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The Pitbull

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1 The Pitbull on Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:21 am

The Pitbull

We know them as our friends, our loyal companions that will follows us to the edge of death and back, never leaving our sides, a constant shadow.  We love them, we cherish them, we treat them as our family. However, this does not ring truth to some. So many see them as vicious beasts that serve nothing more than the needle that pierces their veins and the poison that drips between each beat until it is no more. Destroy them. Destroy their lives. Destroy the innocent pup that's barely taken it's first breath. They're all the same. All the same monster. Newborns or old. They all have a similar fate.

A pet. Nothing more than the faithful partner that brings one hope and joy, cast away to a cage, waiting for death's point to ruin their skin and intoxicate their lives until it's nothing more than the empty shell of a loved one.  Innocent for so many, but the few who blanket the name with the shame of a bite are still the victims, but all must pay for their crimes. All must pay for the cruelty humans embark of their lives.

Adoration. Admiration. Affiliation. Lies that are spat by those who own it. They claim their love,but not for the soul, not for the affection, not for the love they give, but for the money their blood paints. For the pain and suffering they adorn in the name of sport. For the simple entertainment that brings them nothing but a bullet to the head.

Their lives are thrown out into the crimson river helplessly until they can not move another inch. Their scars and wounds that crack their skin, a dried up river that has no energy, no life to spark the once flowing stream that once ran there. Torn from their mother's nipple, her warmth and her safety and made to fight the ones they call their kin. To spill blood when only a babe. To wear heavy chains that coil around their throats, anchoring their souls to the earth in which they will rest in soon; a place where their brothers and sisters before them now rest with broken skulls.

We let it hide in the shadows, let it hide within the ugliness of the human race. We use their lives as nothing more than we use a football, a piece of equipment in our sick games, something that we easily replace.

They are the ones not the blame. Nothing changes with the rule of a simple ban. They still suffer the same tarnish that the whites gave the black, the same discrimination that so many give to the gays, the same treatment that so many gave to the women, but we, the humans, see how we are so wrong with that. We see that we should not treat another that way. That we should love all and treat them with equality. Should why can't the same be applied to the Pitbull?


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2 Re: The Pitbull on Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:56 pm


I really love this piece. The music helps with the rhythm, but in my head it's quite powerful. Well done Jo Very Happy

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3 Re: The Pitbull on Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:41 am

Thanks for the comment Rebs. :3


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