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76 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:05 am


A bright light, and the form of a wolf. All in the pack reacted differently, some seeming afraid, others rapt with the site. Shelyn, however, went on the defensive, a natural reaction for the druid to take. She knew of some of the old magics, but this one was strange to her, and therefore not to be trusted.

Oddly enough, when Rebekka approached the light, Shelyn stuck protectively to her side. With her acceptance of the Lyngve wolf, she'd inadvertantly just hired a bodyguard. It was a hidden blessing, however. Lennox was a devoted member, but would be better council to his fellow male and his alpha, Jo, for he seemed intolerant of the female gender. Shelyn would prove to be his foil, wary of the lead male, but devoted to the protection and counsel of his female. A right hand for each ruler, perhaps, but only time would tell.

She stood close to the female, fur standing on end as the prophesy was spoken. This was indeed a strange magic, but one that the alphess seemed familiar with. She stayed at the female's side, her demeanor different from the cocky attitude she had met the group with, something more serious and deeply concerned. She suddenly had a stake here, a small one, but more than she had before the shadows came.

Shelyn was not one for the interpretation of prophesy. Bright and cunning, yes, but not one for riddles of words or inverted speech. She was straightforward in her challenges, and didn't bother with rhyme and riddle, and thought such spells were almost always designed to confuse rather than aid or entertain. Shelyn was no fan of trickery in any form.

When Rebekka mentioned splitting into teams, she spoke up. "Begging pardon, Lady Rebekka, but if I might, I'd be honored to join up with you as well. I go where m'lady bids, of course, but I want to state my preference in these matters." When the female asked to go with her mate, Shelyn felt compelled to go to. She'd have volunteered with any group the alphess went, but now she considered it a matter of life and death. Jo was, to Shelyn, a lazy brute, unlikely to defend the female in the case of danger, and incapable of doing so even if he were so inclined. In short, she trusted Jo as far as she could throw him, difficult for a creature without arms and hands to do as it was.

Wolves Addressed: Rebekka

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77 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:01 pm

"Hey! Get you female fiddling jaws off my pelt!" 

Jo brought his head back in shock at the male's snapping attitude. Now it was not strange to hear the male's tone the way it was, but the words he chose to display were a little colourful, but the male knew how to take it with stride. “What? My jaws? You mean I can't do this?” He smirked as he licked right over Lenny's face with a chuckle. Sometimes Jo wondered if his teens years ever left him.

He side stepped away from the male and made his way back to his female's side, right where he should be and always would be.

Then a sudden light struck the forest hard, scaring away the darkness. There was something familiar about this light, but Jo could not put his paw on it. The way it captivated him. Enticing him to join it. He felt like a fly to a flame. Nothing was able to stop him looking away. His gold eyes seemed to sparkle as the white light hit them.

Then a figure bloomed from the light and appeared infront of him. His eyes locked toward this wolf and a smile spread across his muzzle.[color=cyan] “Came back for seconds, did ya?”[/color] Jo smirked at the wolf spirit. It was the same spirit that had forever locked Jo and Rebby together. There was no doubt that this wolf was her.

Jo listened carefully as the spirit spoke. Her riddles were soft and enchanting. Jo just wanted to listen to her speak even more, but he knew that as soon as she finished her job, she would vanish.

And Jo was right. After the last word was uttered from her lips she was gone. He mentally cursed at the spirit. She couldn't just tell them what they had to do, but give them stupid riddles that Jo could never get his head around.

Jo turned his head as a female came running his way, but the look on her face instantly told Jo that this wasn't about to be good. And indeed it was not. Jet, one of the first wolves to join the pack, was gone. Jo couldn't believe it. He was talking to him this morning and now he was gone. The world was just too crazy sometimes. However, times were rough and the dead were gone. The living had to move on. “Thank you” Jo replied to the female with a strong voice. Though, his features softened as he gentle nuzzle his female. Rebby was sensitive, where Jo was not. The two were perfect for each other, but no flame was sparked between the two. Nor would it be.

(Insert what Rebby and Lenny said)

Jo was glad to have two very intelligent wolves in his pack. “You guys are stars!” He cheered he gave Rebby another nuzzle. He turned to Lenny and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheeks. “ Oops. I forgot that my jaw is filthy” He smirked as he sat down with his tail wagging.

He looked back at Rebby and nodded as the pack splitting up idea. They could cover more ground that way. “Okay, Pack listen up. Go find this stag and his doe in whatever form she's in. We'll split into groups. Lenny, Champei, Luna, Amada and Alison in one group. The others in another. Pidge, myself and Chewbo will stay here just encase anyone needs us. Now go!” He order with his voice strong and powerful. Hopefully his pack could find the lovers before the whole of Delean- De starved to death. With the death killing everything the pack would die. So finding the stag was important. "And no, Sheyln. You are the only one who can handle Boga, so you need to be with him" Jo ordered as he stood infront of his mate. Jo wasn't asking her to go, he was telling her.

A chuckle stole his attention and Jo looked back to see a wolf rolling around like a mad man. “Pidge?” He asked, wondering if she knew what was wrong with the male.

Wolves addressed: All!
Notes: Lame post
Word count: 685

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78 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:39 pm


The female frowned as Lennox said he couldn't explain the love she desired to know about. Looking down she replied softly, "Oh, okay..." Shuffling her paws, she went to lie down again. Solving riddles was not her thing but she had liked the pretty poem. She repeated it in her head again, humming a little tune to go along with it.

After she had gone through her tune a few times Lennox spoke to the group. Champei giggled as he strode in circles, not sure what he was upset about. She didn't understand why they needed a stag though, they were for eating and it didn't sound like they would be eating this one.

As Rebekka came over, she sat up, listening to what the female said. She started muttering about a mixed up gender, making her giggled. "Genders aren't mixed up, that's just silly," she giggled. She was still giggling about this when the Alphess suggested they split into groups. Looking around she wondered who she would be with. She hoped it was with someone nice. Maybe she could make some new friends, not having met many of the wolves around yet.

Suddenly seeing Jo slobber over Lennox's face really got Champei laughing. She fell over onto her side her legs running in the air. Laughing so hard she almost missed Jo's next announcement. Slowly she let it fade away to pull herself to her paws still letting out snickers every few moments. Controlling the giggles for a moment she said with a wide smile, "Let me just grab Steve before we go." Quickly she scooped up the flower in her jaws. "Ready!"

Wolves addressed: Lennox, Rebekka, Jo
Wolves mentioned: others.

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79 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:49 pm


Ailis's legs shook as the adrenaline left her, but her eyes narrowed, seething. They simply acknowledge her and the death of a pack member with just a "thank you" and resume their positions? Now, try as she might, she couldn't care less for this pack of bumbling fools. She even gave them the benefit of the doubt, as they had seemed clever and friendly wolves when dealing with each other. Apparently not. It took all of her willpower to suppress the rising venom-laced words and growl that threatened to leave her throat. Ailis quickly shook her head to clear the thoughts of past memories long pushed down begging to rise again, and simply observed each of the wolves present.

From experience behind her and obvious body language, she managed to figure the main relationships and personalities of those who showed enough of it. Or at least, take a wild guess in the dark and hope for the best. Quickly, Ai smirked to herself, a cruel plan beginning to form. Oh how delicious! Already they fought among themselves, something obvious even to the blind because of the suffocating tension in the air.

And after all, when was the last time she had this much fun? Oh, she always had fun poking and crumbling the bonds between wolves who had offended her, but this was just too good to give up.

Whoever said she was one to give up grudges easily anyway?

Her Cheshire grin disappeared not a second later, and she slowly raised herself and put her body in a position that clearly displayed weariness and exhaustion. Her tail swayed lazily, ears flicking here and there, and her frown deepened when the plan of splitting up was brought.

"Pardon me," she said, hoping the tone sounded sincere enough, "but I believe I am not a part of this pack, therefore I do not currently follow orders. However, seeing as how the shadows block my way home, I must stay here." She grimaced at that last statement. What home? "Do I stay with the pup," her golden gaze flicked to the chubby-looking pup, waiting to be someone's meal, "and you two, the alphas, or do I go among the groups? I can be of service, as your pack territory has offered shelter against death, and I have no where left to go."

Oddly enough, her words were laced with spite and a cold edge to it that can chill even the hardest of hearts. It was often something she couldn't help; when her emotions controlled her mind strong enough, she sometimes lost her control. On the brighter side, though, she could follow a new wolf; a colder character, longing to return home.


She lowered her head, a form of bow, before raising it to her full height. "I am Gail, a wolf belonging to the pack named Ceatharn Aingeal, or roughly translated to 'Warriors of Fire', if you will. To end a long and convoluted story, I was sent north along with others to scout new territory when I came here. Yes, it rained, something we don't particularly like, but it was bearable; there was plenty of water, land, and food. However, then that," she tossed her head in the direction of the shadows lurking in the distance, "has ruined all of it. It came when I was speaking with the fallen member of your pack at your den, asking for permission to speak to you about having my pack settle here alongside yours."

She scowled, obviously displeased, but for different reasons than what she said. For those observant enough, they would see a battle in her eyes, a battle between her thoughts and feelings. "Now though," Ailis spat, venom lacing the words dangerously, "I cannot return home. My fellow warriors were scouting the same land as I, and now they may be dead, along with my pack's hopes." The copper wolf lowered her head and, making sure not to glare at the pack, growled. It was deep, primal, and was born through her fury and hatred; thankfully enough, those emotions were strong enough in flare to support her claims and make them genuine.

She raised her head, then quickly continued before any of them had a chance to respond. "However, I am bound my clan's traditions. Because a fellow of yours has helped, because I am invading your territory yet you have not yet attacked and instead had shelter against the breathing death in the trees, I owe a debt." Her face was solemn, but she lowered it downward while still looking at them. "Be warned though; I will tell you only this much. As soon as the opportunity arises that I may leave, and you feel my deeply-embedded debt has been payed, not even the swiftest winds and sunlight can race my paws bringing me home."

She snorted, and closed her eyes, with a knowing smile playing at her lips. "Although, as I am now your technical slave or servant, I don't see why you would ever let me go." Ailis opened her eyes again.

Hopefully, they would take the bait. Half of it was genuine, but even the dullest could tell, there was something lurking in the atmosphere around her. It reeked of longing, displeasure, hate, and most of all, hostility. At the very least, they supported her words to make them appear genuine.

Oh yes, those emotions quite fitted her words and mood well; matching the two together despite the fact she, the trickster, had lied through her teeth to get what she wanted.

She always did.

Wolves Mentioned: Jet, Chewbo, Jo, Rebekka, rest of pack
Wolves Addressed: Rebekka and Jo

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80 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:40 am



Asha snorted at the other female, presumably the alphess', words to her. She wasn't helping? She hadn't said it to be helpful. She said it to be admonishing.

"Pleading with them ain't likely to work either," she said under her breath.

As the angelic wolf spirit came down to them, Asha's eyes widened, and she listened with awe. She had never experienced a prophecy before, and was astounded. "It's no wonder why Jet came here... it truly is wondrous." she thought.

She shook her head, the sight of the wolf spirit burned into her eyes. She turned her head as a copper coloured wolf came into the circle, and told the leaders of the death of one of their pack members. Asha turned away. It was not her grief to share, this wolf was not a packmate of hers.

Then they said the name.


Asha's head snapped around again. "He's dead? Jet's dead?"

Asha slumped to the ground. She had traveled all this way for nothing. She had chased stories and whispers, in the hope of finding Jet. But it was all for nought. He was gone.

She raised her head, tears in her eyes and grief in her features, and she began to sing.

"O, spirits of the forests,
Carry him forever through the trees,

O, spirits of the waters,
Guide him forever over the seas,

O, spirits of the air,
Let him fly forever in the skies,

O, spirits of the earth,
Let him rest, forever where he lies"

When she had finished her song, she looked back at the alphas. She had nowhere to go. She had hoped to be here, in this pack, with Jet. But now that he was gone, what reason would they have to let her stay?

"I will help you find these deer. It is the least I can do for allowing me to stay in the safety of the circle." she said grudgingly, shuffling her paws and looking at the ground, her eyes full of sadness and grief.

WOLVES ADDRESSED: Ailis, Jo, Rebekkah

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81 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:35 am



Boga rolled his eyes at the white wolf's remarks. Luna wasn't his target, he was supposed to be ripping that wolf to shred right now. If Luna chose to fight him, he would gladly do the same to her. He stopped, the cold becoming almost unbearable. No, he would not attack anything that did not deserve it. The female was stupid for getting in his way, but she did not deserve to be attacked, unlike how the white male had taken him down earlier. A growl rippled from his throat when he remembered, his brows furrowing in deep distaste. How dare he do that to him. His lips curled upward to show a bit of teeth, but as he was about to roar in frustration a blinding light spread across the area. Boga released his stress, caught in surprise by the sudden flash.

He blinked once, but all he could see was brightness. He blinked a second time, and the darkness that surrounded him was gone and swept away into the trees, casted far off from him and Luna. He was severely confused, but whatever was happening right now must mean he was dreaming, or something. That must be it, for now there was this illuminated wolf that descended in front of the pack. Bah, what kind of strange dream was he having? The strange wolf was even talking in rubbish riddles. Why would you talk in riddles? Your point will never get across that way.

The next time he blinked, the creature was gone. He heaved a great big huff and turned around. What was he to do if this was a dream? Where was he then? Is he still sleeping? And if he was, since when? Dreams were very confusing that way, but either way, he was not going to get anywhere important in a dream, so he decided to stay put for now.

He turned to Luna and frowned at her statement, "But you know for yourself that you got in my way," he stepped closer to her and got close to her face, "So don't get in my way again, skuchat." He moved back again and remembered he was hungry. Well, being hungry, even in a dream, wouldn't be good. He glanced hungrily at where the pup was, but he doubted he could eat it by now. He tried to remember anything from what the strange wolf had to say. There was "doe" and "stag", which he knew to be food. His belly growled hungrily as he thought about the prey. Licking his lips, he looked around and asked Luna, "Did you hear about a deer?" he continued to glance around, "Well I think it would be a great idea for me to catch it, and eat it." Well, that was kind of a joke, since Boga was a terrible hunter, but he was also rather serious. If he couldn't hunt in reality, maybe it would be different in a dream. He set off in a completely opposite direction as the rest of the pack, his stomach driving him forward.

Wolves Addressed: Luna
Wolves Mentioned: Chewbo and Lennox

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82 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:37 am


"But you know for yourself that you got in my way,"
"So don't get in my way again, skuchat."

Looking to Bogatyr she shrugged. "If that's the way you see it toots." She said smoothly. As a sudden life like figure of a wolf appeared high above them she listened as the wolf spoke in riddles about breaking the curse of the shadows. Seeing that the darkness wasn't effecting her she wasn't about to go all gung ho and find a way to end the curse just yet.

"Did you hear about a deer?"
"Well I think it would be a great idea for me to catch it, and eat it."

Raising an eyebrow to Bogatyr she smiled lightly "I did. I couldn't agree more, and I could be of some assistance if need be."She said stepping slightly in front of him. Luna was quite hungry and she could do with some exercise. Plus this might her her once chance to get Bogatyr to come back to the pack.

Wolf Addressed: Bogatyr
Wolf Mentioned: Bogatyr


"When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone. - Home alone"
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83 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:39 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend

“What? My jaws? You mean I can't do this?"

Lennox just about flipped. "UGH!!!!" he yelled as he rubbed his head down into the grass quickly, urgently. His ears flattened. Not happy with Jo. He was so childish. Lennox, once finished wiping his face in the grass sat up and glared at Jo.

"Your a vile, afflicted, ailing, indisposed, infected, infirm, rotten, sickly, tainted, unsound, abandoned, abject, appalling, bad, base, coarse, contemptible, corrupt, debased, degenerate, depraved, despicable, dirty, disgraceful, disgusting, evil, filthy, foul, horrid, humiliating, ignoble, immoral, impure, iniquitous, loathsome, low, mean, miserable, nasty, nauseating, nefarious, noxious, perverted, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, shocking, sickening, sinful, sleazy, stinking, ugly, vicious, vulgar, wicked, worthless, wretched creature. You know that Jo?" he huffed. Not impressed at all with the male's actions. Again who knew where those jaws had been!!!

He had dismissed the giggles that Champei had given as he had paced given his answer to the riddle. Though then Jo was after him again. Lennox attempted to scramble away. But he wasn't quick enough and copped a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek. Lennox whined. He rolled about in the grass again trying to remove all that was Jo's slobber from his cheek. It seemed to have caught Champei's fancy as the female rolled about in a fit of laughter. Lennox was not happy.

“ Oops. I forgot that my jaw is filthy”
“Okay, Pack listen up. Go find this stag and his doe in whatever form she's in. We'll split into groups. Lenny, Champei, Luna, Amada and Alison in one group. The others in another. Pidge, myself and Chewbo will stay here just encase anyone needs us. Now go!”

"Genders aren't mixed up, that's just silly,"
"Let me just grab Steve before we go."

Lennox looked to Champei as he was paired up with her, and thankfully he wasn't with Jo. He would refuse to go if he was to go with Jo. He padded along side Champei as they went to look for the lost Stag. His ears flat. In a grumpy mood.

Addressed: Champei, Rebbeka, Jo
Mentioned: The Pack

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84 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:07 am

“Okay, Pack listen up. Go find this stag and his doe in whatever form she's in. We'll split into groups. Lenny, Champei, Luna, Amada and Alison in one group. The others in another. Pidge, myself and Chewbo will stay here just encase anyone needs us. Now go!
Alsion perked her ears up, she was needed. Cursing slightly she assumed reunion with her auntie had to wait. After the orders were set she looked at how others formed the groups and joned the group she was part of,

This is getting interesting

the female thought to herself. She looked at the wolves she was in group with. It was slightly confusing for her, because except for her Auntie and the male giving out orders, she didn't know anyone else.

WOLVES MENTIONED: Little Old Jo, Amanda, Lennox, Champei, Luna
WOLVES ADRESSED: Herself, otherwise No one

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85 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:11 am

(Alison, can you please make sure that your posts are 100 words of your own words please. Thanks, hun. :3 )


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86 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:42 am


    To say that the darkness that surrounded the wolves was unnerving was an understatement. Circe stiffened as an almost ghost-like form appeared and spat out some fancy words at them. Then, it had the nerve to vanish. Like it's going to help us she thought with a huff. But then, the one who seemed to be in charge (through all the arguing, she learned that his name was Jo) separated the wolves into a group. Now, Circe didn't know the names of but maybe three or four of them, so she stood, glancing about and trying to figure out what to do.

    They seemed to be about to follow some broken paths. Some were clumping together in what must have been the groups that they were divided in to, but what was she to them? Not important she thought. What they think is irrelevant. We're all fighting to survive against whatever that thing is out there, so for now, these strange creatures are my allies.

    But, what was she to do? Confused, Circe sat and looked about. Which group had she been assigned to? Was she even considered enough for that? What she did know, though, was that she wasn't staying there, and she wasn't in the names that were listed by Jo. However, one male seemed to pick up a thesaurus and spit out some rather grotesque terms at the leader. Vile, was he? Circe had to agree that the flirt had done more than rub her the wrong way with his flirtatious behavior.

    Groaning to herself, Circe sucked up her disapproval of the leader and marched over to him. "Sir Jo, my name is Circe and it seems that I am trapped among your pack in whatever crisis this situation has destined itself to be. I offer you my aid, and as I am the stranger and you the leader of a fine pack, I ask what it is you would prefer me to do?" It was hard for her to not cringe as she submitted herself and gave a compliment to the otherwise unimpressive sham of a pack this was, but keeping herself alive was Circe's priority goal.

Last edited by Circe on Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:14 am; edited 1 time in total

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87 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:30 am



Rebby felt the warm nuzzle of Jo's head when he could tell she was upset about Jet's death. She nuzzled into him and took a moment to collect herself. “I'm sorry” She whispered to herself. Jet had not been a close friend of Rebekka's, but she never wished death upon anyone. The thought of it made her worried sick. What if that happened to any of these wolves here.

She tried to compose herself to the best of her abilities...which wasn't very well (Rebby was a terrible liar). Though she didn't want the pack to see her as weak. She needed to stay strong in this moment of crisis. Though Rebby was getting more and more exhausted by the second. She couldn't wait for this shadow to leave. That way she could curl up in the den and simply sleep.

She was surprised when Shelyn stood beside her in an aim to protect her from the wolf spirit. She admitted to being scared of Shelyn to begin with, but now that she was on her side it made her smile slightly. She never thought that she would have the power to get a wolf like Shelyn as her bodyguard, but apparently she did. Apparently Shelyn saw something in her that was worth it. Rebby didn't know what it was, but she felt a little happier knowing she hadn't offended this prideful wolf.

Rebekka watched as Jo began to tease Lennox. She let out a tiny laugh before hiding away her face so Lennox wouldn't be mad at her....even though it was funny. Jo certainly knew how to brighten her mood. She bit her tongue and kept the laugh to herself, though it was plain to see that there was amusement in her eyes at the constant kisses that Jo was giving to Lennox.

At least it gave Rebby a break.

She nodded as Jo gave out instructions and kept an eye on the copper wolf. She frowned at her slightly; Rebby didn't like that wolf's attitude towards her, but of course, she said nothing about it. She simply flattened her ears and lowered her head. She had a bad feeling about her. She didn't know what it was, but something about that wolf made Rebekka uneasy.

Though before Rebby could stay down for too long, she heard Lennox shout towards Jo. She raised her head to see Champ laughing and Jo retracting from laying a slobbery kiss on Lennox's face. She stared for a moment before she bit her lip. Though a snort of laughter and blush ensued before Lennox's outburst towards Jo. Rebby was once again surprised and managed to keep her laughter contained. She raised her eyebrows in amazement at all the words Lenny used for Jo.

“Whoa...alphabetised hate. Pretty impressive” Rebby stated in slight awe. She chuckled at the words Lenny used and nudged him, “Maybe you should keep that tongue to yourself?” She paused for a second, “And when I say maybe, I mean for you to keep it to yourself. I don't want out best Beta to go killing the Alpha of this pack, okay?”

She didn't want to admit it to herself, but Rebby couldn't run this pack by herself. She's have a nervous breakdown before that happened...especially if things continued the way they were going.

“Sorry Lennox. I'll try to keep Jo in line for you.” She tried not to smile in amusement, but out of politeness towards Lennox. She liked the guy, despite the fact that he disliked all women...she hoped that he had a little place for Rebby. Just a tiny tiny part that slightly liked her.

Wolves Addressed: Lennox, Jo
Wolves Mentioned: Shelyn, Jo, Jet, Ailis, spirit.

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88 Re: Stonehenge on Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:58 am

(What Ailis said)

“Servant? What type of servant?” Jo's mind was filling up with ideas that no pup should ever look at. The whole servant thing was going to his head. He shook it clean. No matter how much he wanted to, his pack came first. (He hated that fact). “Look, help us find the elk and you can stay.”

(Asha's song)

“What the heck was that?” Jo asked with his brows raised. The female had randomly started singing. He turned to his mate to see if she knew what was going on. Hopefully she did, because he didn't. “You sick or something, babe?” He questioned. The female looked upset, but he had never heard of someone singing in sadness. This was no Les Miserables musical number. Death happened, quickly get over it and move on. Jet would get a proper goodbye, but wolves at Delean-De did not get buried, but left open for the soil to take it's riches and for the birds to spoil their fill. Their bodies were no longer useful to them, but it helped life move on. That's the way Jo saw it.

"I will help you find these deer. It is the least I can do for allowing me to stay in the safety of the circle."

“Sure, fine, go find it.” He shrugged. This female was not one of his pack members, but she may be helpful. Hopefully, she'd listen better than the other wolves. Jo let out a growl as she saw Boga and Luna run off after the stag, muttering something about eating it. Hopefully, they did not really eat the only thing that would make their land grow back. Jo would personally throw them both out of the pack quicker than they could say his name.

(What lenny said)

“Whoa, I'm not ugly.” Jo stated firmly, but with a smile. He knew that Lenny was a hot head sometimes and took his banter on the chin. “I may be all the other stuff, but I'm not ugly. The ladies love me” He chirped with a smirk. “Ain't that right, Pidge?” The male chuckled as he nudged his mate. He knew that he was not her cup of tea, but a joke was a joke. Though, Jo was handsome and he knew it. So any insults on his looks were lost on him.

“Whoa...alphabetised hate. Pretty impressive” 

“Don't encourage him, Pidge” He snorted in amusement. Of course that would be the one thing that catch her attention. The fact that he alphabetised the words. Big woop. Anyone could do that.

"Sir Jo, my name is Celil and it seems that I am trapped among your pack in whatever crisis this situation has destined itself to be. I offer you my aid, and as I am the stranger and you the leader of a fine pack, I ask what it is you would prefer me to do?"

“Well hello there, Circe” He greeted the female with his brain at the back of his head and his hips driving forwards. “You can help aid me back at the den?” Jo asked with a wink, forgetting that he had a pup right next to him.

Jo turned around and looked at his pack mates and strangers that had gathered around him and his mate. It was time to take charge. “Look, find the elk, find his lover, and then we get food. So chop, chop.” Jo ordered, but his tone was light and playful with a bitterness to it. He wanted his land back now, he didn't want to waste any more time.

Word count: 611

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89 Re: Stonehenge on Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:31 pm


Shelyn's features hardened, momentarily. She did not, did NOT take orders from Jo. He was a scoundrel, and Shelyn was a wolf of honor. She refrained from arguing with him, though, when she saw the exhaustion on Rebekka's face. The little alphess had been through a lot today, and part of it had to do with her and their contest. She didn't need to tire her further with quibbling.

"If it would please my lady I will go. My mind and strength are at my alphess' disposal." She would make it obnoxiously clear to Jo that she had no interest in doing him any favors. At least, not until he could prove himself worthy of Shelyn's service, or Rebekka's help. She had little understanding of what the alphess saw in the male, but didn't dwell on it.

With the darkness dispersed, she followed the wolves who had gone through it. Bogatyr was pretty easy to track, moving with purpose, but slowly. She did have to jog to catch them, though, since they had a decent head start.

She arrived just in time to hear Bogatyr's comments about hunting the stag. Personally, she thought the idea ludicrous, but wouldn't miss the chance to see him and Luna try. If this creature was more spiritual than mortal, fate would not be on their side. They were already pressing their luck, having walked out into the blackness that had killed so many others.

"If you're hunting, m'lord, perhaps I can join in." She chimed, stepping outside of the reach of a potential snap of the jaws. She narrowed her eyes at the other female, remembering her tricks from before. She was not a wolfess that Shelyn would seek out willingly, as she considered her to be a less than honest wolf, and flippant to boot.

"You're quite the fishmonger, stranger." She said to Luna, a sneer in her tone. "Can you handle larger game?"

Wolves Addressed: Jo, Bogatyr, Luna

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Champei was bouncing around waiting to go when another female started to sing. Bounding over she said to her, "That was a nice song! You have a pretty voice!" Champei wagged her tail before running off her complement given. Going back to Lennox's side she wondered what wolves were supposed to go with them. "Luna! Amanda! Alison! You're coming with us aren't you? We're off to find the stag! The stage to kill the darkness!" she sang.

Bounding off, the russet brown female followed one of the trails through the darkness. As she went she was humming the tune she'd made up for the spirit wolf's prophesy. She started to wonder how a stag could stop it though. What could a stag do anyway? Maybe his antlers were special? Champei wanted special darkness killing antlers.

Trotting along a spring in her step she paused briefly to look back at the other wolves. "How long do you think before we find this stag? What do we do once we find it?"

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91 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:49 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend
The pup opened it's eyes and looked around once the sudden chaos are witchcraft or whatever had been happening stopped, this was nothing like anything he had experience in his old home, why, these wolves were magic in his eyes! What would they do with him!
He popped his head from behind his father's leg and looked up, "Whot's gonna happen to us?" He asked looking quite shaken up, where was everyone going and why would anyone need his help? Spirits paired wolves here together? Maybe this one wanted Chewbo to find his father's pack?

Addressed: Jo
Note: Lame catch up post.

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92 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:04 pm



Boga scrunched up his face in confusion at Luna's response. She seemed to be the only one willing to tag along with him, which he found to be strange. Usually, others would rather have him away from them, and if he wanted to alone, they would gladly allow him his solitude. Luna, on the other hand, he couldn't shake off no matter what he did. Hmph, perhaps he wasn't that bad with other wolves as he had thought he was. But Luna was only one of many wolves that actually sought his company. Well, there was no use complaining about it now, and she agreed to help him take down this prey to eat. Might as well take her offer of assistance while he still had her cooperating. He grinned as he responded to her, sincerely pleased with her reply, "Well then, lets get going." He quickened his pace, but then something came behind him and he whipped around, growling. If it was one of those wretches males again, he was going to rip-

Ah, it was that female from before. He didn't quite catch her name, if she had said it, but he remembered that she was rather... calming to talk with. He shook his brain to find the right word. The way she spoke just seemed very calculating and precise, careful to not bring on an offense toward whoever she was talking with. Boga rolled her eyes at her. The one thing he didn't need was another smart mouthed wolf.

Then she spoke and he sneered at her. Her lord? Bah, he was anything but lord-like. Was she trying to mock him, or was she really just stupider than he thought she was? Then he rethought what she said. Did she just say that she was going to help them hunt? Now that was two wolves of many others. His social skills somehow spiked from nothing to something when he came to... wherever he was right now. The wolves must be really stupid here.

He eyed her suspiciously, but the words still came from his mouth in a satisfied way, "Fine, do what you want, skuchat," he lowered his voice, "But do not call me your lord. You out of all these stupid wolves should know that I am anything but a lord," he turned around and began walking again to find the stag, "Just call me Bogatyr," he stopped and paused before turning to face her again, hissing, "But NOT Boga." He resumed his walking and hoped he settled everything to make this hunting trip as painless as possible. He had completely forgotten the fact that he thought this was all a dream, but his hunger drove him away from his previous goal of getting back to Russia once again.

Wolves Addressed: Luna and Shelyn
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93 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:28 am


"Well then, lets get going."

A sneaky smile crept upon Luna's face as she she paced herself beside Bogatyr. Luna wasn't exactly sure what she was doing but the more males that decided to stick around the better for her, plus it would give her a chance to stay away from the females every now and then. Continuing on she stopped hearing a recognizable voice behind her and Bogatyr.

"You're quite the fishmonger, stranger."
"Can you handle larger game?"

Only turning her head slightly to the wolf she smirked. "Yes and at least we know which one of us will give up more easily than the other. Let's just hope it doesn't happen again." The words flowed out of Luna's mouth almost to perfectly, but she wasn't about to let Sheyln get in her way. Walking on beside Bogatyr she thought that if he deiced to take companionship with her that it wouldn't be so bad, everyone could do with a friend of too. But there was no way she would ever take him or any other male as her mate, Luna didn't like the thought of being subjugated to be with one male for the rest of her life. The thought just made her cringe. She liked just flirting around and making friends with all the males, not that she was surprised though she never got along too well females. Bringing her thoughts back to the hunt she wondered how long it would be until Sheyln got bored and left. If Luna wanted Bogatyr to stay it would be hard convincing him, and she wasn't to sure yet how he took to her flirting. Sheyln being around would just make things harder on her part but she would make it work if need be.

Wolf mentioned: Bogatyr and Sheyln
Wolf Addressed: Bogatyr and Sheyln


"When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone. - Home alone"
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94 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:57 am


Shelyn was careful to avoid eye contact with the male. Wolves of his kind never took kindly to direct gazes, seeing it as a threat. She knew that to threaten was as dangerous as to quail in their presence. To remain level was imperative to keeping them level as well.

"I find it better to be over-courteous than to show disrespect." She said dryly. "I will choose my words more carefully from now on, Bogatyr. I mean you no offense." She seemed intent on that, and completely ignored the other female's comments. A jab here and there was fine, and she would let her comments die on the air before she would bicker with her. It was such an ugly thing females did, fight with words. Let Shelyn use her teeth over her tongue any day. She wanted others to see the hurt she could inflict an offender, and pride bore no visible scars, yes?

"And you can call me Shelyn." She added, giving the male a serious look. "But not skuchat." She matched his tone and word choice to make it quite clear. It made sense - if he was not her lord, then he was at least her equal, and would be asked to be treated as such. She didn't know the meaning of the word, but she didn't like the intonation.

She seemed to test the air for scent, wondering what it was exactly she had gotten herself into. She couldn't help but doubt they would catch this beast they hunted, and was unsure if he even existed in a form a wolf could kill. There was a place for hunting nearby, full of game. Perhaps they could try their luck their. Shelyn was reluctant to take the lead on a hunt with Bogatyr and Luna, preferring to ride the tides of his anger and steer clear of the other female's perceived treachery.

So, she merely began to attempt to track, searching for a game trail while watching the treeline for the return of the darkness. She had found out it hadn't killed these wolves, but the long-term effects of its poisons were still unknown to her. She did not intend to personally find out either. She was now a few lengths ahead of Luna and Bogatyr, tracking with the majority of her attentions, but still with an ear to their conversation. She would not be caught off guard or mocked by either of these wolves.

Wolves Addressed: Bogatyr
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95 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:20 am



"Whot's gonna happen to us?"

Rebekka turned her head to the chubby pup and smiled. She lowered herself to his level and gave him a comforting nuzzle. It was slightly hesitant as Rebby didn't know if the pup wanted to be comforted by another female who wasn't his mother, much less his fathers mate, but she decided to try it anyway; she hated seeing such a small pup so scared.

“We're going to be okay, sweetheart.” Rebby said gently as she looked the pup in the eyes with a little smile, “Jo..uh, your Dad and I will be here to take care of you, while the others go searching for the Stag.”

Rebekka found it strange to call Jo a father. Eventually she would want pups, but she was sort of holding it off with Jo as her mate. He certainly liked the activity of creating pups, but she wasn't sure what she would be like with them. She doubted that he would be as comforting and caring as she'd like, but seeing him interact with Chewbo made her smile slightly. He wasn't as bad as she thought he was going to be with the pup...still, not exactly a role model, but Rebby wasn't expecting a miracle.

She gave Chewbo a motherly smile, “Just stay with us and you'll be fine. We've got a strong pack that can take care of you, and when you grow up, you'll be strong too.”

She tilted her head up at Bogatyr, Luna and Shelyn as she watched them converse, “I really hope that they don't kill each other before finding the stag.” Rebby muttered to Jo as she looked slightly worried, “Do you think it was a good idea to let them wander off...alone...with all these shadows around?” Rebby questioned with worry tainting her voice.

She had developed a sort of respect for Shelyn since asking her to join the pack, though she had no doubt that this wolf could hold her own against another wolf. What worried her was Luna's knack for annoying Boga, and Bogatyrs knack for fighting with other people.

Rebby gave a sigh and watched them go, “Hopefully they'll find the stag.” Rebekka sat down with a tired look on her face. She was exhausted from the days events and so actually sitting down felt nice. She leaned slightly against Jo's legs and looked up at him, “So what are we going to do now, Jo?” She questioned innocently. Though as soon as the words left her mouth she realised that Jo would twist her words into something else.

Wolves Addressed: Chewbo, Jo
Wolves Mentioned: Boga, Luna, Shelyn

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96 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:52 pm


Ailis eyed the female alpha as she lowered her head. Interesting, she thought, this one is quite easy to offend. I suppose I should make it a priority to not get on her bad side. She is, after all, higher in power. In response, she frowned a bit and then lowered her head awkwardly as a form of apology.

"I'm sorry, I did not think my words would offend. After all, I only seek to go back home to my family as soon as the darkness leaves. Surely, you understand?" Her tone held a bit of sadness to it, a sprinkle of apology.

However, she crinkled her nose at how the alpha perceived her offered aid. "I beg your pardon, but I would serve as any type of servant, with a few exceptions. For example, no, I'm not like that." Ailis rolled her eyes, but smiled lightly at him. Quite the amusing one, isn't he? "But I thank you for giving me this chance. Perhaps I can offer aid as to where the most likely places elk may be?"

She twitched her nose and swished her tail, a sort of wolf-like shrug to say "What-do-you-expect-me-to-do". "I can't work miracles, but I do have, as one would call it, an uncanny ability to detect weather. I can say that an elk would be in the direction of clear skies." Well, whose to say she's totally useless? Not in bringing the elk down, no, but more of a sort of different guide.


She sighed, but resisted the urge to sit down. The copper wolf still had to find her place among the three splitting groups. "Where am I to go? I am no use physically, for the toil of exploration has weakened me. If you allow it, may I stay with you? I can act as a sort of detector, in a sense." Again, she "shrugged". "Maybe not the best of help, but I suppose I can give warning to most danger, such as weather or any incoming creatures. After all, stealth is my strong suit."

Ai smiled broadly at that last statement. Perhaps a bit too pridefully. Ah well, doesn't do much harm to be a bit proud of one's abilities. "I await your answer. I would suspect it would take a long time to consider, as a stranger wolf offering help would be a bit suspicious and would need to be thought on." The wolf nodded to the both of them, then lumbered over to one of the large stones to lie in the shade. If one were to describe her movements, it would be something akin to comical, for she stumbled over a rock before reaching her destination and just lied there, too tired for anything else.

Pffft. There goes my image of a fierce warrior, she thought.

Wolves Addressed: Jo, Rebekka
Wolves Mentioned: Jo, Rebekka, the groups

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97 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:22 pm

"If it would please my lady I will go. My mind and strength are at my alphess' disposal."

The male rolled his eyes at this wolf. Who did she think she was? The Queen?! Well, who cared if she only listened to Rebby. Jo could always tell Rebby to tell her something. So be it. If the female wanted to be childish. Let her. "Do whatever you want."

"Whot's gonna happen to us?

Jo groaned as the pup started to cry again. Wasn't there like a mute switch or something to shut the kid up? He wondered if the pup would ever grow out of his whiny stage. He was clearly more like his mother from what Jo could see, though maybe he might surprise him once the whole situation was dealt with. Though, if the pup continued to cry like this, he wasn't going to live to see his first birthday!

We're going to be okay, sweetheart.” “Jo..uh, your Dad and I will be here to take care of you, while the others go searching for the Stag.”

“Yeah, what Pidge said” He grinned weakly as he looked down at the kid and ruffled his head. Hopefully, showing this tiny bit of affection would cool the kid down and stop him from crying. Jo felt pretty lucky have Rebby around. He knew that she would be a pretty good mother towards the pup. Maybe with this pup being in the pack, his mate wouldn't want one of her own. She could just have this one. Though, Little Old Jo knew that she'd want ones of her own. She was destined to have kids. She was that type of wolf. Someone who wanted to settle down and have a family. The complete opposite of himself.

“Do you think it was a good idea to let them wander off...alone...with all these shadows around?”

“Sure. If they get killed there's less mouths to feed” He smirked as he watched Luna and a few others race off. He didn't want any of his pack to die to the dark shadow, but they needed to find this elk. They had no choice. It made Jo mad. Why didn't the spirit tell them where the elk was? The land was now both dangerous and long. It could take hours before they find the elk.

 “So what are we going to do now, Jo?”

“Chill while things are peaceful” He sighed as he flopped onto his stomach. Jo was exhausted with being the alpha. It was driving him to the ground. It was worse now that he had a pup to look after. He knew that, that was going to be a lot of work. The thing would also now take up the bed that Rebby and Jo often shared. So the day was just turning glorious. “Or we would do something else if we covered the kid's eyes?” He suggested as he raised his eyebrows, hoping that the female would take his bait.

(What Ali says)

Jo cocked his head up at this female. She sure liked to talk a lot and Jo's attention normally turned off pretty quickly, but he listened for once. With this big dark shadow looming over them, he was slightly hoping that someone would have information on it. However, none ever did. “We'll accept all the help we can get. Whether they are part of our pack or not. So, follow the others and find this elk for us, would you babe?” He asked with a glint of flirtation. Hopefully, she'd leave the pair alone so they could get so rest. Though, things were never smooth in the pack, so Jo knew that their time was short.

WOLVES ADDRESSED: Rebby, Chew, shelyn and Ailis
Word count: 622


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98 Re: Stonehenge on Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:01 am



“What the heck was that? You sick or something, babe?”

Asha was ready to snarl, but she thought better of it. These wolves had let her stay in the protection of the circle, after all. "It is a song my people sing. To honour the dead. Since I seem to be the only one who will," she spat. Despite her gratitude, she was disgusted by the leader's attitude.

“Sure, fine, go find it.”

Asha shot him a disgusted glare. Where she came from, she was a princess. And he dared to speak to her like this. Even if she was the heir to a destroyed land, she still wanted some respect to be shown to her.

She was about to turn away and follow the others, when she heard another comment from this "leader".

“Sure. If they get killed there's less mouths to feed”

Asha's anger turned to fury. She had never met a wolf like this. The only other callous, cruel wolf she had ever encountered, who never cared about his pack, was her father. And every wolf she knew wanted him dead. She couldn't understand how a leader could be so callous.

"Who are you?! I thought you were a leader, but the way to talk about these wolves, I'd think not! You put the lives of your pack below that of some elk? What is wrong with you? It's no wonder your pack members fight around you, you have no control! You disgust me."

She turned to stomp away from them, turning only to shoot the female leader a look, that may have been pity, before storming away from the other wolves. He wanted them to find the elk? Fine. She was hungry anyway.

To the hunting grounds

WOLVES MENTIONED: Rebbekah, Bogatyr, Luna

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99 Re: Stonehenge on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:55 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend
The pup's head darted around slowly as everything around him seemed to be happening, he blinked a bit when he felt an odd coldness against his fur and turned his head to see what it was, backing away slightly as he saw who the nuzzler was, Rebbekka. He pawed at the nuzzles a bit, lifting his nose away from them, it was an odd feeling, this wasn't mother, he didn't want to be comforted by her, and yet, her voice still was.
We're going to be okay, sweetheart. Jo..uh, your Dad and I will be here to take care of you, while the others go searching for the Stag.
His nose was scrunched up a bit, as he mostly looked like a mix between annoyed, and confused, who was she? What was this Stag? How could she take care of him, she didn't even know him, no one would like Gene had.
Just stay with us and you'll be fine. We've got a strong pack that can take care of you, and when you grow up, you'll be strong too.
The motherly smile that was on her face made his racing heart calm down a bit, though it was awkward, it seemed sincere. The shaking in his stubby paws stopped as he looked up at her, finding it hard to make his tongue speak a word to her with all the mixed feelings he had, "Oi am strong!" he claimed, nosing a rock over. Superwolf.
Yeah, what Pidge said.
The pair of sea blue eyes rolled around a bit in his head as a paw was set on his head and began ruffling his brains out. He shook it, only making the ruffled fur poof a bit and fall over his eyes, "Pidge?" Who was Pidge? Was that his step mother's name? He scrunched his nose a bit in his confusion and looked at Rebekka once more, well she didn't look like a Pidge. His gaze went back to his father who he blinked at, it was odd that his mate of all wolves seemed to be the one taking him in more easily than his own dad... had he come all this way just to be shrugged off by him?

Addressed: Rebekka, Jo

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100 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:18 am

It is a song my people sing. To honour the dead. Since I seem to be the only one who will,"

Jo snapped his head towards the female. Anger was not something that was common in Jo, but insulting him was not going to get you into his good books. With a single stride he made his way over to her and shoved his face in hers. “Who are you exactly? Jet's sister? Cousin? Grandmother? I honour Jet's death in my own way. Just because it's not some fancy riddle, doesn't mean I don't care.” Jo snarled, his whites of his teeth on full show. This girl had no clue how Jo felt. Yes, death did not affect Jo the way it would hurt others. Jo always believed in moving on and moving forwards. The dead was dead, but that did not mean that they were forgotten. No, Jo would not forget about Jet.

Jo could happily leave someone and not even remember their name or face, but when it came to death, he remembered. Even if it was for a little while and his fur grew old and he forgot a little, he would remember them. Hopefully. Though he would not cry or sulk, or would he mourn their name. He would look the other way and carry on. Not a lot got to the wolf, not even death. However, Jo had not yet witnessed the death of someone close. He was still absent of that one life lesson.

"Oi am strong!"

The alpha watched as his son slowly rolled a rock over and exclaim his strength. Jo had to give it to the boy, he had guts. He let out a small chuckle and smirked at the little kid. “Ahh, that would be the Jo bloodline” He smiled as he playfully knocked the kid over with his big paw. He gave the kid a little wink and smirked. Maybe the kid wouldn't be so bad.

"Who are you?! I thought you were a leader, but the way to talk about these wolves, I'd think not! You put the lives of your pack below that of some elk? What is wrong with you? It's no wonder your pack members fight around you, you have no control! You disgust me." 

Jo was having enough of this girl. He was ready to throw her out, but he knew that Rebby would not let him. She cared too much. “What you rather me do? Let them all wait here and starve to death?” He growled quietly. He looked down at the pup infront of him. He gently snatched the pup into his jaws and shone him into the female's face. “Do you want him to die? Huh?! You want an innocent pup to starve to death! I don't think so!” He snarled with the pup between his teeth. He quickly settled the pup down and gave him a little ruffle, hoping that he did not scare the wee thing. “That elk is more important than our lives right now. Without it, we don't even have a chance at living. I run this pack my way!” He spat with a cold, glaring eyes. “Either you show some respect or you can leave my pack.” He muttered darkly as he snapped at her face, missing her muzzle by a breath.

Word count: 556

(Chewy, if you don't want Jo to pick up Chew, I'll edit it. :3 )


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