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Sorry guys, but we're closing.

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1 Sorry guys, but we're closing. on Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:20 am

Hello guys

Rebby and I have some news for you. A lot of shit has happened in our lives recently, and we do not really have the time or enthusiasm to run this pack. We feel really bad for not being the alphas we need to be. So it has come to our attention that we want to shut down the pack, or give it away if anyone wants it.

Now this has nothing to do with any of you guys. You have been complete stars. We love every single one of you, and it has been very nice to meet and know everyone. Thank you all for being amazing friends and members. It will be a shame to lose you all in this pack.  You have been so supportive, friendly, and cheery, to us and to each other.

We've had an amazing time here. This was our very first pack, and you guys made it special. Its sad to see it go, but we've had a blast while doing it. We ran this for over a year, and we've loved every second of it.

If anyone wants to stay in contact with us, our Skype names are

RockingPhillip/Chelsie Sims -Jo

Sarah.Babz – Rebby

You can also find us by email

or by facebook

Chelsie Sims

Sarah Bayliss

We hope to stay friends with you all, and possibly see you in the future.

Love Little Old Jo and Rebekka.

(We're really sorry)

Last edited by Little Old Jo on Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:37 pm; edited 2 times in total


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2 Re: Sorry guys, but we're closing. on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:14 am


Awww Jo, Rebby! D;
I will miss this pack so much! It was truly my favorite roleplay site!

But it's alright, a lot of things have been going on for you, and even for me, so I understand how you feel about the whole situation now. <3

Still, I wish the pack could stay up and running for maybe a year longer... I wish I could take over, but I'm sure enough not as great as you guys when it comes to leading a pack.

My Skype is amber.claeen by the way, if you don't have me in Skype yet, and if you ever want to contact me again. Love you all! <33333333333

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3 Re: Sorry guys, but we're closing. on Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:35 pm


I'm sorry to say goodbye to everyone, and thank you for the sweet message Mustafa <3 I'll be sure to add you on skype (if I don't already have ya) *hugs*

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4 Re: Sorry guys, but we're closing. on Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:49 am


This is truely sad new and I myself along with the rest of the pack will miss you all Sad

As I would hate to see the site/pack die I would be willing to take charge of it in hopes to keep it alive and that you two may come back one day.

It's to bad for whatever you guys are going through but I hope that thinks can and will get better for you so that can get past it and take things easy again.


"When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone. - Home alone"
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5 Re: Sorry guys, but we're closing. on Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:49 am

This was a very fun pack and I wish that you guys have a great future and have fun everyday forwards! Please forgive me that I was inactive and I had a crappy computer and reputation on the site. I loved this pack and I hope that you guys will maybe reopen another one in the future (? maybe?)! Please keep being awesome! <3


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6 Re: Sorry guys, but we're closing. on Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:43 am

I'm very sorry to hear this however I completely understand, I had my eyes on this pack for a while and am sorry to see you guys leaving. The site won't be the same without you two but I'm glad Luna is trying to keep it going.

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7 Re: Sorry guys, but we're closing. on Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:27 am


I remember coming to this pack site when it was first opening, way back in February last year... I honestly thought, after seeing this reach its first anniversary, it'd be kept going for a while, since most packs don't even manage to make it to the half-year mark. However, I know that life may catch up and be quite horrible, and honestly, I don't blame you guys for wanting to shut this down since your universities and stuff come first. It's not fair to keep the pack open but not respond, unfortunately.

But!! Can I just say, that the best memories of my roleplaying life have blossomed here. Characters like Ailis who started as a mini-villian at best who became a sweetheart (well, still a bit cynical, heh), and one of my proudest characters, Memphis - those who have participated in the big plot will remember him, since the posts with the den containing the bulk of his interactions were deleted - reached an ending and peace I'm proud to have written. I really think that /that/ plot marked a really new change in the group, and all of the characters and muns came out the wiser. I was proud to watch Fyrebane and Luna make betas, proud to see new members come (and go, unfortunately). Proud to have watched a wolf who would've taken over the pack find new love, and really proud to have seen a little assassin find a better home in a new pack.

I'm just... Gah, I'm so emotional over seeing this go, and it's been a great pleasure roleplaying with you all. I certainly hope to see you all in the future sometime, and maybe one day in another pack like this. I don't know, after seeing this, I've already had ideas of making a sequel pack with the grandchildren of Jo and Rebby. Razz Of course, that might not be for a while, and I'd have to get your guys' permissions first for ussage of the characters, even briefly for the history.

Well, lemme just close this off and say it's been fun guys, and no need to say bye yet, we'll still have fun RPing in the future. Very Happy I'm very confident we'll see each other again, lol. After all this, I'm not gonna doubt Fate for this. Razz

If you guys wanna keep in touch, my skype account is - dragongirl2256. I'll try to use it much more often now if you guys decide to hop on and say hi.~

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8 Re: Sorry guys, but we're closing. on Sat Jun 14, 2014 6:38 am

What you've all said is so beautiful.

I'm so sorry that I disappeared during this packs final few months. I've had so, so much on my plate lately, but I feel absolutely horrible about seeing the pack close. However, I totally understand, as right now, my life has also decided to just jam up with crap and leave me no extra time. I'm really sad about how this worked out, but I'm sure it's not the end.

Being a member of this pack, I've grown immensely as an RPer and made wonderful friends thanks to you all. My writing style has developed into something unique, and my characters underwent a lot of great development. You all were brilliant writers too, and I loved getting to read your posts and see your characters. We had a really talented little group going between all of us.

I could go on and on, but I can't right now. I'm really emotional over how things ended up, because you guys were really a family to me. I'm going to miss RPing with you all, but I'm sure we'll meet again in other roleplays.

Jo, Rebby, if you ever consider reopening the pack in the future, all you have to do is contact me, and I'll be overjoyed to return as a beta. I'd love to see this place make a comeback some day.

For anyone who wants to know, you can find me on such places under such names:

Email me at:

Find me on deviantART as: Winter-Aspen

Look me up on WolfQuest as: WolfTracks12

I don't have Kik or Skype currently, but if I make an account on either, I'll let you know.

Bye guys! Love you all!

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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