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God of the Coyotes, Jackals, and Foxes - Contest Entry

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Many a wolf knows of the tale of the Mother. From her warm heart and serene howl came the first wolves. However, many also know the tale of their enemy canines. Every wolf blames the Fire God for the reason that coyotes, jackals, and foxes steal their pups away.

Mother Wolf, the Goddess of the night, had many suitors. The most cunning of them was the Fire God of the Desert. Nobody knows what true form he takes, but it's understood it's most likely a coyote. The god approached her for the first time, asking to be her mate. He grew furious, and gave life to foxes to steal the food of her children, hoping to starve them out of anger. However, she recognized the fire orange of their coats, and warned the wolves.

After he had learned his first creation had failed, he attempted to gain her hand again, thinking she impressed with his intelligence. Instead, she refused him a second time. He grew mad; the god wanted to impress her into becoming his mate. So, he sent jackals to go and steal the pups when the parents were out hunting, but the Mother smelled the desert sand, and sent the mother wolf back to guard her pups. This is why the father brings the food and the mother protects the younglings.

The goddess was furious with him, and she approached the god about these happenings. When she left him forever, he grew saddened and mad. The god sent out his final creation, a mimic of wolves. They looked like them, but never had the beautiful voices Mother gave her children. So, he had them try to steal both the food and pups of their rival wolves to avenge their Father.

This is why foxes, coyotes, and jackals will always be the rivals to wolves.

"Do you trust me?" - Aladdin

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