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Build a character factory (MUST READ)

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1 Build a character factory (MUST READ) on Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:36 am

Here are a few things to help you create a character, but also to make it super interesting and different from everyone else’s.


Well a name would be handy. It doesn't have to be clever or smart. It could even be Jim. Is your wolf male or female? Does this change how they act? How old are they? Are they just a wee baby or an old hag? Does this effect them?

Personality and inner characteristics

What type of personality do they have? Are they always scared? Playful? Mean? A personality is a must have. It would be pretty boring if a wolf didn't have one. So if your wolf is mean, don't just say they are, make them mean. Make every wolf in the pack hate them. It will make your character more interesting if they have a good personality planned out.

If you find it hard fleshing out a character you can either ask a alpha to help you or you can use characters from books or films to guide you.

So for example. If I wanted a really evil and mysterious character I would think of books, films, tv and other things to help me if I need too. So I could use Batman as he's very mysterious character, but he's not very evil. So If I wanted an evil character I could use Ursula from the little mermaid. She's very malicious and cunning. So use media around you, but do not copy as that can become boring.

Now, Inner characteristics are important. What are they good at? Any hobbies? Any likes or dislikes? Just think of what you are like and use that to help you think about your wolf. Maybe they don't like bees? Maybe they just love puppies? These things are really good to use as it will help you become a more likeable character. No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, so make sure your wolf does too.


History is something that moulds us into who we are. If our character has had a hard past do they let that slow them down or do they stand above that and become a stronger wolf. Did they have a protective family, so now they find it hard to be independent? It's very important to think about their history as it does change who they are.

Coat colour

At DDP, we're not very strict about the looks of your wolf. We don't mind a few abnormal coloured wolf, but we don't want bright green wolves. They wouldn't survive very long. Though, we do not mind your wolf having a few colourful markings. We also do not mind if they have extreme markings that you can never find on a wolf. Just try to be as realistic as you can with the colours please. We do not want you changing your wolf's coat colours. We will allow you to do this once, but that is it.

Eye colours.

We allow any eye colour. We do not mind if your wolf has pink eyes. The only thing we do not allow is stripy eyes or rainbow eyes. That is a no show. :3 You can only change the eye colour once.


You can have your wolf any size. We do not mind. However, don't make your wolf monster truck size or make them look like a terrier. Keep it realistic.


Sorry, but we do not allow wings, horns or magical powered wolves.


Yes. DDP does allow your wolf to be a hybrid. That doesn't just mean huskies and wolves. You can have a wolf that's half poodle and half wolf. Though, if you have a terrier crossed with a wolf, make sure that it's more towards the wolf's size and not the dogs.

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