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Heeeeeyyyy Peeps

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1 Heeeeeyyyy Peeps on Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:05 am

Why, hello there, Guest! I see you've found this awkward little topic I've decide to write about myself. Well, fair warning, I'm pretty weird. As I write this, I'm eating macaroni and cheese and watching James Bond movies. Enter at your own risk~

Okay, maybe not that weird, but weird.

Oh, screw you, then. I know you passed anyway.

Well first off, my name is not Fyrebane. And nice try, but it's not Avalon either. Sorry to disappoint, but my real first name is Sophia. Yeah, not very exciting. And you can call me that if I can punch you in the nose... Twice. In other words, don't.

I live in these here great United States of America. Not as great as they sound, but it's not bad either. I was born here, and I've lived in the same general area my whole life. I live in the south-eastern region. My state is considered to have a "humid sub-tropical climate," but I don't see it. We have ridiculous temperatures here. It's hot as heck in the summer (usually around 90F (32C)) and freezing cold in the winter (it was 10F (-12C) the other morning). Exactly. It's ridiculous. And I live in a state considered to be part of the "deep south". Thankfully, however, I don't have one of those stupid southern accents, as my mom's from the midwest, and I never picked it up from my dad.

In that, case, let's just move on.

First off, if you cannot read my profile because something is seriously wrong with your brain, I would like to clarify that I am a girl. Yes, my main character is a male anyway. AND COMPARED TO THE REST OF YOU TALL PEOPLE, I'M INCREDIBLY SHORT. I'm about 5'2". *sobs* Anywho, I've got these really awkward hazel eyes. They're actually green with some gold. Sometimes they look blue. People usually think they're brown. Thus, they are dubbed hazel. I have this long, dark, dull brown hair. Which, also, is not really brown. It's copper colored, though you can only really tell when I'm in the sun. It's really majorly dark reds and dark blonds than browns, but oh well. Naturally, it curls itself into perfect ringlets if I don't touch it, but then it will hold water for twelve hours. I can never win. Ever. I have fair skin and freckles, so I cook like bacon in the sun. My friends tell me I look like a vampire because my skin's pale and I have long, dark hair, but I don't really see it (and what vampire ever loved wolves?). I guess my odd combination of tones is due to the fact that one side of my family is almost directly German and Italian. They came over a couple generations back. The other side is mostly Irish and some English.

I've got two versions of my personality. The real me, and the one that takes over around people. (And then there's that slightly awkward flirty one, but we won't get into that.) The real me under there is funny and loosy-goosy and curious about everything. I like hugs and coffee and hanging out with friends and secretly obsessing about things I love. I laugh a lot and smile and make fun of everything. Yeah, I sound fun then, right. The me that takes over has a cruel sense of humor and tends to be less impressive. I'm more reserved and snippy, and sometimes I hurt people's feelings without meaning to. I don't smile a whole lot when I'm in this state of self-preservation. But, let's not be negative. That was an ironic statement, being that I'm really terribly optimistic, but my brain usually defaults to pessimism around others.

Well, in short, I love riding horses and competing, history class, wolves, and all sorts of animals and outdoorsy things. AND DID I MENTION THAT I LOVE DOCTOR WHO.

I'll be adding to this soon. I'm just out of time for now.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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2 Re: Heeeeeyyyy Peeps on Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:42 am

Woop! Nice intro thingy hun!! You have a complex bloodline thingy. :3 ahahah I like saying thingy. :3


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3 Re: Heeeeeyyyy Peeps on Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:44 am

Gosh, I love saying thingy too. Anyway, thank you!

And yes, I do have a complicated blood line. I'm like a carefully thought out mutt.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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4 Re: Heeeeeyyyy Peeps on Fri Jan 31, 2014 5:29 pm


*Pats* It's okay, I have a lot of friends who are shorter than me. :'D

Anywho, it's a wonderful introduction, and I've been totally curious if anyone else would post some. o3o And now you have. >:3

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5 Re: Heeeeeyyyy Peeps on Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:18 am


This introduce you're self is awesome :3 And hey us freckler's gotta represent with out pale bods ;P hehe

I love all the gifs and stuff, and it's really cool getting to know you more :3

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6 Re: Heeeeeyyyy Peeps on Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:03 am

Haha, thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed reading it. I've never put one together before.

I had some fun with it. One of these days I'll add a bit more to it.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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