifts his hand, wondering if the butterfly will take its chance…
And yes, the insect goes back down and lands on his hand. For almost a minute it stays there, giving the boy a good chance to look at it more clearly. Its wings blue with black edges, shining a little in the last bits of sunlight coming through the clouds. It seems like an ordinary insect, yet this butterfly is special: it’s a winter butterfly.
The insect takes off and leaves the boy. As the kid looks at it fly off a smile appears on his face. For the first time since weeks he smiles again. Now he knows for sure that winter’s truly his most favorite season of the year.

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