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The cave of wonders

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26 Re: The cave of wonders on Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:15 pm



His blue eyes scanned each wolf, checking their reactions. He observed as the strange wolf-fish that couldn't even breathe underwater talk to the Beta. He smirked, knowing her question, but unfortunately, even Memphis himself had to no definite reward. It varied depending on the wolf he saw fit to grant it.

Unfortunately, try as he might, Memphis didn't see Tic plop down next to him. His lips nearly, very nearly, curled in distaste, but he managed to stop himself. As best as he could, he mumbled, "Hello Tic," as a response to Tic's greeting. His ears flicked, listening to the birdwolf's words, a snarl rumbling deep and heavy at the lick. He enjoyed the company of females, not lunatic and mutated males. At the end, his eyes widened. This was unexpected to say the least. It was time to move and attack, and this wolf suggested that Memphis become closer to one of his Betas? He scoffed. She was beautiful in that lethal and odd way that blood on a gleaming dagger or poison in wine, but he would never consider taking her as an Alphess.

Perhaps, he thought, he would someday. After all, she is useful in keeping them in check. Now, the only problem is keeping her in check as well.

"It's unfortunate to find that you do not find me as a companion. Alas, I do not think that poor Seraphina would like that anyway. I am, after all, quite a pawful," he said, bumping into Tic with his shoulder. Might as well entertain him, thinking it best to keep the wolf as sane as possible. His ears perked up at the words coming from said female.

"When do you suggest we make our move?"

His response was immediate. "As soon as possible. If we allow them too much time, then I'm afraid our chances of success are dwindled down to nearly impossible. They would have grouped and surely come up with a strategy. I was roaming the lands, and I caught the scent of at least twenty. I recognized two as Direwolves, my kin." Neon blue paws hopped down the rocks, and he sat down in front of his female Beta. Even sitting and she standing, she only came up at his forelegs and possibly his chest. Elizabeth, the witch, had enchanted his body to match the Direwolves in speed, strength, and reaction time. However, his size was a good few ear lengths shorter than them, despite towering over his own pack members.

"Fetch Haytham and meet me at the entrance of the cave. I have need of his strategic mind. We need, at the very least, some semblance of a plan, and I think I have an idea. Make sure it is just you two," he murmured to her, careful that nobody else heard. His Betas were the only ones that had some idea of his true personality, as they themselves were indeed like him and he could trust them to an extent. He had no doubts about Seraphina, as she needed the pack, but her bloodlust and fury put him on edge. Haytham was much like him; cold, silent, and calculating. If it weren't for his brilliant ability of forming together plans and finding loopholes in his own, Memphis would have killed the wolf long ago. There was only so much that he trusted with his male Beta, and judging by the looks of the wolf, he had a master plan that used the pack as a tool.

His fur bristled at the thought. Try as he might, the black wolf couldn't deny the fact that he had respect for the other. However, respect doesn't save the dead.

"The rest of you," he said, "make any last preparations for the confrontation."

He rose to his feet and padded over to the entrance, looking at the sun. It was at that point that it wasn't nearly setting yet, but neither was it bright enough to make the sky blue. All around it was orange with hints of pink and perhaps other colors. If he had enough energy, to which he desperately hoped he did, he could provide the pack with cover to work by darkness without the moon. He has trained them to do so, but it all boils down to whether or not they remembered their training. At the very least, he can increase its size to provide more light to make it like a darkened day, if he's up to the task.

Wolves Addressed: Tic, Seraphina, pack
Wolves Mentioned: Tic, Seraphina, Haytham
Notes: I am starting to ship Memphis and Seraphina.... Why brain why?!

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27 Re: The cave of wonders on Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:13 am


Seraphina was quiet as she listened to Memphis give his orders. It was clear that he was formulating a grand plan, and out of courtesy, the female did not speak. It would be tragic if she messed up his train of thought, as all focus was direly needed right now. The small female held a great deal of respect for Memphis, but there was a portion of that respect that was fear. He was an impressive specimen - definitely one that she did not want to get on the bad side of.

And she had so far seemed to stay out of that bad side, which was apparent by her current position. "Alright," she spoke, dipping her head. Fetching Haytham wouldn't be too much of a problem, now would it? Especially since it was Memphis who was truly doing the summoning. Seraphina turned away from the large male and looked about for the other Beta. Finally, she caught site of him answering Callista's question.

Quietly, Sera approached the pair, fog snaking lightly around her in tentacle-like tendrils. "Haytham, Memphis requires your company at the mouth of the cave," she greeted coolly, skipping passed the nuances of "how do you dos." There was great meaning in her greenish gaze as she turned from the male and made haste back to the mouth of the cave. Seraphina would not leave Memphis waiting for long. She wanted no reason to cause him any irritation, because frankly, she was sure that he could snap her body in two with his powerful jaws.

As she approached the entrance, Seraphina took notice of the light filtering in. It was growing closer to night time, which made the ghost-like female rather pleased. Things were oh-so much creepier when they went bump in the night, and, really, who wasn't perturbed by a good, ominous fog? But that wasn't what her mind lingered on for long. For a moment, she felt sort of light as she gazed at how the light danced across the opening and made the colors in Memphis's pelt really shine. The silhouette cast from her position gave the female the feeling that Memphis was ready to stir up some fun. There was no denying that he was handsome, and for a fleeting moment, Seraphina wondered what it would feel like to just nuzzle into his inviting-looking fur while watching a romantic -

Wait. What? Seraphina froze for a moment. WHERE ON EARTH DID THAT COME FROM? She wondered, looking a bit taken aback and startled. Shaking her head, Seraphina pushed those out of character thoughts away and took a spot next to Memphis. "I have informed Haytham of your need for his company," she informed him, keeping her voice clear of emotions. She sounded a bit dry, but she could live with that. So long as no suspicions were raised, she would be fine. Just fine.

Mentioned: Callista, Memphis, Haytham
Addressed: Memphis, Haytham
Notes: Sera, your Solitaire is showing. uh oh it looks like there's a ship in construction. loljk

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28 Re: The cave of wonders on Sun Jul 21, 2013 2:56 pm



He sighed, cursing himself for not coming up with a decent plan earlier. Of course, he had been busy with keep the pack from going insane with boredom, but still. Why couldn't he multitask? He grumbled, thinking about how his thoughts are always narrow and straight-forward. While it is true that he can't mentally multitask, his single thoughts and tasks are usually done quickly and efficiently because of this.

"I have informed Haytham of your need for his company," Seraphina said as she sat next to him.

Memphis was startled to hear her, but quickly hid it and nodded in acknowledgement. His ears perked up as he noticed how stiff she appeared. Deciding to let his guard down for just a second, he chuckled lightly and heartily, no sign of discomfort evident. It was open and gentle, and unexpectedly genuine. The black-and-blue wolf had to admit, while the hell hound did put him on edge, and somewhere deep in his proud mind strike some fear because of her species, Seraphina did amuse him. She can be cold and cruel, but just like that suddenly go scared of him. Apparently he unnerved her as much as she did him, although the difference was that he was much more careful to hide it. Never the less, he did have some respect for her as well for not tearing her fur out already and keeping a lid on it. Most of the time, anyway.

"Has Haytham made a sour comment to put you in a bitter mood, dear Sera?" he said, smiling a little bit. Memphis usually never shortened a pack member's name, but when he unknowingly did, it was a sign that he was comfortable enough to make decent conversation. Looking towards her, he continued. "Certainly the male Beta couldn't do such a thing, now could he? Not to the great hellhound who strikes fear into the hearts of our own pack mates and summons ominous fog wherever she steps," he teased, chuckling at the end.

Yes, while she did put him on edge, it was nice to relax once in a while. Times like these helped ease the stress off of his shoulders. In reality, his Betas were perhaps the only ones that didn't drive him insane with anger, unlike his own pack members, and that had enough courage and intelligence that he could hold a conversation with that wasn't one-sided.

Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Greed... He was six of the seven deadly sins, except for Sloth. However, for the briefest of moments, he could sometimes forget that and just be happy, much like he once was all those centuries ago. Times like these, his true self managed to climb through the countless souls and magic that corrupted his being and whispered happiness to his mind. Despite this, it soon turned poisoned with mad glee at fighting and the attack soon to come. Memphis, the innocent wolf was once again pushed back down and Hati, the Alpha was brought back up.

Yes, he was prideful of his power. Yes, he held envy of the enemy pack and greed for their favor of Fate and their power. Yes, he was going to inflict his wrath upon their land and certainly consume their souls and power, if given the chance. Memphis certainly lusted for their status and everything about them. It drove him mad whenever his mind decided to grow a second personality and argue with his delightfully corrupted self.

While he was thinking over this, he didn't realize he had worn his "heart on his sleeve", so to speak, as his face conveyed expressions of happiness, then a strange, smug joy, and finally, a sad smile. He huffed, reclaiming his Alpha self and setting fire to his doubts like he always did in those moments of fragility. Before fulling changing his expression to that of quiet determination, he turned to her once more and said, "Try not to die love, hm?" He smiled once more before turning back to the horizon.

It was no time to be weak, for only the weak perished, and Memphis certainly would not die after all these centuries of planning. No, he certainly must not.

Wolves Addressed: Seraphina
Wolves Mentioned: Haytham, Seraphina, pack members
Notes: Ahaha flirting! >:3 Not gonna let this ship die! Don't worry though, he calls a lot of females "love" and "darling" in a gentleman-ly way. Also, we get to see in-depth character study, although I admit it might have been inappropriate for this post. Like I care tho lol

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29 Re: The cave of wonders on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:09 am


The hetrochromic wolf had long abandoned the hunting grounds in hot pursuit of his most fiendish and devilish pray. It dodged his pounces and fearsome attack as it darted about leading him further and further away.
“The handsome and daring prince followed the dreaded beast known only as the butter fly… well also Rhopalocera… but that’s just silly…”

He continued his narration as he tracked it into the gaping maw of a dark cave… he stopped sniffing the air… he smelled something… he darted about the entrance in search of berries to renew his stains, once ready he carefully and delicately sprinted a full speed with little to no coordination yelling at the top of his voice!


Before grinding to a halt at the sight at The collection of beings… staring winged ones he cried “You’re the biggest fairy’s I’v ever seen… or the ugliest chickens…. BE YOU FAE OR BE YOU CHICKEN-DOGS? ” … He paused as though thinking about what he said… with a look of astonished realisation he gasped and yelled forth “… do you lay eggs?!?!

Mentioned: Tic Manasseh and butterfly
Addressed… those three and the other’s in the cave loosely

Note: it may be breef I apologise, this is part owing my rustiness and part glad’s nature of quick franticness…

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30 Re: The cave of wonders on Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:52 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend

"Well since you aren't telling me I can only believe that you don't actually know what it might be. That's ok, I know you don't know too much anyway."
"I shouldn't have expected much from a wolf yourself."

Haytham growled and restrained himself from detaching the female's tail from her body. He flicked his tail in mild annoyance at the youngster, wishing that she hadn't even come up to him. Looking at her he growled. "It's a need to know basis Callista. And frankly you don't need to know..." he said softly.

"Haytham, Memphis requires your company at the mouth of the cave,"

Haytham looked to Sera as she approached, another of the freaks of this band, He rolled his eyes as he snobbily curled away from her presence, but simply acknowledged her statement with a nod. He looked to Callista as he stood, to go to Memphis. He looked back at Callista, and with a sly grin he turned to her; "And we can't expect much from a water wolf who cannot swim now eh?" he tutted softly, but cruelly.

It was then that he padded to the mouth of the cave to find Old Memphis. He saw that Sera was perched up by his side, only to huff and roll his eyes again, the male carefully placed his paws, so that they would not be dirtied in this old stinking cave. He was soon at Memphis' side and sat majestically, curling his tail by his side, green eyes upon the alpha, who was blue and black in colour and definitely one of the strangest to him in this pack. Though Haytham did always suck up to Memphis, "And What can I do for my King?" he said almost seductively.

< addressed > Callista, Memphis, Sera
< mentioned > ---

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31 Re: The cave of wonders on Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:00 am


Avalon squeezed her eyes shut, wishing she could shut out the world. Her fur felt hot and heavy, her tongue lolled from her slightly parted lips. Saliva has collecting in her mouth, making her choke, only adding to the pain and panic. She desperately tried to press back against the cave walls and melt away. Slowly, she felt her strength fading.

Her eyes, only opened to narrow slits, detected the movement around her, but nothing was very clear. The black wolf rubbed her face against her right foreleg, but a milkiness lingered in her eyes. She could make out a wolf heading her direction. A dark, hazy figure drew closer. Close shadow, who are you? she asked silently. Arthur? Wait, where'd that come from. Who's Arthur? Colleen... maybe it was Colleen, Avalon mused.

"Hey, you alright?" the shadow asked.

"I will be," she chuffed miserably, "It always gets better... but... thank you for asking."

Avalon blinked slowly, steadily, her eyes began to clear. The pain in her side was ebbing away, growing more blunt. It was ending. It was ending! Her muscles felt sound again, her posture improved as result. Lastly, the dreaded shaking stopped all of the sudden. Just like that, like nothing even happened. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. As she headed back towards the group, she spotted something on the cave floor. A single drip of blood. Now, where had that come from?

Wolves Addressed: Colleen (the shadow)
Wolves Mentioned: Colleen (the shadow,) Arthur
Notes: Avalon has discovered that she knows a name from the past, but not who he is. Yay mysteries!

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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32 Re: The cave of wonders on Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:45 am



 “Orange is no gold fishy, Orange is a poof ball.”

Ginger giggled and then coughed as she choked on the water Tic splashed at her. Once her fit stopped she laughed and grinned at Tic happily, “I'm not a poof ball! I'm the strongest wolf here” She grinned and then turned around and smashed her tails against the water to propel herself to the edge, all the while splashing Tic Tac with the water. She giggled as she made her way to the edge of the pool and looked back, “Tic Tac can't be defeated by the ever great, Ginger!”

Climbing out of the pool of water in the cave was no small feat for Ginger (everyone else it was), but she took it on as an adventure and put all her effort into crawling out and giving herself a shake. She bounced back over to Frelser and curled against him with a smile. Her tails brushed against his chest as she grinned and wagged them happily.

"I am fully aware that I am not particularly loquacious, but I must admit, your aiming is admirable. Next time, do try to hit me again, will you? I always enjoy a good dampening upon my mood,"

Ginger nodded her head and added a few “Mmhmm's” here and there to make it seem like she knew what Memphis was talking about. She nodded to the others and looked up at Frelser as she repeated her sounds of agreement with Memphis to him “Yeah. Not Loqua...Locky...Loquacksious at all.” It was obvious that Ginger had no idea what word Memphis was using and if it wasn't painfully obvious by her (not so) subtle nodding, then it certainly was when she turned the word into  a sound a duck makes.

She grinned up at Memphis innocently, completely missing his distaste towards being wet, and wagged her tails once more. She felt proud for almost repeating his words correctly and pretending like she knew what he was on about. She thought that nobody was any wiser at her lack of knowledge as she was ever so convincing with her act of wisdom, and so her tails beat against the ground once again, making little splashing noises from where the water had pooled on the ground.

She watched at Memphis walked to the end of the cave, seemingly mad at the group and tilted her head. She figured the reason why he was a little moody was because he couldn't go in the water with them, “By Phishy” Ginger exclaimed as he walked away. She grinned at the nickname she came up with long ago and wiggled her tails again.

She knew that Memphis loved the name, despite that fact that he acted like he hated it. As an alpha he had an appearance to uphold and so Ginger gave him subtle (over the top) winks whenever he acted mad about it. Ginger learnt about being an alpha from her real family. Her Daddy was the Alpha male, and whenever he went to have fun with Ginger, her Mama would spoil it by shouting stuff like “Ginger, stop distracting your father! Ginger stop teasing your brothers. Ginger stop eating that poisonous plant.” See what I mean? Such a nag.

"gather around! The wind has told me that it is time; Fate has granted the enemy a warning, and it is the only warning they shall receive, do you understand? This place has powers beyond belief, and soon, it shall be ours to aid in our cause!"

Ginger's eyes brightened and she jumped onto her paws before running over to Memphis. She tried to jump above the other wolves so she could see Memphis giving them news. It must've been fairly amusing to some, to see a head of Ginger poking up every now and again as she jumped.

“How does the wind tell you? The only strong wind I've felt is when Tic's gassy” Ginger giggled but was genuinely curious of how the wind told her Alpha of these details. She didn't really care about the plan, she just wanted to stay with her family and have fun. So if that meant destroying a pack, then she didn't even realise it.

"And remember, the wolf who has done most the most brilliant feats during the attack shall be rewarded handsomely,"

Ginger's eyes widened and the grin mirrored the movement as she bounced up and down in excitement. She did her best to crawl up Freslers back and rest on his head so she could see Memphis clearly, “Oh! Oh! I'm going to be the best! I'm going to get the reward! What do we get?” Ginger could barely contain her excitement at the prospect of being recognised as the wolf that had done the best out of the whole pack. There wasn't anyone that she didn't respect in her family and so surpassing them would mean the world to her.

Hearing Haythams words Ginger quirked her head at him and grinned, “Aw! I wanna know! Can you tell me, Uncle Hay?” She gave him the biggest puppy eyes to plead with him, “Pretty please? Just for me?”

Though, Ginger was distracted by an unfamiliar wolf entering the cave. She furrowed her eyebrows and whispered to Frelser, “Who's that?”

Wolves Addressed: Phishy (Memphis) Frelly (Frelser) Tic Tac (Tic) Uncle Hay (Haytham)

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33 Re: The cave of wonders on Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:04 pm


"Hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs"- Frozen

After noticing a brief, but assertive conversation between Memphis and those he wished to be speak, Frelser heard the alpha speak once more,

“The rest of you, make any last preparations for the confrontation”

‘Well given the sudden announcement there was hardly any time to do anything’ was what Frelser thought to himself. He wondered if he would have time to ask the goddess for protection, but he knew that would require him to have complete peace and quiet and given everyone’s newly excitable state, that would make it difficult.
From atop his head, he heard a familiar voice,

“Oh! Oh! I’m going to be the best! I’m going to get the reward! What do we get?”

It seemed that within being lost in analyzing the scenario around him, he had failed to notice the playful and energetic pup, Ginger, climb onto his head. “Then I hope you’re ready for some competition, I think I’ll be getting the reward”. He tries to inspire a sense of competition in the pup and playing to her playful nature.
He allowed himself to look into the waters and try and eavesdrop on what the others might be doing to prepare for the attack, when Ginger spoke to him again,

“Who’s that?”

Frelser followed Ginger’s gaze and saw the figure standing at the entrance at the cave, looking in at all them, shouting nonsense at them all. Clearly this wolf was sick in the head and therefore a danger that must be dealt with. “Someone who is not welcome here”. Frelser burst forward away from the pack and rush with the greatest speed his body could manage, feeling the strength return to every inch of muscle with each agile step on the cave floor, dashing past the other members of the pack. He felt his tranquillity leave him, and rage took its place.

“...Do you lay eggs?!?!”

Frelser pressed himself down and leapt up into the air, aiming to try bring his body down onto the intruder and try his best to hold them down.

Wolves addressed: Ginger
Wolves mentioned: Memphis, Ginger, the pack, intruder (Gladbane)

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34 Re: The cave of wonders on Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:50 am


 “You’re the biggest fairy’s I’v ever seen… or the ugliest chickens…. BE YOU FAE OR BE YOU CHICKEN-DOGS? ”“… do you lay eggs?!?!”

Tic turned his head and saw that a weird looking wolf had started shouting at him about chickens. Was Tic really a chicken? Last time he had checked he was some sort of wolf-parrot thing. Though, he was sure that he was part eagle because his wings were strong and mighty. He wished he had been part penguin or flamingo, but alas he was not, despite how much he wanted to be. “Tic is no chicken.” He confirmed to the other wolf. He hoped that he was telling the other wolf the truth, he would feel extremely bad otherwise. He didn't want to lie to him.

“Also, Tic does not lay eggs....or maybe Tic does!” He beamed a smile as he crouched close to the floor and pushed with all his might. However, an egg was not what plopped out of our white wolf. A steamy pile of waste flopped onto the floor, stinking up the cave with it's stench. “Ooops. Yep. Tic does not lay eggs.” He grinned before facing the accusing male once again, however he was currently being tackled by Frelser. Tic saw the party and clearly wanted to join. It looked like so much fun. Leaving the poop behind with no guilt attach he charged toward the pair before leaping high into the air. It almost looked like he flew, but really, he was falling with style. With a large crash, he missed the pair and rolled onto the floor until he landed on his back. “Oops.” He giggled. “Tic fell!” He found this very entertaining and amusing, then again it didn't take a lot to make him laugh.

Wolves addressed: Gladbane
Notes: I hate posting for Tic. ¬¬ I may change characters soon.
Word count: 298


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35 Re: The cave of wonders on Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:25 am


Glad was so enthralled by the spectacular sight of winged wolfs he took no notice of the grate mass that came crashing down upon him. As he felt himself and the ground lose the distance that separated them he couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to hurt, so made sure to apologise to the floor as he landed just in case.
he looked up at the figure that had pounced at him it was like a big soft fluff of dark anger.

“…U…Umm… do you m…mind you’re a little on the… heavy s…side. N…now I’m not saying your fat but… I well m…may be struggling to b…breath just a little”

He began to lazily flail his paws in an imitation of a struggle before accepting the fact that mild pawing to the face did little...

“ is no use I the grate king of my land hath been defeated… noble warrior know that I have never been closer to anyone… physically… uhh by that I mean in proximity, people usually keep their distance, which is a shame, and if it weren’t for the fact you were so heavy… or angry this would be rather nice, like a snugly hug… I think? I’m not too sure what they are…. Have you considered dieting…. Or eating less…”

Little did his opponent know that Glad was thinking really really hard on controlling his mind… It had never worked before but that just meant it was more likely to this time….he hoped.

Wolves addressed: Frelser
Wolves mentioned: Frelser

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36 Re: The cave of wonders on Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:17 pm



"And what can I do for my King?" said Haytham's slithering voice.

Memphis' attention snapped back to his other Beta, face almost curling to one of disgust. Of course, he loved how being sucked up to stroked his ego of being powerful enough to strike fear into the hearts of others, but from Haytham, it sounded almost like he was saying "drop dead". His nose twitched in thought, before replying, "I believe I have an idea for how we should strike. However, I don't want it to be flawed, as I feel that this pack is to not be underestimated."

His head then turned to Sera on his other side, asking her, "I know that fog appears where you go, but by any chance, can you summon it to greater amounts? If the pack remembers the training I have given them, then they shall be able to navigate through it whilst the enemy cannot." He clucked his tongue in thought, trying to come up with little strategies. The male had to admit, while he did like efficient methods such as fear, he hated to unnecessarily kill. After all, who liked their new prize stained with red?

“You’re the biggest fairy’s I’v ever seen… or the ugliest chickens…. BE YOU FAE OR BE YOU CHICKEN-DOGS? ”

A new voice emerged, and before he could help himself, he snarled, low and murderous. Kill, foreign, destroy, protect, unknown, destroy DESTROY HUNT- His instinctive Alpha senses kicked in, and soon he rose to his feet, head low and fur bristled. His blue eyes narrowed, voice wavering and low, body ready to leap should the other attack. "Who are you and ho-"

Fresler cut him off when he pounced on the new wolf, watching as the two struggled before the strange black-and-white male announced a poetic defeat. Memphis raised his head, ears still alert and face curled in wrath. "Silence him. The scent of the others are on him, especially the Alphas, and he may prove useful, deranged as his mind may be. Fresler, con-"

Once again, he was cut off by something. Only, it wasn't physical, but it did pack a punch.

Tic had laid waste in the cave.

It stunned him to watch as the bird joined the pile of bodies, but it didn't register. All was blank and void in his head while he attempted to communicate something at all. The only thing he had the ability to emit was a whine of fury. The other pack was out there, perhaps ready to strike them, and his pack mates were in a tangled mess on the ground rough-housing?

He breathed in and out slowly, taking in the scent of the enemy - destroy hunt prey hunt hunt - trying to suppress his own mad mind. His exhales were ragged and strained, obviously trying to keep him from striking. "Seraphina, Haytham, put them back in order or so help me a series of unfortunate accidents will happen and only half the pack will return, if even that many," he hissed, making sure that the Betas had heard him. The stress on his shoulders was starting to bend and gnarl his patience. It was only a matter of time until his twig of sanity snapped, and, well...

The Alpha eyed Fresler, the only wolf that had taken initiative to attack the newcomer. "Fresler," he said, "take note of your instinctive action. It may prove more useful in the decision of the winner more than you know." With that, he turned and stalked back to the entrance of the cave, still heavily breathing. Memphis hadn't eaten for a long time, his predator mind running wild.

The only the thing that showed hints of his bubbling wrath were his narrowed eyes, strained breathing, alert ears, and disturbingly calm body language.
Wolves Addressed: Fresler, Haytham, Seraphina
Wolves Mentioned: Fresler, Haytham, Seraphina, Tic, Gladbane
Notes: c: I enjoy making scary characters more than I care to admit. Nyehehehe!~... I wonder if I'm making him too serious. Hrm. After this post, I'll loosen him up a bit.

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37 Re: The cave of wonders on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:08 pm


Seraphina looked sideways at Haytham as he approached. She didn't have much of a quarrel with him, but there was something about how he held himself that made even her feel as though he was not one to be second guessed. That was not to say, however, that she missed the pseudo flirting from Memphis. Seraphina didn't take it all that seriously, as it seemed that Memphis liked quite a few females, and she herself really didn't think she was all that much to go for.

"Yes, I can summon amounts to make fog like that on a creepy autumn morning," she confirmed quietly. "But only for short amounts of time. It is rather exhausting, and keeping up with the pack will have it's efforts as well..." This latter part was more of a mumbling to herself, but it was likely audible to one who was listening. It didn't really help that Sera was out of practice with summoning large amounts of fog, either. After all, living in a cave made fog rather suffocating, and they needed the pack to be as strong as possible.

And then it seemed that there was chaos to be broken loose. A stranger, and rough housing in the cave. Memphis ordered her and Haytham to handle it, and Sera wasted no time stepping in. She winced a bit at the stench arising from Tic's waste, then growled over the noise of it all. "ENOUGH!" A burst of fog swam around those in the strange party, climbing about and distorting vision. "I expect better from you," she scolded vehemently. "We've a long and daunting task ahead of us and you decide to have fun and exhaust your energy? Now straighten up and prepare to leave. As soon as Memphis is ready, we will be heading out. I want to hear nothing of being tired, because you were impetuous enough to assume it was safe to waste what stamina you have left from the day to goof off."

The fog retreated down to the normal wisps that normally surrounded the green eyed female as she turned away from them and took several deep breaths. Anger pulsed in her veins, granting power to her that she was not used to.

Seraphina looked up, startled by the strange strength. Oh, this would be good.

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Avalon's head was still spinning from the pain. It was often during these episodes that she lost track of what was happening around her. She shook her head angrily in a vain attempt to still it. Adrenaline was rising inside of her, swelling up with her rage. Her breathing was no longer labored, but hard. Desperately, she tried to control herself. The she-wolf knew what would happen if she became too anxious, it always happened, and this simply wasn't the best time for one of her violent moments.

Her hearing was fading in and out, still adjusting from her episode. She yawned a few times, and eventually, her hearing settled. Padding out from the shadows, she scanned the cave to see what was going on. Some sort of commotion had arisen while she had been absent. Her gaze instantly landed on Frelser. What was he on top of, some kind of half-black half-white thing? she mused. A wolf? Was that a wolf? It appeared to be speaking some sort of nonsense. Odd.

Seraphina began barking out orders, but Avalon could hardly focus on just one thing. It was challenge enough for her just to keep her temper in check. The black wolf thought it odd that she always felt stronger after her weak episodes. She stared down at the cave floor. Just focus on one thing, she urged herself. Just focus on... Arthur? Where'd that name keep coming from? Arthur. Arthur. Who are you? Avalon lost herself in her thoughts and began to calm down.

Once the female was certain that she was in control of herself again, she looked up. She caught something from Seraphina about preparing to leave. Hmm... leave where? But the prospect of getting out of the cave was music to her ears. This cave was getting to be boring. Her strength and confidence was back, and she was ready to go. Avalon began to pad over to the beta female. Blood was pounding through her body. Right at this moment, she was positive that she could do just about anything.

"I'm ready to go," Avalon told Sera. "I could use some time out of the cave."

Wolves Addressed: Seraphina
Wolves Mentioned: Frelser, Weird Wolf-Thing (Gladbane), Seraphina, Arthur
Notes: Changed her post colors.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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Pressing down onto the mumbling target, he looked down on the wolf with a hideous snarl and sound to match. He can tell that this one isn’t a fighter; the right word would be idiot.

“...U...Umm... do you m...mind you’re a little on the...heavy s...side. I’m not saying you’re fat but...I well m...may be struggling to b...breath just a little.”

‘What you’re feeling is my strength, my strength over you’, he pressed his paws down even more, just until it became uncomfortable for the bumbling fool who dared come this close to his home. The question still remained who he was and where he had come from. Something told Frelser that this one was no scout; he seemed to lack the basic intellect to remember key details. And given that he revealed so foolishly and brashly he was certainly no spy...then again.

“’s no use I the grate king of my land hath been defeated...noble warrior know that I have never been closer to anyone...physically...uhh by that I mean in proximity, people usually keep their distance, which is a shame, and if it weren’t for the fact you were so heavy...or angry this would be rather nice, like a snugly hug...I think? I’m not too sure what they are... Have you considered dieting... Or eating less...”

With every word, every spoken syllable that came from this idiot’s mouth just did more and more to tick off Frelser, his snarl growing larger and larger, more of his tearing teeth coming into view. But, despite how much it pained him to listen to the nonsense, Frelser made sure to keep a mental note, in the, extremely slight, chance that it might prove useful later. Though one thing that did attract his attention was that it appeared that the pinned was trying to think of something...his face wrinkled with concentration. ‘You’re gonna start talking, first thing, wh-’

“Silence him. The scent of the others are on him, especially the Alphas, and he may prove useful, deranged as his mind may be. Fresler, con-”

Damn. Though the alpha had stopped speaking, for some reason unknown to Frelser, he got the message, more or less. ‘I guess questioning will have to wait for now’. He put away the anger and snarls, for now at least. He got in close to the pest of a wolf, ‘When you wake up, we’re going to have a nice long talk’ and, hopefully, before a baffling retort could be made; Frelser snapped his head down onto the wolves in an attempt to knock the thing out.

“Fresler, take note of your instinctive action. It may prove more useful in decision of the winner more than you know”

Looking away from the pinned wolf he answered his Alpha, shaking the spinning stars out his vision from the strike. ‘Thank you sir, I will do-’ But yet again, cut off mid speak, a distraction robbed him of his train of thought. He was beginning to believe that he had been cursed or jinxed. Regardless, this distraction was Tic unexpectedly, and at a time such as this, unwelcomly, rolling into view.

“Oops. Tic fell!”

He gave a sigh before he spoke, ‘Tic I’ll ask you to go back into the cave we don’t know if there are others like him nearby’. He knew that youth was often a cause of rash and not so well thought choices, but he was adamant that now was not the time for the reckless abandonment of common sense.

Wolves Addressed: pinned wolf (Gladbane), Memphis, Tic

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“Then I hope you’re ready for some competition, I think I’ll be getting the reward”

Ginger's eyes brightened and her tails wagged in the air, waving at each wolf in the cave it seemed. Frelser's comment had certainly riled her up and made her smaller form excited. She gave a happy whine and nodded at him as she pawed at his head gently, “Nuh uh! I'm going to get the reward!” She boasted with a loud voice as she stood atop of Frelser's head with pride, “I'm the almighty Ginger! I'm going to win” she stayed in position for a moment before she dropped her head to Frelsers and grinned.

“You can share my prize when I win” She uttered cutely to him as a matter of fact. That girl had way too much confidence for her own good. She was certainly going to get in hot water because of that trait one day, but she didn't even realise how her boastful attitude would get her in trouble. From her point of view she was practising to become strong! And in her eyes she was already half way there. After all she had noticed the stranger wolf first, and so she was obviously the smarter wolf there.

As Frelser leapt into action, Ginger held onto him and let out a squeal of giggles and enjoyment from her little ride on top of his head, “Wheeeeee~.” She had managed to slip down Frelly's neck as he jumped in the air and wrapped her small limbs and tails around him as best as she could to stay upon his back.

With a proud smile, Ginger unattached herself from him and stood on top of Frelser, who had stood on top of Gladbane, the newest wolf. She gave a proud pose before hearing Frelly's voice and widened her eyes for a second before nodding, “Ooh yeah. That's good” She immediately changed her expression to 'imposing and threatening' as she stared down at the weird wolf with a little cute growl.

Ginger always forgot that she was a bad pack. In fact, she didn't even realise that the members of this pack were bad. There was not a single idea in her head at the motives of her packs actions and she simply followed them because they were her new family. She loved every single one of them, despite the fact that not all of them would love her back (not that she would ever notice that. Ginger loves everyone and so that's the end of that debate. No questions asked.)

A smile managed to defeat her 'imposing' expression as she heard Gladbane's message of defeat. A smug look appeared on her face as she looked down at Frelser, each tail wagging in a different direction, “You're welcome, Frelly. I just defeated him for you” In Ginger's mind, Frelser was 'clearly' being weighed down by Ginger's massive weight, and thus that is how they captured the weird and wonderful wolf, “I'm super strong! See!” She pushed her little paws down on Frelsers head to prove her point. Though not much would happen due to her scrawny physique and the fact that she was a mere pup pushing her little weight on Frelly's head.

"take note of your instinctive action. It may prove more useful in the decision of the winner more than you know."

Ginger moved her head to Memphis and looked at him with a big smile. She was waiting for his approval at the great job she had just performed. That's all Ginger ever really wanted; their approval. Though, despite that Memphis had directly addressed Frelser in his compliments, Ginger decided that the comment was directed towards her and she gave a happy smile and wag of her tails, “Thanks, Phishy! I'll make you proud again, promise!”

With her new found pride she used Frelser's back as a slide before jumping off him. Though her happiness was short lived when Seraphina began shouting them and covering the ground with fog.

Ginger's ears lowered to her head and she backed away from Seraphina's shouting and bumped into Frelser's legs. She let out a quiet whine and curled her tails around herself and Fresler's leg from a little bit of fear of the fog and shouting surrounding her. Ginger was usually really bubbly and playful, but whenever Seraphina shouted at her and sounded disappointed in her, Ginger's hyperness disappointed for a moment.

“Sera...” Ginger muttered quietly, “I'm sorry.” She looked up at Seraphina with large eyes and a little smile to make herself seem more innocent, “Wove you~” Ginger muttered with a little giggle. Her happiness seeming to come back straight away, “Tic tac woves you too!”

Wolves Addressed: Frelser, Seraphina, Memphis
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‘Tic I’ll ask you to go back into the cave we don’t know if there are others like him nearby’.

“Others?” Tic questioned cocking his head. He liked the new of others in the area. “Maybe they'd want to join us!” He exclaimed with a fast wag. He dropped his tongue from that non-stopping mouth of his. He was totally relaxed and felt completely safe. They stranger may bring more joy and fun to the pack. There were a few wolves here that couldn't even move off their butts to play. How boring was that?! “Maybe the others would want to play? The pack is so grumpy sometimes!” He bellowed with a laugh as he crawled over to the intruder.

“Mixy looks very funny” He snickered playfully before bopping the wolf on the nose with his paw. He rolled over onto his back and lay infront of the new wolf. “Whoa, now Mixy is upside down!!” He shouted in shock. How could this be?! One minute he was up straight and now his features were upside down! It was totally mind boggling for the mentally stupid wolf. Not that it was his fault, his mind was a jungle of unscrewed names from a rusty machine.

"ENOUGH!" "I expect better from you," "We've a long and daunting task ahead of us and you decide to have fun and exhaust your energy? Now straighten up and prepare to leave. As soon as Memphis is ready, we will be heading out. I want to hear nothing of being tired, because you were impetuous enough to assume it was safe to waste what stamina you have left from the day to goof off."

Tic's ears twitched as he looked over to Sera. He giggled as the fog surrounded her. It was like a huge blanket. He wondered if it was warm. He wanted a fog blanket for himself. The only thing he could do was fly, and that was really just falling with no style what's so ever. It normally ended up with a huge undignified splash and belly flop. His wings would never work and his mind was forever broken. Tic wouldn't last very long without the pack. He barely survived before he met Ginger. If it wasn't for her, he'd sure be dead.

In a flash, the white wolf was on his paws and over to Sear. He could be pretty fast when there wasn't anything to trip over. “Queenie Meanie is grumpy!~ “ He sang as he wiggled on the floor before jumping to his paws. “Queenie the meanie, Queenie the meanie~” He giggled as he pranced. He wasn't being mean on purpose, but he had a mind of a very delinquent child that had a few mental issues. However, this overgrown pup was about to get what he deserved. Due to the fog, he didn't quite see the pool of water next to Sera and with a loud splash, the white wolf was swimming around the cold water.

“Tic's had three baths today! No longer smelly Tic. Tic is now clean Tic!” He looked so happy with himself as he swam around the pool with sloppy splashes as he doggy paddled. He quickly got out of his third bath and shook with all his might, making the water go over anyone close by.

 “Tic tac woves you too!”

“Tic loves who?” The wolf asked as he trotted over to his favourite buddy in the world. He looked up and saw that the little female was talking to the female he was just pranced around. He gave the female a droopy look before giving her a large lick across the back of her head before draping his paws and chest over her back. “Tic loves Queenie Meanie very much!” He shouted with glee and he nuzzled and nipped at the female. He was sure to get in trouble for this.

Word count: 654
Notes: Very sorry for not posting.
Wolves addressed: Frelser, Sera , Gladbane and Ginger.


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Memphis's vision slowly cleared, the red and black disappearing like fog being burned away. He stood, catching a few fragments of Sera's scolding, then of Tic's antics. The male didn't pay too much attention; they didn't concern him too much. What did, however, was the fact that he let himself loose control. Control was essential, key. It was the thing that could make or break a mission.

He shifted, moving his paws closer to his body and standing erect, body stiff and tail twitching. Azure eyes flicked here and there, assessing the situation in his own little way. Then, he turned.

Memphis sat at the head of the cave. With the sun setting and peeking over the horizon, the rays danced about him in the fog and dust. As a matter of odd fact, the blue in his fur and near-glow in his eyes complimented the lights. However, the zeal in his eyes turned the happy lights into that of, if one used his or her imagination, fire burning.

Oh yes, it was certainly time.

"Tic! Paws off of Seraphim, now!" he barked, standing up swiftly and ears curling back. If anything, the Alpha was very protective of his females, especially the useful ones. Or the pretty ones, like her, but nevertheless, she was useful. "Honestly, I'm surprised your head is still on your body at this point..." he mumbled.

He looked to Avalon, smiling warmly but with heart as well, saying, "Don't worry, soon we shall emerge and have the land that's rightfully ours." Looking back to Tic, he continued. "Tic. You, Ginger, and Manessah will be in charge of the prisoner. However, take him with us. He may prove quite efficient at reducing blood loss, but just make sure to keep up with the rest of the pack," he said, before turning to Fresler. "You are no longer in charge of the prisoner."

From there, he then addressed Seraphim, looking her directly in the eyes to emphasis his message. "Make sure everyone is outside. Once they are, stick with me, I will be waiting. My magic should amplify your powers to make it longer and stronger. And to the rest of you!"

Memphis paused, perhaps adding a little effect, before saying, "Move out! Now's our time to strike! Remember your training, and this will be over before morning! Try not to kill any if it's unnecessary, but merely capture them. Stay scattered, but keep in touch; teamwork will bring them down. And don't forget, it's now or never."

It's definitely now or never; if they lose this advantage, then perhaps all is lost. Over a century of preparation can't go to waste.

Let the chess match begin.

Wolves Addressed: Tic, Seraphim, Avalon, Fresler, Pack members
Wolves Mentioned: Tic, Pack, Fresler, Seraphim, Avalon
Notes: Ahahaha, gotta love the drama added at the end. lD But yush, it's time to attaaaaaaack! And get this plot in motion~!

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    Like Memphis, Sera had had enough. She was silent in her anger, however. Seething as fog billowed around her paws and waxed and waned like the tides. Memphis spoke up before she did. He lashed out at Tic and gave orders, then spoke lowly to his companion.

    Listening in rapture, Seraphim nodded. "Alright," she murmured, gaze locked with the alpha's. It was a rare instance that she really listened and let herself be submissive to another, but with Memphis, it was a lot easier than was normal. Whether she should be worried about that, Sera wasn't sure. She wasn't, but some part of her nagged at her to say that she should be. Shaking her head, Sera turned her attention to the wolves.

    "Alright; the rest of you who were not listed by Memphis - follow me to group up for the ambush!" she hollered, raising her voice over the noise of the pack. Without waiting, Sera turned away and strode to the outside world. She squinted at first as her eyes reacted and adjusted to the harsh light from the sun. When that passed at last, Sera shook her head and walked out until she found a higher area to stand upon and turned to look back at those that were following her.

    At last, their waiting would pay off.

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Calista had lain back down in her spot away from the others. She could only roll her eyes at the antics of the others. Tic was causing trouble again. His small brain was just too thick to comprehend anything. She really wasn’t sure why Memphis let him stay. If it was her, she would have chased him out ages ago. It was actually amazing no one had killed him out of annoyance yet.

Memphis was calling out to everyone. The grey female looked over in his direction. So it’s finally starting is it? Slowly getting up she started to move towards the cave exit. She fell into step behind Seraphim. Keeping her head high she kept her nose out of the fog that the female brought with her everywhere. At least for once it might come in handy.

Taking a seat she waited for the pack to gather. She hoped it wouldn’t take long for them to get going. It would probably be the most exciting thing she’d done since finding these wolves.

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"Tic! Paws off of Seraphim, now!" 

“Is Boss man jealous?” Tic sang as he quickly jumped from Sera. He gave the mad female a great big lick before giving Ginger a wink. “Looks like Boss Man is jealous of all the love, Orange! Orange and Tic need to give him all the love when  we get back, Orange can do that right?” He asked as he play bowed to the little speck of ginger fur.  He pawed at her gently, but playfully, trying to pat her on the shoulder, but he'd probably end up knocking the small pup down. He did sometimes forget that his best friend was not a full grown wolf like him, but then again, he sometimes forgot that he himself was a full grown wolf. He was always off goofing around with the younger wolves and the more tolerate ones.

 "Honestly, I'm surprised your head is still on your body at this point..." 

“Hmmm, Tic suggests mud. Mud gets all in Tic's fur and dries up, making Tic's fur clumped together, making Tic's head stay on!” He exclaimed, his voice high in excitement. He did truly think that mud was a reason that his head stayed on, though he did know that his neck was another reason, but surely Memphis would know that. Or maybe the older wolf did not understand and he needed Tic to teach him. “Tic will teach you about it later.” He smiled as he looked at the leader, giving him a long wink, showing that he would give the Alpha a lesson about it later and would keep his secret safe.

“Tic. You, Ginger, and Manessah will be in charge of the prisoner. However, take him with us. He may prove quite efficient at reducing blood loss, but just make sure to keep up with the rest of the pack,"

“Aye aye Captain. Would you like him gift wrapped?” He asked in a full Scottish accent. For what reason? Tic had no clue to why he said it, he just did and saw no problem with it either. He gave his Alpha a dazzling, crooked smile before he slid his head under the weird looking wolf, scooping his unconscious body unto his back. “Orange, you grab the tail!” He ordered playfully, lowering the back end of the wolf closer to the floor for his little friend. “We will not let you down, Captain! Thank you for this great and wonderful task that has be bestowed on us!” He shouted, still in a Scottish accent, but as if he was in one of those dramatized military films where everyone shouted at each other.

"You are no longer in charge of the prisoner."

Tic turned his gaze to Frelser and grinned. “No worries, Johnny, we got this, right Orange?!” He barked excitedly, knowing that with Ginger and him on the job of looking after this funny coloured wolf then everything would work out smoothly and nothing would go wrong.

"Move out! Now's our time to strike! Remember your training, and this will be over before morning! Try not to kill any if it's unnecessary, but merely capture them. Stay scattered, but keep in touch; teamwork will bring them down. And don't forget, it's now or never."

“Lets go, Orange.” He beckoned as he trotted down the mountains and towards the pack of Dealan-De.

Word Count: 565
Notes: Sorry for the wait.
Wolves addressed: Memphis, Ginger and Frelser.



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Frelser had thought he had heard someone speak to him, perhaps complimenting what he had done, but as his focus was fixed entirely on their newest prisoner, not much was able to get through to him. However, one thing did manage to get through in the end,

"You are no longer in charge of the prisoner."

Frelser looked to Memphis and was unsure if he agreed with this choice. He would have felt it best for him to guard the intruder, but if they did plan to attack the enemy pack now then Frelser would have to be fully focused on that, and he was incapable of doing both. “Yes, sir” He bowed his head slightly and stepped away from the strange looking wolf, allowing the pups to take his limp body away.

"Alright; the rest of you who were not listed by Memphis - follow me to group up for the ambush!"

In all truth, Frelser had hoped for a moment of rest, if but a brief one. But if they planned to carry out the attack now, then he would have no choice but to follow them. He would try to place himself somewhere in the middle of the group but still have a clear line of sight at the front. That way, were they to be ambushed instead, he should have protection from all sides and able to charge if a threat come on from the front. Of course, this wasn't a plan he was going to admit to other pack members.

“No worries, Johnny, we got this, right Orange?!”

Frelser looked back over to see the pups begin to carry the prisoner, a task they would have tpo keep up the whole journey and unsure they made the least amount of noise possible so as to not attract attention. Deep down he was concerned that this was task they would not live up to. “Best of luck to you”, he spoke as he turned his head away from the pups. "Now keep up and stay quiet, this is sneaking time” he had hoped that making this out as a kind of game would encourage the pups to keep quiet…somehow he doubted it, but it was worth a try.

So it had begun, the attack was eminent, and they were on the warpath to the rival pack. It had been a long time since Frelser was in open combat, tiny pink scar under his eye served as his only true reminder of the old days when he travelled with his true brothers and sisters.  He hoped his wasn't as rusty as he felt as he followed the back further down the mountain.

Wolves addressed: Memphis, Tic


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47 Re: The cave of wonders on Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:44 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend

Colleen’s head shot up as a new voice reached her ears and she saw Frelser immediately pounce on the new comer. Her hackles immediately raised and a deep, loud growl came from her throat and her eyes narrowed. As her eyes surveyed the wolf, a weird looking one at that half brown, half grey. As Tic’s voice came to her ears she had to stop herself from growling even more at his idiocy.

Then the orders from Memphis reached her white ears and she couldn’t help but smile, finally, some action! She had been itching to get out of the cave and get the fight over and done with. Her tail twitched with excitement and her heart pounded to get this party started. Colleen looked back to see the prisoner over Tic’s back and she sneered, hoping the unconscious wolf would slide off of Tic’s back at some point in the journey,  just so she could laugh at the misfortune.

As the word to move out hit her she immediately leapt into action and began to walk towards the Dealan De pack’s territory, an itching within her to turn someone’s day horribly wrong.

~To Den Site~

Wolves Addressed: No one.
Wolves Mentioned: Frelser, Tic, Memphis, Gladbane.
Notes: AURGH, CATCH UP POST. I HATE THIS POST SO MUCH. And Collie’s turning out more evil than I intended for her to be. Oh well. I've been watching too much Morgana XD

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He sat down, tail flicking about as if it had a mind of its own, observing the pack and their movement. It brought him a deep contentment to finally see all his planning come to fruition. Of course, it took nearly all of his willpower to be patient for those centuries. Through the course of the years, he had finally acquired the knowledge necessary to aid him in his goals.

Memphis walked over to Seraphim, nudging her slightly by the shoulder blade. "They're out; I'm ready to move. Just stay close dear, and I'll provide the magic," he said, before turning and looking to the moon rising. Languidly, he closed his eyes, focusing his mind and soul.

It indeed was magical, for from Luna's generous arms came wispy, almost mellifluous streaks of light, floating about like blue sand. His markings glowed, and the crescent moon on his forehead shone the brightest; it was Hati, the Norse wolf, howling back to the moon, answer her calls. In the depth of his very being, he felt it, the music. The peace. The serenity. Memphis was, for the briefest of moments, at peace with the world.

To an outsider's eyes, it was breathtaking. If only the poor one observing knew the intentions of such an act.

As soon as it came, it ended, and his head bowed low to Mother Earth, his snout scraping the grass. All the scents came to him; the sweat of the wolves moving, the peaceful wind through the leaves, the flowers blossoming. Then, his eyes opened, and he raised his head. The power surging through him gave him a spectral light, and it was indeed as if he was a walking god. However, he knew that this was temporary, for after he would be exhausted to the point of resting for more than a few days. It was worth it though. All of it, every sacrifice.

Memphis turned his head to Seraphim, a smile gracing his lips. If one looked closely, they could see that the glow emitting from his body was partly entering hers, fueling her fog production. Now, instead of a brisk morning fog, it became one that someone would see only in a horror story, but not overly so. After all, the enemy still had to see to give a proper fight, no?

"Shall we begin, darling?" he said, before turning and following the wolves. It never occurred to Memphis that he addressed her as such, but when it did, he paid it no mind. Now was not the time to dabble on such particulars.

Now was the time that Hati introduced himself.

~To the Den Site~

Wolves Addressed: Seraphina
Wolves Mentioned: Hati, Seraphina, pack
Notes: I had so much writing this!~ And I certainly love describing scenes, it's one of my more special author-like qualities.~ (And I'm totally not letting the Memphis/Seraphina ship go. *crab walks away*)

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    Sera was silent as Memphis underwent his transformation. It wasn't huge, but at the same time, it was magnificent. He seemed almost like a changed wolf when the whole thing ended, and soon, she was feeling the strength that must have been pumping through his veins. Almost instantly, she felt a tug at the pit of her stomach as the wisps of fog that generally always surrounded her paws grew and intensified.

    The female was a bit breathless. Both from the sudden exertion and from how magnificent the fog looked. Visibility was perfect for both an ambush and a fight. The fog's tendrils snaked and spiraled beautifully over the spring-like lands and stretched fluidly to expand and breathe into their enemies territory. Catching her breath, she looked sideways at Memphis. He was ready.

    And so they moved out. The attack had begun.

    Mentioned: Memphis
    Addressed: None[/color]

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