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1 PLOT UPDATE on Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:28 am



(I thought I'd write this out for any new members joining into the RP, and anyone that just wants a refresher of what's going on in the plot at this time)

This particular plot started when Fate came down and gave the Dealan de pack a foreboding prophecy of an opposing pack wanting to steal their land. This opposing pack was unknown to the wolves, but of course we know them as the Ulfr Mani, a pack with a mixture of normal wolves and mythical wolves ready to take the land of Dealan De.

“The fire and hell ignites the flame,
as the moon crashes and states it's name.
The past shall return with old grudges strong,
To steal the pack of where you belong.”

This prophecy was the only thing to prepare the Dealan de pack before their land would get attacked by Ulfr Mani. There wasn't much time to prepare and so the only thing they could do was gather everyone together and to explain the situation. Of course to Rebekka and Jo, this was all speculation. They didn't know for sure that they were going to be attacked, it was just a strong possibility. Though they still wanted to be safe and prepare their members. However, the idea of mythical wolves didn't cross anyone's minds as the Dealan de pack contained non mythical members.

The land grew foggier and limited the view they had of the distance. Perfect weather for an ambush, all set up by Seraphim, beta of Ulfr Mani pack; her mythical powers allow her to conjure up fog which she used to her advantage, despite it being exhausting for her.

Tic was the first mythical wolf of Ulfr Mani to 'invade' the land, though due to his personality and the fact that he isn't the brightest wolf in the pack he wasn't considered as much of a threat. Wolves such as Champei and Jo took a bemused interest in him and didn't feel like he was a threat at all. He was more a source of information considering he wouldn't shut up.

Soon after, Colleen invaded the pack and threatened the surrounding wolves with more intimidation that Tic could hold in his tail (though that wasn't hard). More and more members started to make their way with the recent appearances of Calista and Memphis, both splitting off to take on an alpha to themselves. Calista had pinned down the female Alpha, Rebekka, while Memphis resorted to his charming intimidation towards the male Alpha, Jo.

With confidence sparked inside her from her mate, and Killian, Rebby, by some stroke of luck, managed to turn the tables and flip Calista off her. Similarly, Jo didn't back down despite the aura Memphis emanated as the Alpha of Ulfr Mani. He stood his ground and basically said that the Ulfr Mani pack is not taking their land.

Jo also has given Poison instructions to take any pups (so Chewbo, and Solmn) to safety, along with Champei, due to her innocent nature.


The pups have finally been taken to the Loch Ness Lake with Tic Tac. Ailis is within the woods ready to take Champei to the lake and to safety.

That was when the fighting truly began. Mustafa and Avalon have engaged in a fight, as well as Colleen, Silver and Poison having a fight before some leaving the den with the pups. Though Avalon has stopped in her conflict at the moment.

Memphis and Jo fought for a little bit. Jo injuring Memphis slightly, heck even Rebby managing to knock him down (All be it with a large branch, but still). Though their small victories were short lived when Memphis severely injured Jo by breaking his back, rendering him in pain and unable to move properly. Fyrebane is at his side while Rebby has decided to take matters into her own hands and face Memphis herself.

Not taking her seriously, Memphis has resorted to taunting her and aims to capture some members of the pack as prisoners.


Through Rebby's distraction, Jo was able to stagger off to the Loch ness Lake, with Ailis and Mustafa joining him soon after. In his dying moments, the wolves called upon Fate to help their alpha and try and save him. As quick as it came, Fate healed Jo's severe injuries and cuts, but could not heal his broken back before restoring some hope and faith into the wolves surrounding the lock ness lake.

After her disappearance, Jo has decided to enlist help from the creatures that live in the area, visiting the Bauchan that is willing to help give the lands back to Dealan de (for his sake of course, nothing to do with Jo at all Wink).

They all now travel to the den in darkness.

MEANWHILE, Champei, Fyrebane and co. have been taken prisoner and through Memphis' magic, they have been chained to a tree, unable to break free of the metal collars around their neck.

Rebekka and Luna are free of the chains for promising to join Memphis' side. Rebby through force, and Luna through her own choice.

It is currently night time and Memphis is distracted by his own thoughts as he steers clear of the den due to the smell of Jo being there turning him off.

Avalon on the other hand, has decided to take hunt, though through her emotions and confusion of the woods has ended up going to the Loch ness lake.

[This is close to the end of the plot guys~!! Exciting stuff!]


This is when things start to go down. While Avalon was at the loch ness lake in a fit of emotion, Mustafa, Ailis and Ginger notice her there. While the two adults initially treat her with some scepticism, Ginger does her best to cheer her up and continue ahead to help with Dealan de. Avalon has realised some things about Memphis and her position, and so she decided to change sides. She joins Mustafa and Ailis in their fight against Ulfr Mani to get back at him, and they are soon on their way back to the den.

Things heated up quite quickly in the den with Jo ambushing Memphis and clamping his jaws around him straight away with a cocky, “You miss me?!”. But the ambush didn't stop there, oh no. Not only did Jo jump on Memphis, but the Bauchan, Padraig put his hands to good use and freed the wolves chained up to the trees. His strength overcame Memphis' magical chains allowing more fighters like Fyrebane on their side.

Memphis was fighting a losing match. With Jo on him, Fyrebane helping and Avalon and Mustafa joining in, he was fighting a lost cause. His nature seemed to crack and weather away, as he screamed and laughed with all the souls he had taken in his life time. He was losing it, and this was the perfect moment for Avalon. Her movements were quick and deadly, just like her words. She was the one to land the final blow on the father figure in her life. If the wounds didn't kill him, the venom in her words sure would have. All the pent up feelings and anger and emotion all coming out in Memphis' dying moments. The fight was over. Dealan de had finally won with the help of an ex Ulfr Mani member.

Memphis died, but all the souls in his body were finally free. Just like he was. He was free from the pain he had dealt with, and was finally able to be with his dear, Alice. With a small thank you, he disappeared, leaving the land to return to DDP and the battle to finally be over.

The end

(And that concludes one of our biggest plots! Thank you to all of the posters, they were a delight to read and had me on the edge of my seat. Here's to many more plots!)

Last edited by Rebekka on Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:20 pm; edited 6 times in total

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2 Re: PLOT UPDATE on Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:13 am


updated for any lovelies that need a little reminder before jumping into RP Smile

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3 Re: PLOT UPDATE on Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:48 am


UPDATED! Very Happy

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4 Re: PLOT UPDATE on Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:18 am

Looks fabulous!

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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5 Re: PLOT UPDATE on Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:39 pm


Wow, now that I read back on it, so much as happened.

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6 Re: PLOT UPDATE on Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:34 pm


Updated and finally completed!

Wow, so much has happened. So much character development. So much feels!

I thought I'd just keep this up for anyone that just wanted to have a read. Might be nice reference in the future to just look at what we did, and see if our characters have changed and all that jazz Smile

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7 Re: PLOT UPDATE on Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:02 pm

Wow! We've come pretty far!

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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8 Re: PLOT UPDATE on Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:04 pm


Wooow, now that I read it's... A lot did happen. It's a bit sad that the den posts were deleted, so all that history from the beginning of the pack to the end of the plot is lost, but we all have it in our memories. Very Happy

Ow, my heart. ;w;

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9 Re: PLOT UPDATE on Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:56 pm


Omg the feels! So much happened in this rp and I loved every second of it! <3
Hehe, it was awesome! :3

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