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Nita's wings

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1 Nita's wings on Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:36 am

Footsteps. Careful and precise. The huntress' naked toes made barely a sound as she whispered through the timber. Warm brown skin melted within the forest's trees, stone grey eyes stayed alert and prepared, raven hair cascaded her shoulders like the mane of a beast, her movements fluid as a bobcat on the prowl. Though, unlike the bobcat, she was cautious. Something was wrong. A strange new aura had scented the air around her, something she had never encountered before. Despite the fear that lingered, she was destined to find this thing. Her curiosity had gripped her tight and wasn't letting go. Her heart earned to know what was making the winds wail and the animals nervous. She wasn't going to rest until she knew what it was.

Nita continued to slink her way towards the core of the danger. Her heart hammered inside of her chest, and her lungs were dry with baited breath as she lowered her body, moving herself behind a thick green bush, concealing her from whatever threatened her forest. Moving the branches, she saw a glimpse of a creature she had never seen before. Her eyes sprang wide at the sight of the beast, it was something that she'd never forget.

It's head was coated in a thick blanket of grey feathers that travelled down it's neck and over it's chest before scattering into fur across the rest of it's body. It's massive head supported two large golden eyes and a sharp bird like beak. It's front legs grew into talons that were sharper than any staff Nita could create. However, it's back legs were not like it's front. Instead of talons, this creature had the back legs of a horse, like the ones that sometimes travelled through the meadow. Wire like hairs sprout from the animal's hind. Despite the strange features that marked themselves clearly on this creature, Nita had her eyes glued on something that emerged from it's back. Two immense wings lay folded on it's back as it gently grazed the grass below. It was simply beautiful, and Nita wanted to get closer.

Materialising out of the bushes, Nita approached this creature of dreams. It's ignorance of her made her courage bloom as she took a step closer and closer before she was only a whisper away from it. Only then did it finally take interest in her. It's golden eyes bore into hers as it cocked it's head to the side as if the neck was not attached. It was something she had seen the eagles do when curious. A small smile broke loose as she uncurled her hand and presented it to it. She was so close, she could almost brush her fingers against the soft feathers that masked it's face, though she didn't get the chance.

The beast bucked it's head back and quickly sprang away from her, nervousness showering off it. She lowered her body and bowed her head, showing signs of submissiveness. After what felt like an eternity, the creature finally made it's move, however Nita dared not, scared that any movement would scare it away. She stayed frozen as she felt it's breath on the nape of her neck. She wanted nothing more than to touch it, but she respected it's space and hopefully it respected her back. However, her dreams were dashed as it suddenly danced back, flapping it's wings furiously before bolting down the grass slope.

Nita leapt to her feet in excitement, her smile ever growing and her eyes wide with wonder and awe. Her breath felt like it was stolen from her as she watched it's powering wings push against the air before diving into the sky. She stared with her mouth agape in shock and admiration. She couldn't believe her eyes as she watched the creature float among the clouds. It looked so magnificent, like a god of the sky. It called out to the sky with a piercing cry, but it sounded beautiful to Nita's ears.

She watched it until it was nothing more than a speck in the sky. Once it was gone, her knees bucked from underneath her and she collapsed onto the floor in a fit of laughter. Laughter boomed through the air as she rolled around, running her fingers through her hair. She sucked in much needed breath before laying on her back, staring up at the sky that the creature roamed in. She couldn't believe what she had just seen. It was crazy, but her eyes wouldn't betray her. She knew what she saw; she wanted to see it again. One day she would meet it again, she promised herself that. One day she would be up there with it, riding through the clouds, dancing with the stars. She would soar where others only dreamed.


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2 Re: Nita's wings on Sun Oct 06, 2013 3:23 am


I really love Nita, she's so full of colour and energy in my eyes :3 So excited to see this creature and happy for finding it :3

I think the way this is wrote really captures the descriptions and feeling of everything without it being boring. It gives enough for us to really imagine in detail but not so it overloads us :3

Another good piece bud :3

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3 Re: Nita's wings on Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:35 am



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