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51 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:25 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend
“Amanda, make sure that pup doesn't go anywhere.”

Amanda flicked her ears and nodded at Jo's order. She made her way so she sat next to the pup then looked down at him and smiled gently again. Yet again, she thought about how unlucky the pup was to lose his mother. Wanting to somehow try to comfort the pup she put a paw around him and drew him close to her the way she used to do when one of her nieces or nephew had a nightmare; her comforting auntie role kicking in.


Amanda stared in shock as Bogatyr had another outburst of rage. He had even went as far as to lash out at Rebekka! Did he not see they were trying to help him of sorts? He would surely die if he stepped out of the stone circle! She watched frozen in shock, her paw still around the young pup.


The shock then wore off and she fixed him with a glare, he would frighten Chewbo at this rate. He honestly thought he could take all of them? Sure he was big and had a really bad temper but there were what, about seven of them. Surely he couldn't take on seven wolves at once. "What worthy gain could you gain from doing that?" she asked calmly. "And threatening us won't do you any good you know. We're only trying to help," Amanda did not mean to anger him in anyway by her words but she seemed angered by anything so she prepared for another outburst.

She then noticed that another wolf had ran into the circle. A she-wolf by the look of it. Her eyes then rested on the she-wolf's leg and her she gasped out in worry,"Are you okay?" She also then noticed that the wolf from before, Shelyn was it? Had joined them. She still thought that this wolf was rather cocky after the incident by the lake and she flicked her tail.

Wolves Addressed: Bogatyr, Asha, and sort of Chewbo.
Wolves Mentioned: Everyone there of sorts.

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52 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:43 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend
“W-what? No! W-we don't have a pup. T-that pup isn't mine."
The pup's small blue eyes looked up at the female with curiosity, a strange sense of sudden fear running from his paws to his back.
"You see, Fate? This is what you put me through."
He lowered his head a bit and nuzzled it in his paws, maybe he shouldn't have come here, he was a burden.
"Despite us being mates, we do not do that. I swear we don't."
Mates...? Oh... no wonder she sounded so angry with him being here. The pup felt his heart sink a bit, his father wasn't there because he was here with her, this sparked a small bit of sadness... and anger, though his eyes continued staring into his soft paws.
“I'm sorry, sweetheart. You can stay here with us."
Sorry...? Well, she'd better be, why... it was her fault! He could have been protecting her and Chewbo, but he was over here flirting with this female! The silent rage was slowly beginning to build within the pup, but he stayed silent, though he eyes seemed to be going from lost, to enraged by something.
"We'll look after you."
His paws stopped shaking for a moment to look at this new female, then back to his... step mom. It looked like the pup had mixed feelings, was he mad that this pack was the cause of his mother's death in his mind, or was he happy that they were taking him in?
“Gene and I only met once, but it looks like our actions came to this. And now we're paying for it.”
The pup's gaze went back up to his father, a sense of hurt surrounding his heart as he spoke, he was a mistake, and a big one at that, now this pack he didn't even know was having to suffer with taking care of him when they clearly had their own problems.
“Yeah, sure, you can stay, kid.”
The fur a top the little male's head fluffed goofily as the big paw ruffled it, though his gaze stayed down even as Amanda sat by him, for a moment it felt like everyone around despised the little wolf though that clearly wasn't the case, he felt highly unwanted.
"T... thank yo'..." Is all he spoke before laying his head on his paws and closing his eyes, trying to shut out the chaos around him.

Addressed: Pack

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53 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:19 pm


Pack Friend
Pack Friend

"You're welcome Steve! I couldn't very well leave you out there with that horrible black thing coming. That would have made me an ant killer."
"What is love?"

Lennox looked to Champei. His expression blank to her question. He blinked and tried to gather an answer. But he did not know of any. He was happy that the female had taken to his previous comment about Steve. He smiled a little, but it was an awkward smile

"Uh... I think you only kno...." Lennox was cut off by a growl and he flipped around to see that Bogatyr, the great brute had pinned down Rebekka, and had a leg in his mouth crushing it with ease. Lennox growled.

He stood and sized the male up. It seemed one was trying to calm him. Others were just staring. Lennox watched the male taking in his strengths and weaknesses. He saw his opportunity. To take the male down in a quick blow that would throw him off balance.

Lennox broke into a run at the brute. Moreso at the hindquarter, Upon getting close the silvery male rolled to his side, sliding across the ground through the dirt, knocking Bogatyr's hind legs out from under him, Lennox grabbed the first leg he hit in his jaws as he slid threw, upon making the male lose his balance, he stood up leg still in his mouth, and thus resulting in flipping the great brute over with relative ease. Using the force from his well gaited run and a firm grip.

He stared down at the male. "What sort of a male attacks a female. " he spat. Lennox's tail curled up over his back dominantly. Even though the silvery one despised the femme kind he wouldn't want any harm unto them.

Addressed: Champei, Bogatyr, Rebekka, Others.
Mentioned: All

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54 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:38 am


Sitting down Luna watched as one more wolves came into the area. "Great more females" she quietly huffed to herself. From past experience Luna just always got along with with males much better than she got along with females.

Looking back to the pup she stood over and walked next to him, nudging him with her paw she looked to him. "Everything alright there fella?" She asked confused. He had just been accepted into the pack and now it seemed as if he was trying to sleep hoping to wake up and everything would disappear. Luna had never been around a pup before and she wasn't totally fond of the thought of one, but she felt somewhat bad for the little guy. He had no family and he was sure Jo was his father but Jo was sure he wasn't.

Next thing she knows she starts hearing Lennox yell at Bogatyr for attacking Rebekka. Luna was totally blanked that she hadn't even noticed the little fight brewing. Trotting over to Lennox and Bogatyr she quickly used all her might and pushed Lennox off Bogatyr. "Enough!" She snapped at both of them. "One, Lennox the more you push him the worse he gets. Two you need to calm down and just shut up for awhile." She hissed looking from Lennox to Bogatyr. Bogatyr must have some anger management because when Luna first met him he was calm and nice.

Wolf Addressed: Chewbo,Lennox and Bogatyr
Wolf Mentioned: Kinda All


"When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone. - Home alone"
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55 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:22 am

Alison walked her paws shaking, she was tired, thirsty, hungry, alone, wet and smelly. All the negative stuff! Growling slightly the female wandered through forest.

"Auntiee...where are you?" she spoke to herself looking up. The sky behind was strangely and kinda creepily black. Alison gulped and moved on quicker than before.
She has to find her auntie, pronto...

Speeding up from extended trot into run Alison noticed some, rocks?, in the distance and silhouettes hiding in the circle the rocks appeared to make. Alison wasn't sure she was too far to be sure. Speeding up even more she begun to gasp for air. Running quickly for short distances was her thing, but after so much time of no proper food or water. Nope.
"I...h...ope....they won...t mi...nd...m...e..." Alison spoke out loud, she often spoke to herself after she left the pack and was alone for few weeks, she hoped the wolves will be friendly and won't refuse her joining.

Thoughts were rushing through the female's head as she made her way to others. As she approached she begun to slow down, no powers left. Almost dropping she skid to halt by others. Looking at the wolves Alison's amber eyes glowed with last powers but also curiousity.

"I...I highly apologize," she gasped for air. "B-B-But could I stay with you for a bit? I...I'm really tired and I...I'm not sure that..." the young female looked back facing the dark cloud that chased after her then back to wolves. She didn't know if they were friendly, all she could do was hope. Hope she wasn't misstaken in trusting them.

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56 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:57 am


    Why had she bothered? The more that Circe found herself in the middle of the mess that this pack was in, the less she thought that all her time studying it had been worth it. It seemed as though there was a discrepancy in the parentage of the pup called Bogartus, or something like that. Frowning deeply at the pups that scurried about, Circe took a step from the shadows to show herself to the pack.

    But, there was a male that called out to her. He winked. Blood boiled, burning the female's ears hot as iron. Flirting?! she thought vehemently. This wolf with the pup who declared he was the father had a lot of nerve. Yet, seeing this flirty attitude from him, Circe was not surprised that there were paternal issues. He probably loves them and leaves them in the night she thought, not bothering to give the male the benefit of a second glance. It was, however, impossible to ignore the fear that was still coming off of these wolves.

    They had been running from something, and apparently this was the only place that was safe from that thing. Or, rather, the "Horrible Black Thing" as the russet female had called it. "Anyone care to explain what's going on?" Circe questioned. At this rate, it seemed that there was no use in trying to become a member of the pack, what with the rate that it seemed to be falling apart.

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57 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:39 am

The Shadow

The shadow was approaching. It's dark tentacles slithered up the rocks that were protecting the pack. The darkness tried to reach over the rocks, but it's magic repelled it. It let out a terrible screech and backed away from the rock edges. Instead, circling the pack like a hunger shark. There was no where for them to go. They were trapped.


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58 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:20 am


Jo let out a growl of his own. “You just try mate. You attack, I attack” He wasn't a vicious wolf nor did he like to fight, but he was willing to give his life to Rebby. His duty was to protect her at all costs, even if it meant that his life would be cut at it's expense. He let out a long breath as he composed himself. If he attacked, then he knew that the big male would also attack. Jo was not stupid and knew that he would lose to the brute. If he died, then the Delean-De would possibly fall. “Look, you go out there and you die. You stay here you live. How is that so hard?” Jo asked the wolf with a cock of head.

. "What sort of a male attacks a female. "

Jo was a little surprised to hear the male stand up for a female. Lenny wasn't one for the females, or rather, hadn't met the right one. That's the way Jo liked to think about it. However, he had noticed that the male was becoming soft towards little, innocent Champei. Maybe something was blooming between the two. Hopefully, when or if the shadow vanished from their lands, the two could finally get to chat. Who knew, Delean-De could soon be having puppies of their own.

"When you grab a warrior by the tail, Miss Rebekka, you can expect to be bit."

Jo let out a groan as he saw his 'favourite' female enter the circle. Jo was slightly hoping that the black shadow would have captured her. He turned his gold eyes at her and smirked. “Was hoping that you had met your maker, Shelyn” He chuckled with wickedness in his eyes.

"I am Shelyn of the Lyngve, a warrior tribe. The wolves that feebly try to bind you do so foolishly, and I hope that you will forgive their impudence, for they know not what they do and how gravely they trespass."

Jo bit back a comment. He wanted to really hurt the female, but held himself back. He understood what the female was doing. Despite that he didn't like it as it came with insults, Jo let her continue. Sweet talking the male may calm him down, but who knew with the this wolf. He just seemed to be angry at everything.

"I...I highly apologize," "B-B-But could I stay with you for a bit? I...I'm really tired and I...I'm not sure that..."

Another wolf. What in the world was going on today? So many new faces had arrived and it wasn't even 8 in the morning. And now with the shadow threatening their land, it was turning out to be a rather shitty day. With a tired sigh, Jo turned with a smile. “ Of course you can, babe. “ He commented, but it lacked the usually spark. Jo was tired. “Just stay inside the circle.”

However, fate did not like Jo. The shadow was creeping closer. He watched nervously as it climbed on the rocks, but thankfully, it recoiled as it reached the top. His theory was right. The circle had protected them. "Yes!" He exclaimed. He sudden outburst was very out of character for him, but he was tired and stress and this took a lot off his shoulders.

WOLVES ADDRESSED: Boga, Shelyn, Alison and Rebekka
NOTES: Jo is tired. Bless.


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59 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:47 am



Help? He didn't need help. He just wanted them to all go away. If he cannot make them go away, then he'll do the pleasure of leaving them. But this stupid female had stopped him, and she had to bite him. He almost looked remorseful when he realized that he had attacked her, but was he to blame?

The brute was about to let the wolves go. They were just driving him nuts, he shouldn't have to worry about them anymore. He was about to leave once more, but something took him by his foot. The sky fell to the ground and the ground flew to the sky as he turned upside down and onto his back, sliding as something dragged him along. The impact his back made renewed his anger and it flashed as he snarled once more, kicking at the face of who ever had done this to him. He heard a voice and immediately scoffed. What difference does it make, female or male? If he or she attacked you, you attack back. There was no such rule in any place, only the stupid minds of these stupid wolves.

"Bah! You dishonor the females of your kind!" he retorted, and a memory of his past swept into his mind, the laughing voice of a female, "You say it as if they are incapable to take on a foe, while you know in your heart that is not true." He rolled from his back onto his paws, chuckling as if this was just a game, "Anyway, you chose to die. So be it." The brown brute leaped at the white wolf, rage and anger in his roar as he attacked. Then that female, Luna, had to get in the way. Boga was startled, for his target had not been her. The surprise had hindered his attack and left him clumsily tumbling into her. Well, grace had never been something Boga was good at.

He jumped away from the female, growling at her, "Why must you get in the way?" He was about to move past her to land a bite on that stupid male's neck, or ears, or eyes, when the voice of another female had taken his attention. Augh, what is with all these females? They just all had to have an input on everything. He turned to her, Shelyn was her name, then growled softly, thinking about what she said. He spat, "As if I wanted to be this damn strong," he almost whined, but his rage kept his voice brutal and harsh, "Everyone just hates monsters like me. I mean look at the lot of you, you all just want to rid of me already," his eyes narrowed at the female who bit his tail, "And yet YOU wouldn't let me go." Stupid, everyone here was stupid.

He turned his eyes away from the wolves, disgusted by them, and looked outside of the circle. There was a deep darkness that was surrounding it. Was it there before? He growled, was this what the wolves were scared of? Pity, it wasn't even something he could fight and get rid of. It was just black air, big deal. He had seem black air from smoke in villages back in Russia, and it didn't harm a single thing.

He closed his eyes, thinking about the snowy hills, the tall pine filled trees, and the wind that would brush against his fur. He was terribly homesick, and these wolves were just making him want to get out of here even more. His eyes opened once again, and he huffed. He was going home. So he ignored the fear in the wolves' hearts and stepped out of the stones. The shadows engulfed his entire body, but he did not stop. He kept on walking forward, and he dared not to look back at the wretched pack that he was leaving behind.

Wolves Addressed: Lennox, Luna, Rebekka, and Shelyn
Wolves Mentioned: Jo, the rest of pack

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60 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:07 am



"Are you okay?"

Asha's head snapped towards the female. She looked at this wolf curiously. Why wouldn't she be okay? Then she saw that she was looking at her scarred leg. With an irritated hiss, she moved it back slightly. She hated others staring at her leg. Not only did it make her feel uncomfortable, but it made her feel weak.

"It's fine," she said through gritted teeth. She bowed her head, ashamed of her leg, and her stupidity.

She turned her head at the sound of an unearthly shriek. The shadows she had been running from were repelled as they attempted to creep over the tops of the stones that made up the circle. Although they were trapped now, she felt a little more relieved knowing that whatever it was wouldn't be able to get at them.

She watched as the angry male lunged for another, white male, and a female got in the way. She knew well when to stay out a fight between to other wolves. She didn't know if that made her wise or cowardly, but even if it was cowardice, Asha would sing herself a different tale.

She watched, feeling a mixture of disgust and horror, as the wolf who had tried to attack the other male made his way out of the stone circle, and into the shadows. She snorted. "Such a fool," she thought, and turned away with a flick of her tail.

"What in the name of all my ancestors is going on here? How the heck is that, that, thing stopped by a load of old stones?" She was scared, annoyed, and tired, and just wanted some answers.

Wolves Addressed: Amanda, all gathered
Wolves Mentioned: Bogatyr, Lennox, Luna, Amanda

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61 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:04 am


The male whom she'd addressed before walked out into the shadows, and she stiffened. He would die out there, would he not? It didn't seem proper to enrage a brute and allow him to go to his death like that. The reality of her situation began to set in. These wolves would find a way to kill her, if they had their way.

It didn't help that the Alpha wished her dead. To be honest, it made her feel a bit sore. Usually the only wolves who cursed her like that were those she'd taken down in battle, and often they themselves were dead moments later from their injuries. Had she really wronged the brute to the point he would wish her dead?

"Does m'lord wish me dead, then?" She asked with a sharp stare at the wolf. "If so, then perhaps fate has chosen to favor me this day, for here I stand, alive and well. I warned you to not tamper with fate. And lo and behold, dark forces now conspire against you." She believed it, too. How could such a thing simply appear, and how could it do so shortly after she warned the wolf to not tempt fate?

"Well, if the Lord wants me dead, then he shall have to bloody his muzzle, instead of wish idly. However, I remind those gathered that it was Miss Rebekka who brought me here, the most high lady of these lands, who faced me in honest combat and would have proven her mettle had mortal wolves not interfered in matters of fate." She said coldly. As she spoke, she moved toward Rebekka and seemed to check her for injuries. She slipped behind her, putting the female between herself and Rebekka's mate, and spoke softly to the alphess, so that the others would not hear.

"You're too bright to know how to deal with stupid wolves such as the foreigner." She said, a sort of comforting to her voice. "You did your best, and in time you will learn to push the weaker minded of them with your words rather than your strength. Remember that he threatened and bellowed, but acted as a frightened beast, rather than an agressor. He was, perhaps, afraid, and stupid wolves have fewer options than cunning wolves when it comes to being afraid." The others would see she was speaking to Rebekka, but none would hear what it was she said, for she whispered it closely to the female's ears.

"All wolves who are cornered attack. Stupidity puts a sheer wall at the flank of a wolf, and fear another. He had no choice but to lash out in his mind, for he could see no other way. Always mind the walls that other wolves back against, for most will be unable to see them unless they look into the heart of the one who builds them. Do you understand what I mean, m'lady?"

She turned her eyes to Jo, and narrowed them. "If defending my honor has wronged you, wolf, then take your vengeance, but know that I will only hold my teeth and die willingly if the Lady orders it. Miss Rebekka, I lay myself to your mercy and offer you alone my service and respect. These are my terms, so take them or my life, Miss Rebekka, for I will offer no others."

It was an unusual thought. Could a wolf serve only one of the two alphas of a pack? She certainly seemed serious about not taking orders from the male, and sincere about being a sort of right hand to the alphess. It would certainly create an interesting dynamic within the pack if Rebekka accepted her offer.

Wolves Addressed: Rebekka, Little Old Jo
Wolves Mentioned: Bogatyr

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62 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:12 am


"Why must you get in the way?"

"I'm trying to help you!" She exclaimed looking to him. She watched him as he ranted on some more about being a monster. "Your only a monster if you choose to be." She said with a flat expression. Luna had been shocking herself lately first she felt bad for the pup and now she wanted to help Bogatyr. What was wrong with her???

Luna watched as Bogatyr pushed his way out of the circle and into the shadows. Even thought she hated helping others she knew what it was like to feel alone and an outcast. Having no fear of the shadow she huffed before trotting out of the stone circle herself. Stepping into the darkness she felt the shadow wrap around her body making her skin cold, looking forward she moved in closer to Bogatyr. "Why do you have to be so difficult?" She asked cutely raising an eyebrow to him. Luna knew now was not the time to be flirting but what the hell if the shadows were going to kill her then why not die being her flirty self.

Wolf Addressed: Bogatyr
Wolf Mentioned: Bogatyr and Chewbo


"When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone. - Home alone"
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63 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:09 am

“Of course you can, babe.“
Alison nodded in 'thank you' manner and jumped inside the rock circle to others. She managed to do so before the shadow creeped really close and the female yelped in fear.

Quickly looking around she checked who else was there. That was about when she froze seeing familiar face - Amanda. Her auntie! Alison blinked once, or twice shaking her head. But no, this was real she truly found the female she's been looking for.

Carefully moving closer, Alison looked around watching other wolves. She came into middle of, well obviously something big. Everyone seemed nervous about the shadows, which was understandable, and an black female with strange red marks followed some huge looking male that left the circle just as Alison arrived.

This sure was some strange lot, but they allowed her to stay, and didn't hurt her in any way. Making her way towards Auntie, Alison looked at everyone in the circle, she catched some conversations going around, but didn't really pay any attention to them. Her priority now was to greet her relative. After all she was reason Alison left her home.

Reaching the grey story teller, Alison took deep breath and looked up.

"Auntie...Amanda? Do you remember me?"

It may have sounded strange to ask, but it was some time Amanda left the pack and Alison did grow a little. Plus, she could've forgotten about her no matter what. Alison assumed it was safer to ask before yelling an hello.

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64 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:20 am



“We can do it that way if you want, Pidge?”

Rebby blushed bright red at the insinuation and then blushed even brighter when he gave her snout a lick. She simply stuttered and huffed to herself before frowning at him, “Go away Jo.” she mumbled. She didn't mean it at all. Though if she did, where would he go? The other side of the circle? Rebekka let out a snort at the though and shook her head, the heat still radiating from her face. Jo never failed to make her embarrassed. She could hold her own most of the time with him. Heck, even get a little cocky, but when it came to romance and sexy time, that's when Rebekka got flustered and turned back into a youngster.

Though, perhaps on impulse, Rebekka had done the first thing she could think of to stop Bogatyr from leaving the circle. She had bit down on his tail and had tried to stop him from leaving with all his might. As soon as her jaw clenched shut her eyes widened. She knew she had made a very big mistake and spat the tongue out quickly before standing up straight. Her ears pinned down to her head and her tail brushed against Jo when he stood beside her. She was glad he stood next to her in a protective manner otherwise Rebby was pretty sure that she would've fainted from the little panic attack she was holding inside. It went a little like this:

Crap. Crap. Crap. [insert swear word] What have I done? Oh jeez. Way to go Rebby. Who's the smart alpha? Oh yeah, certainly not you! [insert word that Chubba certainly shouldn't hear]

“Look, mate, my mate is right. You leave, you'll die. Wouldn't be no skin off my back, but it would cause my mate to stress and that isn't good.”

Cause her to stress if he left? He caused her to stress by staying there, Rebekka thought with a worried expression.

Suddenly Bogatyr whipped his head around and snarled at her, causing Rebekka to let out a scream of fear as she tried to scramble back. His dripping muzzle and growling form caused Rebekka's heart to stop as she stared terrified at the brute. Unmoving, “I...I...” His snarls had scraped against her and caused that area to feel warm. She suddenly felt a burning sensation as she let out a yelp at being hurt. She shakily took another step away from him in fear and whimpered to herself.

Some alpha, she thought to herself, but couldn't control herself. She felt that she was a terrible alpha. What use is there for me? All I do is fail at fights, and then cause new ones when I try to help. She sighed to herself and hesitantly licked her wound with a quiet whimper of pain and fear.

"YOU CANNOT ORDER ME, BOGATYR, TO DO ANYTHING." "It is up to you whether you wish to live or die right now."

Rebekka flinched at Boga's words and shrunk herself instinctively, “Die later. Yep. Die later would be nice” She mumbled, though was probably close enough for everyone to hear her, “I only bit your tail because you were going to get hurt...” She stated quietly as she looked up at him, “Someone dying isn't something I wanted to see.” She was truly trying to save him when she had bit his tail. She could feel the growl emit from her mate as she spoke her words.

"When you grab a warrior by the tail, Miss Rebekka, you can expect to be bit."

“How astute of you, Shelyn.” Rebekka mumbled quietly, hoping that only Jo would hear her. Though today wasn't her day and it wouldn't surprise her if that was added onto the list of mistakes today, “What other way would you get a warrior to listen to someone like me?” She asked as she lifted her head to Shelyn. There was no way that Boga would've stopped and listened to her otherwise.

The wolves that feebly try to bind you do so foolishly, and I hope that you will forgive their impudence, for they know not what they do and how gravely they trespass."

“Y-yes. Please, forgive me. I am sorry for commanding you...I simply didn't want a strong wolf like yourself to die in the would be such a shame.” Rebby hesitated through her speech. She was nervously trying to piece something together in a flattering manner. She felt that she lied fairly well, though Jo would be able to see her true feelings behind her words. Though she had meant her words, she was still scared of the wolf that had wounded her and she didn't exactly think kind things about him.

Suddenly a white mound flipped Boga onto the floor. Rebekka stared at Lennox as he pinned down the wolf easily, “ this is why he's the Beta of the pack.” she said to herself with a nod as she stood close to Jo. Everything about her felt tense. Couldn't today just be over. She had enough of this drama. First Shelyn, then the shadows, then Bogatyr. What more could effect them? She was already exhausted but tried to stay strong for the rest of her pack. Even the new members.

"Enough!""One, Lennox the more you push him the worse he gets. Two you need to calm down and just shut up for awhile."

Finally! Someone with sense. She looked over at Luna and gave her an appreciative smile, “Thank you.” She mimed to her as she nodded, “Luna is right. Everyone needs to calm down. Whether we like each other or not, we're stuck here until the shadows leave.” Rebekka instructed with a slight waver in her voice at her fear of the shadows.

She turned around and limped away from the situation. Though not before giving Jo a look, “Control them please.” She pleaded in a whisper as she showed how out of her depth she felt. She took a hesitant step forward and looked like she was going to give his snout a lick, but she decided against it and simply opted for a quick nuzzle. Though before she could step ahead, something interrupted her.

"Everyone just hates monsters like me. I mean look at the lot of you, you all just want to rid of me already,""And yet YOU wouldn't let me go."

Before Rebby could respond, Shelyn wedged herself between her and Jo. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Shelyn with weary eyes. This wolf made her nervous, but she could see something in her eyes that made her stay there. She listened to her speech and her eyes soften at the warrior in front of her. When Shelyn told her that she did her best, she smiles a little. She felt the warmth come to her cheeks from the compliment, but appreciated it.

“Remember that he threatened and bellowed, but acted as a frightened beast, rather than an agressor. He was, perhaps, afraid, and stupid wolves have fewer options than cunning wolves when it comes to being afraid. [insert speech] Do you understand what I mean, m'lady?"

Rebekka nodded gently at Shelyn. After that speech she wasn't as nervous anymore. This female was truly wise, and knew a lot more than Rebekka did. She lifted her head to Bogatyr and spoke clearly and with confidence, “I wouldn't let YOU go because everyone has as much right to live as I do. Regardless of if you're in the pack or not. I'm not heartless, and you are not some monster either.” Her posture was straight, but her legs were shaking. She hoped that they were being hidden by Shelyn and Jo's bodies. She smiled and turned back to Shelyn with a surprised look. She wasn't expecting Shelyn to put her life in her paws.

“ lay yourself to my mercy...?” she stared at her and then tears appeared in her eyes, “You respect me.” She blinked them away in embarrassment and shook her head, “I don't feel comfortable with having your life in my hands, Shelyn. I don't believe it should be my decision...but I am thankful for your words.” She smiled at her, “And if you want it, there is a place for you in this pack. I would like to keep you around.”

WOLVES ADDRESSED: Bog, Shely, Jo, Luna, everyone
NOTES: WOW MEGA POST! My bad, ehe. I get carried away and catch up

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Pack Friend
Pack Friend
"Everything alright there fella?"
The pup opened his eyes and looked up as the female asked the question.
"'Ah yes, oi'm okay." He said sitting up, not wanting to cause any more trouble than he already did just by being here, "Oi'm just tired." He spoke with a slight yawn in his dopey voice.
He looked around a bit, freezing as he noticed the dark shadow approaching, "D... daddy... w-what is tho'ot?" He said shuddering away, tiny heart racing in his chest. It had been rather difficult for him to even address his father after being denied so many times.
He darted under the grey male and watched as the darkness poured in on the rocks, jumping and almost hitting his head on the male's underbelly as it let out a terrible screech that pierced his ears. "Et's going to eat us!" He wailed, curling into a little tight brown ball, eyes popping out from behind his tail as he stared, watching the thing swirl around the rocks.
If there was one thing he was not, it was brave, the little thing was a coward, what was that beast? Why did it want his new pack? What had he actually been traveling to?

Addressed: Jo, then the pack.
Mentioned: The Shadow

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66 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:54 am

"Does m'lord wish me dead, then?"  (Insert rest)

Jo let out a sigh a the female's words. No, he did not wish her dead. Some of the time he did, but he didn't truly want to see the female's life be cut short. He wasn't heartless. “I didn't mean to insult you. Just some friendly talk from a tired alpha” He smirked, but again it did not hold the usual glint that it usually carried. “I do not want to harm you, Shelyn. I spoke without thinking” He said in all honesty in his voice. Again, Jo was not a fighter. He only fought when it needed to be done.

“Control them please.” 

Jo looked at his mate and could she that she at wit's end. So was he, but he would never admit that to anyone. Jo was supposed to be cool, calm, collected, but Jo was tired. He wanted nothing better than to sleep with his mate by his side and not getting up until the full man appeared again.

“Gentlemen, can we stop this fighting? The ladies are watching” He playfully battered with a smirk upon his face. He grabbed hold of Lenny and tore him away from the other brute. He pulled him back before they next to Champei. “Look after him will you, Robin?” He asked playfully, but meant every word of it. Maybe the male would listen to his future mate. (Or what Jo thought would be his future mate)

 "D... daddy... w-what is tho'ot?" "Et's going to eat us!"

Jo had almost forgotten about his son with all the chaos happening around the pack. He trotted over to the pup and stood over him, so the pup was underneath his belly. "Just stay here, kid. Little Old Jo is an Alpha for a reason” [/b]He smirked proudly at the pup with fake pride. He cared very little about the title that alpha possessed. He just thought that it would make the pup a little happier.

However, his position almost shifted as he saw Luna leave the circle and the black dancing around her paws. “Luna! Get back now” He snarled at her. Was she an idiot? Did she also want to die?

Wolves addressed: Luna, Lenny, Boga, Shelyn, Chewbo
word count: 369

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Boga refused to shudder when he entered the shadows, but the chill was seeping into his body, as if he was made of pores that absorbed such material. He stood stiffly against the urge to tremble, but it just made him want to quiver even more. Strange, the shadows didn't do anything. He scoffed and shouted behind him, "Hah, there's nothing to fear, duratski (idiots)." A voice came up from behind him and his ears perked toward it, surprised that it was so close. He turned to where the voice was coming from, and there was that dumb female, Luna. He growled at her as she chided.

"You think I choose to be hated?" he sneered, then his voice softened, "There are just some things you cannot control." Such as being born as a monster, he thought in his head. He narrowed his eyes at her, "I am difficult? Who are the ones who provoked me?" Well, there was nothing stopping him now, he was going to leave, and somehow find Russia again. He could almost feel the crunch of snow under his paws and the call of other wolves, not as stupid as these wolves, whistling through the air. His legs moved him forward, he did not know whether it was north, south, or wherever he was heading, he just knew he needed to move to get to where he wanted.

Wolves Addressed: The pack, Luna
Wolves Mentioned: None

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Asha waited for someone to answer her, and when she didn't get the reply she hoped for, she snorted in disgust. "Very well then. Do not answer me."

She sat down, quietly seething. If the shadows hadn't surrounded the pack, she would've stormed off, as she was prone to do when she didn't get her own way. She turned and glared at the shadows that surrounded the stones, and she flicked her tail impatiently. As soon as they were gone, so would she be.

She watched as two wolves, the angry one and the female who tried to stop the fight, went out. She rolled her eyes in contempt. Were these wolves so foolish? She knew little about this shadow, but what she did know is that it left death and destruction in it's wake. She could smell death on the air.

The tone of the male's voice made her fur bristle with anger. "You're fools!" she spat, before looking away in disgust.


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69 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:31 am


Suddenly, a blinding light appeared at the centre of Stonehenge. The light caused some of the shadows to pull back, almost as if the light was poison to it's deathly grip. It stayed tucked behind the trees a little distance away, ready to attack the meals that had just left the save haven of the rocks. They were waiting to suffocate it's prey, but for the time being, it would stay away from the source of light until it left.

Once the blinding light faded away, what was left there was a white spirit of a wolf. She floated gracefully down onto the ground and studied each wolf, commanding their attention to her presence without saying a word.

With her voice was like honey, so sweet to the ears, she began to utter their new prophecy.

"Searching for eons, to find his dove. 
Their curse was endless, much like their love.

With size so small, so easy to miss.
The innocent is drawn, and gender is mixed.

But love is blind, and years have passed.
The innocent will find, their love at last. 

With old love returned, both stag and doe.
The shadow will recede, and new life will grow."

With the prophecy set for all the wolves, the subtle aura around the white wolf glowed brighter until in all most a blink of an eye the form vanished away with the wind.

The prophecy is set, and the shadows are held back slightly...for now.

Wolves Addressed: Everyone

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70 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:25 pm


Ailis choked on the shadows as she ran through the forests, looking for a light. Following her senses, she found an opening and burst through the shadow, stopping suddenly when they slowly started to recede. She curiously watched as the darkness snaked away some large stones, and in the middle were other wolves.

The copper wolf trotted, but stopped when a light shone. She shut her eyes, fearing blindness, but opened them when she felt something. Something... Peaceful.

She watched with amazement as the white wolf spoke. "Is this one of those angels the old stories spoke of?" she murmured, absent-minded of anyone around her at that moment.

At once, as soon as the spirit - No, angel, she corrected herself - finished speaking, her mind poked and prodded at the new prophecy. Is this the fate the wolves down at the den have spoke of? The bittersweet fate that befalls their pack? Obviously, the ending meant that new life will spring where the shadow has left death, or she believes so anyway. However, what of the "stag and doe"? Old love returned?

She shook her head, the fur rustling lightly, trying to clear her thoughts. Now was not the time to ponder over such questions. Ai rose her head to look at the other wolves. "Now or never.." she said.

Her feet brought her up nearby the group, until she was close enough to be heard by all but far enough to be able to run should any attack.

Ailis took a deep breath, and spoke with grief lining her words. "Who are the two alphas of this pack? I was the one to howl the message, and I have news to bring of your pack member." Her eyes flicked to each of them, then continued. "He was a great fellow, with dark fur and scars. He was injured and perhaps crippled. The wolf told us about you.... To put it simply, and forgive me for my crude bluntness, but he's dead. Stolen by the shadows."

She swallowed the strange lump in her throat, and blinked away tears. Why must I be so easily swayed by grief? Her thoughts rung loud in her head, yet she swatted them away. Now was not the time to cry.

Wolves Mentioned: Kisana, Poison, wolf spirit, Jet
Wolves Addressed: The pack assembled

(Forgive me for the sudden entrance ^^' Thought it was now that would be best)

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71 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:49 pm


Champei was waiting silently and sitting quiet still ready for Lennox's answer. He started to speak when a sort of fight broke out. The female let out a whine and turned her attention back to 'Steve.' 'Steve' was much better company than the shouting wolves. Laying down beside the flower she smiled at the ant. Watching the small black insect helped her to forget about the dark shadows and the argument going on.

The world went on around Champei without her knowing. The darkness was creeping closer, stopped only by the strange circle of stones. With the disagreement coming to a close she looked up to find Lennox beside her, Jo having brought him over. "Oh, Hello Lennny," she greeted with a wag of her tail. Sitting up she tilted her head at Jo, wondering why Lennox might need looking after. Perhaps he just meant to keep the other company.

"Hey Len-" she was cut off by the appearance of the bright light. Squeezing her eyes shut she averted her head until it died down. When she was finally able to see Champei looked over to see the white wolf. "Ooh, pretty!" she gaped in awe.

When it was all done and over the figure disappearing there was one thing that caught the russet-brown female. Love. That word showed up again, and in the same day too. What was it? "Lennox, what did the white wolf mean? What is love?" She sat staring at the ground, her head tilted slightly, trying to work out what everything meant.

Wolves addressed: Lennox, Jo
Wolves mentioned: those involved in the fight

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Pack Friend
Pack Friend

Lennox found himself mildly dazed a moment as he stood, figuring it to be a kick to the face, he shook himself from the slight dizziness and looked to Bogatyr who was now after him. Lennox blinked as Luna jumped in front of him.

"Bah! You dishonor the females of your kind!"
"You say it as if they are incapable to take on a foe, while you know in your heart that is not true."
"Anyway, you chose to die. So be it."

Lennox chuckled as Bogatyr halted in his attack. Lennox's point was only proven. "So Bogatyr, I ask you as to why you halted your attack if you think females are just as strong as us males. Why did you not attack Luna just now? It is because you know females are physically weaker. Because they are smaller and finer in their frames! Hah" Lennox chuckled as he sat. The darkness was creeping over the land. He looked at the stones that encircled them. He hoped for once that the magic did work.... Lennox next found himself being dragged by Jo.

"Hey! Get you female fiddling jaws off my pelt!" he barked. His ears flattening at the male. Who knew where those jaws had been especially after Chewbo showed up. Lennox shuddered. He looked to Champei as he sat, ears flattening like a pup in trouble he gave a huff. Looking to Champei as she said hello.

Lennox forced his eyes shut as the light flashed down upon them. He gave a small whine and muttered under his breath. 'Magic is not real. This is not real, I've eaten too many tree roots.' He looked up to see a white wolf spirit and blinked again and it was gone. Though words rang in his mind over and over. A Poem almost. Something for his brilliant mind to set work to.

"Lennox, what did the white wolf mean? What is love?"

Lennox was stunned again as Champei asked all the questions. He shook his head. Lennox was too distracted by the words of the white wolf to be able to think of how to describe love for someone as innocent as Champei. "I do not know how to explain love Champei. One must feel it to understand I believe. Only then you know what love is." His mind went to work on the poem.

Searching for eons, to find his dove.
Their curse was endless, much like their love.

Searching. Lennox's mind went to work. The first part came quite easily. The male had been searching for his lover for quite some time, but their love was cursed. They were true lovers.

With size so small, so easy to miss.
The innocent is drawn, and gender is mixed.

The curse must of changed something. Lennox figured. Size so small? Something that is seen just about every day? Something that is seen but unseen? Innocent? Perhaps Champei? She was just about the definition of innocence. Though the next part mildly confused Lennox. Gender mixed? Things were either male or female. No grey area. He gave a small hum. Moving on to the next bit to hopefully clarify it.

But love is blind, and years have passed.
The innocent will find, their love at last.

Again. Innocent. The innocent will find? Champei will find? His mind kept ticking away. So the curse has been for years. The love between the two lovers still exists. The lovers must be returned to each other?

With old love returned, both stag and doe.
The shadow will recede, and new life will grow.

When lovers are reunited. Stag and doe? Deer. The lovers must be deer. But. The curse. Deer was not small. Deer is big. The curse must of affected the appearance. Only when they are reunited the Shadow will leave. New life springing to the area. Lennox blinked. He'd just about figured out the puzzle.

"I have the answer. Well. Almost all of it." he said standing up looking around at all the others waiting on their attention."We must find a lone stag. For he has lost his lover.... Cursed. They were cursed. The doe has disappeared. Into something... Small. Something so simple that any eye. Dare say even my own would cast over it. We must reunite stag and doe. Then the shadow will go. Oh im talking in riddles!!!" he huffed as he paced in a circle. His voice was loud enough for those to hear.

Addressed: EVERYONE
Mentioned: All

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73 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:32 am



Rebekka was getting really tired of her emotions riding a roller coaster around her body. She had felt confident one moment, and then the weak the next. She had spurts of Alpha in her, but she just couldn't keep up the act. She wasn't used to this much commotion, she wasn't used to being relied on so heavily.

With a tired breath she looked at the pup that scampered underneath Jo's body; his little form causing a smile to appear on her lips. He sure was a cute one, set to be a ladies man, just like his father. She shook her head a little and lowered it to Chewbo's level, “It's okay, Chewbo. We'll figure something out, okay sweetheart?” She felt the need to reassure this pup. Just because she felt that she didn't have control of the situation, it didn't mean that she wanted the pup to worry. She didn't want anyone to worry.

Though seconds later she began to worry enough for all of them as she saw Luna and Bogatyr leave the safety of the circle. She snapped her head up as Jo shouted and her fur stood on edge out of fright, “Come back here!” she frowned to herself as she ran towards the circle's edge (all be it with a bit of a limp).

“I didn't bite your bloody tail for no reason.” She grumbled to herself and looked worried as the shadows swirled and enveloped the area around them, “Luna! Bogatyr” Rebekka cried in worry. She didn't care that one of them wasn't part of the pack. She didn't want anyone dying on her, especially if she could prevent it.

"You're fools!"

Rebekka frowned at Asha and shook her head, “I really don't think that's helping.” She muttered to herself as she tried to figure out a way to get them back without injuring herself (or anyone else for that matter). Though before she could utter a word towards the wolves in the darkness, a bright light caused some of the shadows to recede. She gasped and took the chance to quickly lead Luna and Bogatyr (or at least try in his case) back into the circle and away from the shadows.

The light was too bright to really see anything, which caused Rebekka to bump into one of the rocks with a little wince, “Ow.” She mutter as she shook it off and limped into the magical area as the light died down.

She kept her head down and furrowed her eyebrows when the shadows did not come back, “What-” though she cut her sentence off when she looked up and came face to face with a spirit of a wolf. She was glowing white and was there to utter their latest prophecy.

Rebekka had met this wolf before, and was no stranger to prophecies and tasks that she sent herself on when Jo and her first met. She narrowed her eyes as she listened tentatively to the poem that was melting into her ears.

Rebekka furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, but just like always, the spirit disappeared without letting her ask a single question, “Every single time” Rebby huffed. Though she supposed it was a good thing seeing this wolf as she caused the shadows to temporarily stay back. Only now had she noticed Ailis enter the area with a frantic look on her face.

Rebekka furrowed her eyebrows and listened to what she had to say before her eyes widened, “J-jet? H-he's...” Rebekka stopped herself from speaking as a lump caught in her throat. She willed herself not to get upset, but it was clearly portrayed in her eyes.

She looked over to Jo to see his reaction and hoped for a little comfort. He usually knew what to say to her.

“Thank you for telling us” Rebby said quietly with a shaky smile.

Now she was definitely exhausted. After everything that happened, and was still happening, it hurt to hear of the shadows taking a member of their pack. She didn't particularly have much of a relationship with Jet, but she still felt disappointed in the fact that she couldn't keep everyone safe.

With a sigh she decided to take her mind off things and walked over to Lennox as he theorised. She nodded in agreement to what he was saying. Lennox was a very intelligent wolf, which was one of the reasons why she liked him (even if he did just tolerate her).

“Gender is mixed? What does that even mean? There's no grey could it be something else?” Rebby thought aloud,“Hmm...perhaps instead of a mixture of the gender, it's a mixed up gender?”

Rebby thought for a moment as she looked outside the stones, “That could be right...though we still don't know what it is.” she noticed different path ways clear of the shadows. “The spirit must've cleared the possible routes of where we would find this stag.”

Rebekka looked at Jo, “I think we should split into teams. We'll cover more ground if we split into threes. What do you think? I'd like to stay with you”

Wolves Addressed: Luna, Boggy, Lennox, Jo, Ailis, Chewbo
Wolves Mentioned: All

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“Luna! Bogatyr”

Luna ignored Rebekka's and Jo's call for her to come back. At this point she just wanted to know what was up with Bogatyr and didn't care about the circling darkness.

"I am difficult? Who are the ones who provoked me?"

Pulling up beside him she flicked her head flipping the hair out of her eyes so she could look right at him. "For one I tried to be nice to you, and toots for future reference never blame a girl for something unless you have prof she did it." She cooed with a slight smirk playing on her lips. Keeping pace with him she silently walked through the snow wondering where he was heading. She figured if she couldn't convince him to come back then she would find her way back on her own. Luna still wasn't sure on the whole pack thing from growing up on her own, but it was still worth a shot.

Wolf Mentioned: Jo, Rebekka and Bogatyr
Wolf Addressed: Bogatyr


"When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone. - Home alone"
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75 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:58 am


Skipping gaily in clumsy disorganised bounds a wolf stained from paw to muzzle on one half of his anatomy sped through grass and under growth baring a manic grin of hyper glee as he danced about. Oblivious to the world around him he soon found himself tripping on a stone embedded to the earth, his glee oddly heightened as he momentarily sored through the air, crashing into a larger stone of a henge, laying there he laughed grinning to himself before jerking upright… his face serious his gaze cold…

after a sires of low mutters and growls towards his shadow the Hetero-chromic wolf assaulted his own paw and began to roll along the floor as though in combat with himself

Wolf Mentioned: Glad-bane

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