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Go fetch. Hunting grounds.

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101 Re: Go fetch. Hunting grounds. on Fri Apr 11, 2014 9:17 am

He was daydreaming of the nicest and most quiet field in the nicest and most quiet place. There were flowers springing up amongst the emerald tufts of grass that grew amongst the lush foliage. The grasses were thick and tall and blushed against his belly when he strolled along. The sun was high and brought warmth to the plants and the animals that lived there. And, last of all, the little stream that trickled through the - wait, what? Fyrebane's thoughts broke off there, as he scolded himself for indulging himself in thoughts of a pretty little meadow. Had he no manhood?

Shaking out his pelt, he shook off the frivolous thoughts as well. It was beyond him why his mind had conjured up such ridiculous and uncharacteristic fantasies, and he didn't want to admit he'd been enjoying it one bit. But what was more puzzling was the fact that something had sort of snapped him out of his trance, but he couldn't recall what it was to memory. It had been a sound, he would have thought, but what would he have been hearing? Oh well, whatever it was was gone now.

The male thought it to be quite odd that of all things, his imagination supplied him with a grassy field, though he really preferred forests and wooded areas, but there was something particularly comforting about that one place. His mind had wandered there before, but not recently. He'd almost forgotten about the place all together, but something buried in him, somewhere deep down, just couldn't seem to let go of it, a bit to his frustration. Though, it was actually a safe, calming place with sunshine and butterflies (though the butterflies hadn't made an appearance this time). Sometimes there were butterflies, he noted, but not always. He wasn't sure why the butterflies didn't show sometimes, and he supposed he never would. Sometimes the mind did funny things for no reason, but then again, these images seemed purposeful to him; he didn't have any idea of the purpose, though.

All embarrassing fantasies aside, he had work ahead of him. This carcass wouldn't haul itself, and he wasn't going to let Ailis do it. Fyrebane sniffed and tried to put a convincing smile on his face. He wasn't sure how long he'd stood in that spot staring blankly like an idiot, but he felt certain it had been noticeable. He prayed that Ailis could have not noticed it, just this once.

When Ailis started to speak, he was caught slightly off guard. "It was nothing to be too concerned about. Just a frail body, you know. Getting a bit too loose, and I'm sure it was really nothing," she told him, and it occurred to him that she was answering his question. He'd forgotten about their conversation entirely. He begged his mind to return to the situation laid out in front of him. It was typical after hunts for his mind to wander, actually; it was a tool for relieving stress, he guessed, but it wasn't always convenient.

"Well," he responded slowly, "I'm glad you're not too beat up." The words kind of just rolled off his tongue before he could process them, but they were near enough to what he might have said anyway, so it worked.

Letting his eyes settle on her for a moment, he concluded that she wasn't that frail. She wasn't underweight, but she didn't have much bulk or muscle either. He didn't mean anything by that, and he shouldn't really be talking anyway. Everybody had been laying around a bit much lately, and Fyrebane had been eating a bit more than he could burn off as well. If he didn't go out on excursions more, he'd have to start running for leisure more regularly. As much as he detested it, he'd put on a little bit of belly. Self-consciousness and daydreaming? He wasn't quite feeling like himself today.

"You can't do that! That's far too large of a distance! Nooo, nope, no," Ailis was saying. His mind had abandoned the conversation again, and he cursed himself doubly for it, grunting. And, excuse him, she thought he couldn't haul an elk carcass on his own? Was this a challenge or what? It almost made him angry, but more than that, it brought out a flourish of his cockiness. "'Course I can!" he insisted, feigning a hurt expression at first, but then his arrogant smile overtook it. "Callin' me a weakling?" he snapped, giving her a hard and serious expression. But a moment later, he smiled again. "Only kidding," he assured, hoping he hadn't startled her too badly there for a second. "You can help if you'd like," he offered, "but I really would be fine on my own."

Just as Fyrebane was about to dip his head and get ahold of the elk, Ailis spoke again, in a murmur, saying, "Did you hear that?" At first, he didn't know what she was referring, but a moment later it occurred to him as he tuned in to the sound. A wolfy howl, and coming from somewhere very near where they stood. Had a stranger happened upon their territory? He didn't recognize the voice.

"Yeah, I heard it," he replied quietly. "Shall we investigate?" he asked, craning his neck in case he could spot something.

The howl sounded rather female, to him, and younger. Probably just a wanderer, like he'd been when he turned up around here, and it hadn't even been that long, he realized, since that day. From here, he didn't notice any wolves, so he wanted to seek out the source of the howling. If there was a wolf out here somewhere, he'd like to find them. Who knew, maybe they'd even join the pack?

Then, he had an idea. Fyrebane raised up his own howl, loud and friendly, with a welcoming tone inflicted upon it. Now, maybe the other wolf would know they were here, and friendly as well. He wasn't at all opposed to new pack members, it was an idea he welcomed. The pack could always use new additions, and he'd be proud to have come across a potential member on his first day as Beta, something he hadn't considered until now. Once he let his howl die out, he opened his ears again to listen for a reply, if one was to come. He hoped this would end well.

Suddenly, he realized that it was very likely that the faint sound which had disturbed him earlier was likely a faint howl, and probably belonged to the same wolf. Well, that had saved him from spending extra time looking stupid, so he owed this stranger something already.

Addressed: Ailis Mentioned: Ailis, Universe Word Count: 1,105 Notes: I'm SO SORRY FOR MY INCREDIBLE LATENESS. Evil, evil school. So sorry. PM for edits. Also, new posting table, so yay!

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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102 Re: Go fetch. Hunting grounds. on Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:31 pm

The loner's ears perked as she heard another howl; male, by the sound of it. She had been daydreaming...again. She rolled her eyes and laughed softly at herself. It was so normal for her now to simply faze out of the real world and into her own, but she couldn't just escape. The female sighed and stood, shaking herself. The howl had sounded friendly enough, perhaps she should reply. Maybe they would let her join their pack, if they had one.

Raising her muzzle, the female released another howl, just as eerie and beautiful as the last, but filled with less passion and music. It was a message, showing she had heard the original howl. She even added her own little spin on it, letting her voice rising for a moment before fading away. She smiled, perking her ears and facing the sound's direction. She wondered who they were. Maybe she should go meet them. The female laughed again and began trotting towards where she had howled to, tail high and wagging slightly. Her long legs carried her across the ground quickly, as she was eager to meet other wolves after so long being alone.

Addressed: Fyrebane
Notes: Sorry for taking so long to reply ^^'.

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103 Re: Go fetch. Hunting grounds. on Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:22 am



She snorted at Fyrebane's expression at her offer to help. Seems that he's become more lively now, as after the hunt he seemed a bit worn out. Perhaps that was just her perception of the happenings around her, but regardless, she was glad he was back on Earth, so to speak. "'Course I can!" he said, looking a bit deflated, before shooting a sharp look her way. It fazed her a bit, surprising her that he had the audacity to be that mean. "Callin' me a weakling? Only kidding. You can help if you'd like, but I really would be fine on my own."

Her heart stopped racing when he broke out into a grin. Apparently, he had jested with her, and had actually managed to convince her that he was being serious. A snort came out, and she responded sarcastically with: "Oh yeah, quite the weak one, especially since I'm the one who didn't need to catch their breath on the run here." Shaking her head, she walked over a bit, still smiling. "Of course I'm helping though. Just this once. After that, you can prove yourself not a 'weakling' all you want."

However, not too much later she heard the howl. After asking to examine said gasp of a noise, she heard distantly the reply of "Yeah, I heard it. Shall we investigate?"The copper nodded her head a bit, mind in a bit of a dreamy state. While worried for whoever was on that end of the howl, she couldn't help but phase in and out of reality for a bit. Ailis supposed the howl had been going on for a while, but she seemed to be feeling the after effects of it. That was never quite a good sign.

Out of her peripheral vision, she saw Fyre's crimson head rise and cry out a response, but she didn't bother joining. The urge to was evident, though, but she didn't find it quite necessary. Not only was he proficient physically, but he had quite the voice, and hers would be drowned out in the wave it was. She trotted forward a bit, head raised and ears in the direction where she had originally heard the wispy noise. Eventually, she heard the voice's reaction. It was fluctuating, and had a sort of sing-song quality to it, as if happy. Chirpy, nearly. Well, no need to keep the other waiting, Ailis decided.

"C'mon," she said, making a gesture with her head to indicate to him to follow. In a serpentine manner, she weaved through the tall grass, avoiding any major obstacle almost meticulously. It does no good to arrive without caution or a sharp look, in case this wolf proves to be more than one or of a nefarious sort.

What met her, instead, was a lone female. The other's fur was exquisite in coloration - at least, in Ailis' opinion - and a striking feature was her eyes. She nearly backed up and landed on her haunches in shock. The copper, without doubt, suspected it to be a trap. She sputtered out, dumbfound, "Wh-who are you?" What height! She couldn't help, as rude as it was, as her eyes scanned the other's entire figure; the only other wolf she had seen this tall was perhaps Luna. And they were both no less graceful or beautiful, strangely. Does this mean all tall wolves are just naturally swan-like?

Maybe she should grow a bit taller in the future. Yeah, she'll definitely try that sometime.

"And were you the one voicing that remarkable howl?" she asked, standing back up and shaking the dirt out of her fur. She looked up, golden eyes meeting navy blue. Her ears flicked back a bit, body naturally submitting to the larger figure present, but she immediately fought it off. If Fyrebane didn't arrive soon and act adamant, then the other may take advantage of Ailis' weakness. The poor, scarred one knew that despite her somewhat intimidating appearance, she had no chance in a real fight. At best, she could nick the other before falling swiftly. Not to mention that she already sustained a heavy bruise on her shoulder from that elk earlier.

She sighed heavily, bracing herself for a possibly hostile wolf. This should be interesting.

Wolves Addressed: Universe, Fyrebane
Wolves Mentioned: Universe, Fyrebane
Notes: Sorry it's a bit short. I'll try to write a bit more next time. PM me for edits!~

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104 Re: Go fetch. Hunting grounds. on Fri Apr 18, 2014 2:06 pm

The lone wolf kept trotting towards where she had heard the howl, disappearing into the long grass and weaving through it like a snake. Suddenly she stopped, seeing another wolf, a female. Her fur was a rusty brown, with her chest, neck, underside and paws being white. She laughed softly as she saw the shock in the other wolf's eyes, the sound light and teasing. "Wh-who are you?" The wolf stuttered. The female smiled warmly, wagging her tail to show she wasn't going to hurt the her. "Name's Universe." she said, sitting down. "Who are you?" She cocked her head, noticing the other wolf staring at her; she wasn't that different. Perhaps a bit taller, but nothing more. She shrugged it off and blew some black fur away from her eyes, looking around. She sniffed the air, smelling another wolf nearby, a male. She narrowed her eyes slightly, hoping he was not this female's mate. That would not end well.

"And were you the one voicing that remarkable howl?" The female asked, making Universe turn her gaze back onto the wolf. She smiled and nodded, shrugging again. "Its music, created by nature." she said simply. Universe blinked as the female seemed to submit slightly, narrowing her eyes in confusion. She had no interest in dominating this wolf, it wasn't her nature. Not to mention the fact that she felt kind of uncomfortable when others did so. She flicked her ears back to show her unease, then straightened them again. She began to thump her tail lightly against the ground, creating a soft beat the echoed through the earth and made a dull sound. She smiled, chuckling to herself. Though now was probably not the right time for music, she couldn't help herself.

Addressed: Ailis, Fyrebane
Notes: Hehe my posts are so short next to ya'll's xD

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