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First few days <Solmn's Story>

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1 First few days <Solmn's Story> on Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:41 pm

(The wolves name mention in the story are done with permission of the users)

The First Few Days

Solmn woke up all happy and rested filled with youthful exuberance that all wolf pups have. As he went to play with the other wolf pup in this pack the female Alpha Rebekka sighed in relief at seeing how well Solmn turned out. “ Now that is a sight for sore eyes.” The wolves around Rebekka agreed seeing what that young one went through to be with them.

Solmn was so happy right now to be part of this new pack, since the alpha female found him among the weird standing rocks. Everyone here was so nice to him and seem to understand the ordeal he went through.

(Three days in the past)

Solmn cleaning was interrupted when his father arrived all excited. “Guess what love I saw an injured flat foot grazing on our range. Solmn looked at his dad. “What is a flat foot daddy is it good to eat?” Being where the den was between two rival pack their food was scarce so an elk was truly a prize for them. His father carefully explained to Slomn what it was and how good it will be to eat. Then him and his mate decided that both of them should go on this hunt. Solmn’s mom carefully but sternly told him he was to remain in the den when they went out hunting, she showed him the place where her and her husband stored some bones in case he had to eat while they were hunting. With that and a quick snuggle and a lick they were gone. When they left Solmn thought to surprise them by cleaning the den which ended up with him forgetting what he wanted to do as he spent his time chasing dust balls or various rodents out of the den. At the end of the first day where mother moon appeared his parents never showed up, Solmn had a little worry when he fell asleep amid the soft and fresh moss of the sleeping area. Unaware that both his parents were killed by one of the two rival packs.

When the little young pup woke up like always he was happy at first but was saddened when he did not see his parents. Luckily there were still some bones left so he ate that for breakfast, then he went through the daily ritual of cleaning himself thinking how proud his mother would be when she learned he did it himself. As morning turned to afternoon Solmn decided to go look for his parents figuring they might need his help, also Solmn was bored being alone. As he left the den the young pup caught a scent of his parents trail unaware it was 3 day old and led to a strange place where standing rocks where. At first Solmn was serious following the scented trail the best he could but like all young pup something distracted him. He was off chasing butterflies and not really paying attention to where he was going and ended up in the lands of standing rocks. His mom warned him some time ago that this place was strange and spooky. Somehow Solmn felt at ease there like that place welcome him. The young pup started exploring this strange and new place unaware that a female wolf caught his young scent. As Solmn got to a river he quickly ran for it to quench his thirst. Unknown to the young pup a grey, white. and black female wolf spotted him as he headed for the river. The female wolf first instincts was to rush to the young pup but she decided to be cautious in case his parents were close by. While keeping a gaze on the young pup Rebekka eyes scan the forest. She could not help but smile as he lapped the water it showed his inexperience and pups tendencies of putting their front paws in the river to drink. After a few minutes the she wolf came out knowing it was unsafe for a pup to be left alone. As Rebekka was about to go to the young pup a piercing cry came from the sky. Mwiiii...Mwiii...Mwiii recognizing the call of a falcon The Grey, black, and white wolf took off running and put her body over Solmn. “My apologies young one but that was a bird, they tend to eat young wolf pups.” Solmn stood underneath Rebekka’s body in fright at what she said and surprise. Seeing the pups reaction the she wolf took the pup in her mouth then race for the safety of the forest, when they got there she gently put him down and look at him lovingly. “What is your name young wolf and where are your parents?” Solmn was taken by surprise when something block the sun and when he was lifted and carried to the woods he just stared dumb like at the female. Rebekka realizing that the pup must be in shock gave him time to answer while she scanned the trees and sky for the falcon. Solmn meanwhile took in her scent as he was relaxing from that ordeal. “My name is Solmn sister wolf, and I am looking for my birth parents. Have you seen them?” Rebekka then look at the small black pup and sighed realizing even though he is past the halfway point of being an apprentice, he is still too young to be left alone. “My name is Rebekka Solmn and no I have not seen your parents. Why dont you come with me to my den so you can get something to eat, then we will search for your parents.” At the mention of eating the little wolf stomach rumbled. “Ok I like to eat something and I will follow you.” Solmn carefully followed Rebeckka enjoying it never realizing that he miss the company. When both arrived at the den it caused quite a stir, automaticly Solmn hid behind Rebekka’s leg being scared at seeing all these wolves staring at him. Meanwhile the she wolf explained how she found the Solmn and him looking for his parents. All the strange wolves took pity on Solm’s situation and decided to adopt him till they found his parents. Someone decided to bring a dead rabbit and gave it to the young pup, he jumped on it without saying thank you and wolfed it down hungrily. When he was done Solmn cleaned himself as best as he could then remembering he did not say thanks lowered his head in shame. “I am sorry for not saying thanks for the rabbit, but it was so good.” Now that his belly was full Solmn yawned as he was getting sleepy. Rebekka then pick him up and carried him into the den. “You just rest here Solmn then after we will look for your parents.” At first the young pup refused due to his youthful stubbornness but sleep overtook him and he drifted in the lands of dreams. In his dreams Solmn was in the den and two black wolves came to him, He knew who they were but something told him not to touch his parents. Both of them informed him that they were dead and that is new family was with this pack. Solmn cried and whimpered at the lost of both parents but their sweet voice told him that from the moon they will watch over him as he grows up. His mom and dad quickly dip their head in order to give Solmn a kiss in between his ears then disappeared from the earth.

As he slept Rebekka watched over Solmn noticing at first he seem to rest peacefully but something made him whimper and kick his legs as he slept. While he slept most of the pack went out and looked for Solmn’s parents eventually they found the dead bodies matching the scent of Solmn. The grey, white, and brown she wolf decided that when Solmn woke up she tell him. When the young pup woke up he saw the female who brought him to the den and walk up to her. As she was about to tell Solmn the bad news he spoke in a quiet but serious voice. “I dreamt last night that my parents came here and told me that they were living with mother moon and this pack was pack is now my family.” The young pup turned speechless as he was starting to feel the loss seeing this Rebekka got closer to him and cuddled so he could cry his little heart out. Meanwhile the rest of the pack form a loving circle around Rebekka and the pup letting the little wolf know that they will be there for him.

The End

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2 Re: First few days <Solmn's Story> on Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:47 am


Awwwwwwww, Solmn. That story was so bittersweet.
You really had Rebby's motherly side down, and n'aaaw it was cute :3

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3 Re: First few days <Solmn's Story> on Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:51 am

Thank you for the kind words. I admit it was a challenge since I only had permission to use Rebby, and in good conscious I could not add in other wolves in the pack. Anyway I am glad you enjoyed it.  Very Happy 

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4 Re: First few days <Solmn's Story> on Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:46 pm


It was sweet though Solmn! I have to say I enjoyed it as well Very Happy And it really did capture Rebby's motherly nature.~

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5 Re: First few days <Solmn's Story> on Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:49 pm

I read it yesterday. Rebby was right when she said how bittersweet it was. Solmn is so precious.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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6 Re: First few days <Solmn's Story> on Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:54 pm

Thank you everyone for the support maybe in early 2014 I will write another story. I kind of like writing with mention of the pack but does not interfere with RP. Anyway it was fun writing it.

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