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Slang for the 20s-40s

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1 Slang for the 20s-40s on Mon May 19, 2014 8:18 am

I try to put a mixture of modern slang and old slang into Jo's dialogue because I like it. So I thought, I'd share one site I use for it, incase any of ya wants to know or use it yourself.

A Guild To 1920's to 1940's Phrases & Slang

All Wet - Describes an erroneous idea or individual, as in, "he's all wet."

Applesauce - an explative; same as horsefeathers, As in "Ah applesauce!"

Big Cheese - The most important or influential person; boss. Same as big shot.

Bluenose - An excessively puritanical person, a prude, Creator of "the Blue Nozzle Curse."

Broad- Woman, Dame

Bump Off - To murder, To kill.

Carry a Torch - To have a crush on someone.

Cat's Meow - Something splendid or stylish; The best or greatest, wonderful.

Darb - An excellent person or thing (as in "the Darb" - a person with money who can be relied on to pay the check).

Dame- A Woman

Drugstore Cowboy - a guy that hangs around on a street corner trying to pick up girls.

Dumb Dora - a stupid female.

Fall Guy - Victim of a frame.

Flat Tire - A dull witted, insipid, disappointing date. Same as pill, pickle, drag, rag, oilcan.

Frame - To give false evidence, to set up someone.

Gams - A woman's legs.

Giggle Water - An intoxicating beverage; alcohol.

Gin Mill - An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar.

Hard Boiled - a tough, strong guy.

Heebie-Jeebies - The jitters.

High-Hat - To snub.

Hooch - Bootleg liquor

Hoofer - Dancer.

Horsefeathers - an explative; same usage as applesauce.

Hotsy-Totsy - Pleasing.

Jalopy - Old car.

Joint - A club, usually selling alcohol.

Keen - Attractive or appealing.

Kisser - Mouth.

Line - Insincere flattery.

Lounge Lizard - a horny dog.

Moll - A gangster's girl.

Ossified - a drunk person.

Pinch - To arrest.

Pushover - A person easily convinced or seduced.

Ritzy - Elegant (from the hotel).

Scram - Ask someone to leave immediately.

Sheba - A woman with sex appeal (from the move Queen of Sheba) or (e.g. Clara Bow).

Sheik - A man with sex appeal (from the Valentino movies)

Soitently- Sure!

Speakeasy - An illicit bar selling bootleg liquor.

Spiffy - An elegant appearance.

Spread Out!- Get out of the way! Give me some room! Stop crowding me!

Stuck On - Having a crush on.

Swanky - Ritzy.

Swell- Wonderful.

Take for a Ride -

Upchuck - To vomit when one has drunk too much.

Wise guy- A Smart Ass

Whoopee - To have a good time.


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2 Re: Slang for the 20s-40s on Thu May 22, 2014 7:07 am


Haha, these are funny Jo. ;D
So wait, you called Avalon in your last post a mol, but is that the same as moll (gangster's girl)? xD

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3 Re: Slang for the 20s-40s on Sun May 25, 2014 2:40 am


Giggle water is the best way to describe alcohol! People should just use that during this time period as well! Razz ahah

and I think Jo has probably been called the Cat's Meow a few times Razz though it might not be as awesome as he's a wolf Razz

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4 Re: Slang for the 20s-40s on Wed May 28, 2014 10:13 am


Giggle water, cat's meow, big cheese. xD These are all pretty cool, and I'm gonna keep them in mind for future characters.. And maybe my own speech. Razz

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