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151 Re: Stonehenge on Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:51 pm



"Yeah, sounds like a plan!"

Ailis watched as he immediately became more comfortable, relaxing as he said that. It seems she had picked the proper activity to do, then. She had remembered hearing something about a brown rabbit with a white splotch upon its leg once. Apparently it outwitted him and caused him to have a sprained joint. When he told of the tale, it took nearly all of her willpower not to burst out laughing, as it was highly inappropriate at the time.

Well, now that she knew him at least a little better, Ailis felt a bit sorry for laughing. Only a bit though, as it was still an amusing tale. As he began to trot away, she stretched a bit and followed after, quickly catching up.

It was strange, how she had forgotten the feeling of running with the wind. She hadn't run like this in her stay with the pack, and certainly haven't for a while, as most of the time they were attempts at escape. Now, though, she bounded after the red-furred male, letting the wind push her this way and that. The cold bit at her and felt like shards, but that was her favorite part. Flying by and breathing in the cool, Scottish air.

Running along side Fyrebane, she hadn't noticed how the two of them blended together. On the way there, she would hop on rocks, run through a path that was still near him but perhaps on a cliff, or what have you. Three things brought her serene joy, and this was one of them.

Finally, she could have a bit of free fun.

- To the Hunting Grounds -

Wolves Addressed: None
Wolves Mentioned: Fyrebane
Notes: A short one, but I'll make up for it at the hunting grounds. PM for edits.

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152 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:32 am

Little Old Jo

“I suppose I can spare some time” 

Jo chuckled at his mate's humour. He wondered how a lady such as she, got an attitude that was more suited for an older wolf. She was such a humble wolf, a quiet lass around a rowdy lot like Dealan-De, but with spit fires of sass hidden beneath her gentle nature. That's what Jo liked about her. She shocked him when he first laid eye on her. A woman so delicate, a perfect victim for his teasing and annoying habit of flirting. Though, when her muzzle snapped with sharp, but carefully laced words, Jo's tail slightly buckled before wagging heavily. A mouse so witty, and clever to out run the playful feline. A perfect match. Though, neither thought so when they were stick together for the rest of their lives. Bitterness followed as they tried to bond, but their path had let them think and the more they thought, the more they realised that they were tangled in a mess that fate had bestowed upon them. Unfairly given, and barely received, but they finally caved to their duty and become the Alpha's of Dealan-de.

It was rough as first. Butting heads, well more her head against his that was always pushing in for a kiss. Ignoring him as she chased after her, invading her space. The den became her privacy, but it still didn't stop the horny male trying to squeeze his way into her room. One time, they had even been stuck inside, wedged together in a mess of fur. It resulted in laughter and smelly gasses, but was one of the first stepping stones towards their friendship. One that not many people shared with Little Old Jo. Not like this. He classed many as his friends, but only a select few were his best friends. Most friend it a blessing, but those closer found it an annoying course with sprinkles of sunshine. Something they loved and sometimes hated, but would never give up.

Jo smiled as Rebby curled up to him, letting their fur touch. He sighed before moving closer, laying his head on her curled paws, close to her belly and chest. He listened to her heart beat, loud and clear, a flutter of second or slow he got closer, making his smirk grow bit by bit.

“You know, I don't know if I told you this because I'm pretty sure I've spent the last two weeks shouting at you for being reckless and getting hurt and all that...but I'm really happy that you're okay, Jo” 

“Ah, tha-”

“You're still an idiot though” 

“And there goes that touching moment.” He chuckled. It surprised him to hear such a thing, but then again, it didn't at the same time. He knew that she cared for him dearly, she cared for all, but to actually hear her was sweet to the ears.

Jo nuzzled his head into her lower stomach. The heat grew over him, holding him close. “I know, me too Pidge.” He mumbled, smiling as he pressed his ear against her skin. He listened and waited, but nothing stirred. Maybe it was too soon, he wasn't very good at the whole biology thing. He thought it would have happened sooner, but maybe he was wrong. However, the scent around her had changed a bit, something new lingered around her. At first, Jo has thought she had bathed in a fresh pile of flowers, but the smell still captivated him for days and only then he realised what was happening.

He should have realised sooner after the night they shared together, not too long ago. With the anxiety that raked the pack, it drew the pair closer, coming the alphas that the pack needed. The future was coming soon, and it scared Jo a bit. The job of an alpha was a lot of carry, but he wasn't sure if this job would suit him. It was a lot of demand, and he clearly wasn't up for the role with the way he treated Chewbo. He should have thought about it on the night, but the stars were out and they were far too beautiful to ignore. They called him and he danced with them. Only now they were falling into little bits of fire, that would either light the way or burn.

Wolves addressed: Rebby
Word count: 724



"I'm sorry?"

Pan's ears flew back. She didn't understand her, her language was dead to this wolf. Her ignorance of the western world, had taken its toll on her before, but now it was becoming a big hindrance. How was she supposed to 'bond' with this pack if she couldn't even talk to them. Maybe it was time to learn a new language, speak the tongue of the natives. Let go of the past and learn the way of the Scottish. The thought struck a cord. She had seen the pack and they weren't the biggest role models and certainly weren't ones she would strive to be like if she was still a little pup. However, their morals and their close family like nature was what kept her, but also their magic and the fate that danced at their paw tips. It entranced her, blinded her by its beauty. She would be damned if she let the simply motion of language barrier stop her from experiencing the full blow of the magic that ran here.

"Yes, ma'am,"

Pan smiled at the wolf before her and bowed her head. The wolf was clever, she'd give her that. She still did not understand the language, but this wolf had jumped that hurdle and understood her anyway. Now if only it was that easy for her. Maybe she's just have to ask this wolf to teach her.

However, before Pan could utter another world, a flutter of orange danced onto the scene as thought it was high school musical. Pan snorted at the pup that pranced her way forward.

 “Hello! Here's a flower!”

Pan looked down the flower and sighed. The least she could do for the petty offer was thank the little pup. Pan smiled down at the pup and nodded. There was no point in speaking the her, she was already wagging after Nine, presenting her with her own flower, her tails never stopping, even when she gave her, her own version of a hug.

Pan continued to watch as the pup jumped around before running off towards the rest of the pack. Even she had to laugh when the pup tripped and scrambled back up, claiming that she had meant to do it. Pups, they were so full of wonder and magic themselves. They didn't need fate or magic to make them magical. They just were from the second they were born.

“shchenok” Pan sighed, shaking her head, watching as the pup continued her journey. She hoped that this pup carried on her forever joy, and that adulthood wouldn't mature her too much. Though, Pan was doubtful that she would even remember after her time her. She would remember the colours and fur, but names and personalities barely left a mark on her.

The female turned to Nine and placed her flower behind the female's ear. “Zapomnit' rebenka , krasota krasotoy delayet nizhnyuyu pl” She turned back to the pack. “Ty prekrasna, OND , nadeyus', vy uvidite, chto vashi chi Demony tol'ko vnutri vashey sobstvennoy resheniy . Pust' vash vneshnyaya krasota Tam vashego temnyy pasty.” Pan sighed as she walked her way towards the stone. Lying down in the shade, she patted her tail for Nine to join her. “Ah, beauty is in body.” Pan stumbled, her words thick and hard to recognise with her accent tearing the english language apart.

Translation- Pups, Remember child, beauty is as beauty does, You're beautiful, but hopefully you'll see that inside you your demons are just your own making. Let your outer beauty tame your darker past.

Word count: 596
Wolves addressed: Nine and Ginger


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153 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:20 am



“I know, me too Pidge.”

Rebekka's eyes warmed at Jo's words. She hadn't said anything before hand, but it was obvious that a look conveyed exactly what she felt towards the grey wolf. She truly did love the guy, even if she wasn't quite ready to say it aloud. A combination of things stopped her from saying anything towards her mate. Mainly embarrassment that she would feel at the smug smile stretching over his muzzle stopped her. As well as the playful teases he'd give her for admitting such a thing, even when he felt exactly the same.

She wasn't quite ready to give him the satisfaction, but hearing his words of agreement still made her heartbeat quicken. It made a breath sigh from her mouth and her whole body to relax at such simple words. He had read her look and he was responding, which brought a smile to her face that she tried to hide.

“Thank you, Jo” she mumbled, as she felt him nuzzle into her stomach. He seemed to be waiting for something, as if he was trying to listen in- Oh. Rebekka's eyes widened slightly with a blush. She curled closer to her mate, mumbling a gentle reminder towards him, “You'll hear something soon.”

Her words were intended to make him feel better, but even she could feel the slight nervousness coming from him. And truth be told, Rebekka wasn't exactly raving about the new set of circumstances she was under either. Of course she was happy at the prospect, but she was also nervous beyond belief. What if something went wrong? Or what if she wasn't a good mother? So many questions flew around her head that worried her.

Would she be a decent mother? Was this the right thing to do? Would she be able to protect her loved ones?

Taking one look at the pack that had dispersed, Rebekka sighed and curled further into Jo. She gently shimmied down so she could face him, taking in his appearance and smiling somewhat. This was the face she was forced to look at every morning when they first started this pack, and now, she actually caught herself enjoying his company (though don't tell him she said that).

“I'm kind of nervous about it too.” She started, blush still on her features, “But we've survived poisonous shadows, magical ants, rival packs and mythical wolves. What's another little adventure right?”

“We were chosen by Fate for whatever reason. She obviously saw something we didn't...maybe we should have a bit more faith in ourselves? I mean, we haven't failed yet. So why start now?”
Her brown eyes shined with determination, even when the rest of her body language showed her weariness. She was nervous, but she actually did have a bit of faith when Jo and her were together. That's when they were strongest, and that's the way Rebby liked it.

Maybe Fate was right? Maybe they were a good pair. God knows Rebby thought she'd never think those words in her life. But looking at those gold eyes, a little smile appeared on her face, “We'll be fine.”

Wolves Addressed: Jo
Word Count: 525
Notes: A shortie as I'm busy bee. But Rebs clearing some worries out of her head as per usual

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154 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:42 am

Little Old Jo

“You'll hear something soon.” 

Jo smiled as his mate curled into him. He continued to lay where he was, his ear pressed against her stomach. He waited, and waited, but still nothing even stirred. Maybe they were sleeping? That was logical right? He didn't know, but it was the closet thing he could thing of.

“I'm kind of nervous about it too.” 

Nervous? Jo wasn't nervous. The butterflies in his stomach, and the quickening of his heart were nothing. Nope. He refused to let her believe that he, Little Old Jo, was nervous of some wee pups. Nope. Not in a million years. Never.

Well, maybe a little.

His first litter that he was going to be there for, not like the hundreds bastard children that were scattered across the British lands. No, he was here and he was going to raise them with his mate and pack. They were going to grow up in this land, face dangers that he might not beat, want to ask question he couldn't possibly know, and then on top of all that, they'd then leave. Up and packing, and off to make their own packs.

It was a terrifying idea. Pups and parenthood. Nothing but soreheads and sleepless nights. Then again, there was bound to be some joy, right? Like watching them sleep, teaching them to hunt, playing with them, pulling pranks of mom and other mates. The little rascals would sure keep them on their paws, that's for sure.

Jo sucked in a deep breath. Rascals or not, he knew that Pidge was right. They had been through so much, and Fate had picked them to rule this pack. They were worth it, and they were going to do this right. Whether they screwed up a few times, or whether they passed with flying colours, Jo knew that at least Rebby was going to be a good parent. She had that nature to her. She just loved everyone, and could never really hate a soul...well, unless that soul was an asshole. She cared and loved any wolf that needed her help, she couldn't say no to big puppy eyes. Their kids would be spoiled rotten by her.

“We'll be fine.”

Jo jumped up onto his paws and bowed his body. “Of course, we will, Pidge,” He barked, his tail wagging furiously behind him. “You'll be a fantastic mother.” He jumped over to her face and pressed his nose against hers, his eyes brightly glowing. “You can tell them those stories you love so much. Tell them off when they're naughty. Cuddle them when they're cold and just be amazingly loving towards them,” He said, his voice light and full of animation, hopefully spreading his enthusiasm towards her.

“And of course, I will be the father that screws everything up. Teaching them to chase chickens, teaching them pranks and just letting be little shits.” He smirked, winking towards Rebby and he jumped over her. He placed a paw over her back and rested his head on hers, his tail still fanning behind. “Right, Pidge? That's how it's supposed to go?”

Wolves addressed: Rebby
Word count: 521


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155 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:23 am


Padding around the large stones  wondering how they came to be there. She was suddenly pulled from her thoughts when she heard a familiar voice call out to her.

"Luna, Babe"
"Pidge made her speech more formal, but ya know I'm not one for big speeches. So, fancy being my second in command. The pack could use your goodlook and brains, babe."

With a sly smile and a raise of her eyebrow she purred back. "How could I decline such an offer?" Luna didn't know much about being a Beta, but she could learn as she went. She did have quite her way with words so how hard could it be? As he placed a rose at her paws she kept her eyes on him.

"For you, babe."
"Be by the rocks, if ya need some fun."

As he ran off Luna smirked reaching her head down and using her paw to place the rose behind her left ear. If Jo didn't have a mate she would have taken his offer, scratch that she would have anyways until Rebekka stepped in to bug him. Though they were real opposites they were the perfect match, though Jo flirted he would never hurt her.

With a cute smile she turned her gaze away and walked hearing her stomach growl, She could do with some food right now. Deciding to go out for a quick hunt her made her way over to the trees swaying her hips as she walked all while holding herself high.

-To the hunting grounds-

Addressed: Jo
Mentioned: Jo & Rebby
Notes: I am soooo sorry for the late post, I am trying to bring my activity level back up and be a great Beta :3


"When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone. - Home alone"
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156 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:49 am

Bastille, a large red and black female walked around with her red eyes narrowed. She sniffed and growled as she smelled a female who had just left. a female, another female and a male. She crouched down and waited for something to happen. She sighed as she remembered her sister. She could just walk up to someone and make a friend instantly. That was hard for Bastille as she was the one who needed to trust that wolf. She crept forward and decided to wait until they smelled her scent or came over. She breathed and made a new decision. If she was to join a pack she needed to go up there and say it. Standing up she made her presence known by sticking her head high and keeping her tail high. She walked over and cleared her throat "Hello. I believe I smelled other wolves, do you know if there is a pack anywhere near here I could join" she asked in a deep and gruff voice. She kept her face emotionless while keeping her large ears perked in case of any sneak attack they could plan. Her red eyes scanned the 3 wolves carefully, seeing who she could take on and who she couldn't but chuckled. It wasn't all on size. Her tail tapped in wait then sat down, waiting for an answer.

Mentioned: Rebekka, Luna, Little old Joe and Pan
Word count: 226

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157 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:52 am



“Of course, we will, Pidge,”“You'll be a fantastic mother.”“You can tell them those stories you love so much. Tell them off when they're naughty. Cuddle them when they're cold and just be amazingly loving towards them,”“And of course, I will be the father that screws everything up. Teaching them to chase chickens, teaching them pranks and just letting be little shits.”“Right, Pidge? That's how it's supposed to go?”

Rebekka was surprised at Jo's sudden burst of enthusiasm. It wasn't exactly like the flirty male to be wagging his tail, though Rebby did take delight in looking into his brightened eyes. She tried not to let a massive grin appear on her face, but with Jo's bouncing around, she couldn't help it. A giggle slipped out of her mouth and she bowed her head slightly, though still peaking up at Jo's bright expression. Gosh, she really loved him. He was sweet and adorable from time to time, and though he didn't like to show it around other wolves (a guy has to keep up a reputation, of course) Rebby still revelled in the moments she could see it. Plus, it was good ammunition whenever he decided he wanted to tease her, as she could tease him right back.

“Jo!” she giggled, as he nuzzled into her playfully. She pushed his head away with a laugh, but landed a lick on his cheek to show she was joking. Seeing him like this definitely brightened her spirits. She could see them having a family and actually being okay.

It was a big responsibility, but hearing Jo's words certainly made her feel better. Remembering them caused her face to flush and her heart to swell for a moment, ”You sure do think a lot of me, Jo” Rebby said quietly, with a sweet smile, looking up at him. She chuckled at the idea of him teaching their pups the tricks of the trade and how to be smooth with the wolves around them.

“You wont screw up, Jo. You've made it this far and I haven't killed you,” a small smirk appeared on Rebby's face as she winked up at him. “At least not yet, anyways.” Her smirk once again blossomed into a cheeky grin as she looked up at him with bright eyes. His pep talk really did brighten her day, and so what better way to show him how much she appreciated his words than to tease him with his possible death? Sounds romantic, right?

As she stared at him, she took in his 50 shades of gray fur and wondered if any of the pups they were about to have would take on his coat. She's always liked the colour of his fur, it made him look handsome with those striking eyes, not that he ever heard her saying that. She didn't want to stroke his ego too much. Though it had been known for Jo to tease her about it and a confirming blush to appear. The thought threatened another blush to appear on her face, but a sound of another wolf entered the grounds perked her curiosity instead.

"Hello. I believe I smelled other wolves, do you know if there is a pack anywhere near here I could join"

Rebekka's eyes widened slightly at the size of this female. It wasn't that she was scared of the large wolf, it was just that Rebekka still wasn't quite used to seeing dire wolves towering over her. Though experiencing mythical and magical wolves sure helped her knowledge of different species expand.

Looking back to Jo, she smiled up at him, “Looks like we got another member” her voice whispered gently before turning back to the new recruit. Crawling out from under Jo, Rebby swished her tail and hit her mate in the back of the head playfully as she stood by his side.

“Hello, uh yes, you smelled correctly, this is our land of Dealan De” Rebby started, a little bit rusty on accepting new members. She looked at Jo to chip in a little bit before continuing, “We're always willing to accept new members. So if you'd like to join with us, then consider yourself a part of dealan de”

Wolves Addressed: Jo, Bastille
Wolves Mentioned: Oncoming pups
Word Count: 634
Notes: Rebby is all happy with Jo :3 I wonder how long that will last ;P

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158 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:33 am

Bastille chuckled at the females widened eyes. She tilted her head and held back the growl that was forcing its way up. Her tail twitched 'Why do they think I would automatically join their pack' she growled in the back of her mind. With her eyes still as cold as stone she nodded "Yes I was hoping to join" she said flatly. She tilted her head and dug into the ground with her paw as she had nothing to say, something her sister used to do. When she finally had something to say she removed her paw from the ground "I am guessing you are the alpha female and he is the alpha male" she assumed, pointing to Jo with her long muzzle. She was about to wait on an answer when she chuckled "I apologize, where are my manners. I am Bastille" she said with a dip of her head to both of the higher ranks.

Word count: 157
Mentioned: Joe, Rebekka (Sorry if I spelled that wrong)

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159 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:50 pm

Little Old Jo

 “Looks like we got another member” 

Jo turned his gaze towards the new wolf and wiggled his eyebrows. She reminded him of Luna with her black fur, tainted with red tips. Though, her build was completely different. Luna was tall and lanky, while this wolf was large in thickness and in height. She looked sharp, her muzzle long and narrow. Someone not to mess with, Jo thought to himself. But unlike his thoughts, Jo sprang over to the female, putting on his best smile.

“I am indeed the Alpha, but you may call me Little Old Jo.” He smirked, brushing up close to the female. He flicked his tail and winked at her. “Everyone is welcomed here, especially pretty ladies like yourself.” He smiled, his bright eyes almost glowing in the dim sun.

He paced back to his own mate and rubbed his head under hers before giving her a lick across her cheek. He looked back at the new female and winked at her. He had no idea if his flirting ever worked with the ladies of this land, they never seemed to have the effect he wanted to give them. However, that never stopped him from trying. He was a love machine on a leash, but that leash was awful slant.

"I apologize, where are my manners. I am Bastille"

"No need for fancy manners, babe. Just chill and relax. That's my motto. Also, if she doesn't bite back, you have a chance, that's my other one.” He chuckled, settling down next to Rebekka. “Ain't that right, Pidge?”

Wolves addressed: Rebs and Bastille
Word count: 263
Notes: Sorry, just a quick one today~


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160 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:32 am



The mountain wolf male walked lonely through the forest, the hairs of his thick coat kept being stuck in tree branches as he moved along the big things. He looked up at the sky and sighed before continuing his walk. He felt so hungry, a few more minutes without proper food and he was going to lower himself to being a poor little sucker, snatching snails for a meal off the ground… No, he didn’t want to end up eating snails again. He was too important for that. Only weak wolves like Omegas ate snails, right?
Oishii looked at his front paws while he walked, counting the steps he made: ‘’Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi, kyu, ju…’’. He stopped counting and frowned, still looking down at his paws. He forgot the number. He forgot the eleventh number. How could he forget? Japanese had been his main language since he was three months old. It wasn’t right to forget words from your main language. ‘’ Ichi, ni, san… eetto… shi, go, roku… eettooo…’’
He forced himself to repeat the numbers in his mind, pressing his eyes closed firmly. He groaned as he thought deeply, letting his brain ache for the information he couldn’t recall. Why was it so hard to remember words or numbers when only a few seconds ago you knew exactly what to say? Maybe it was the old wound on his forehead that had closed months ago. Maybe that was why he forgot words so easily lately. He couldn’t take it to see blood, even not when it was his own…
‘’Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, eetto… shichi…’’, he mumbled as he kept on walking. No, he had to stop counting. It only made his brain ache more.

He muttered something to himself, punishing him for forgetting. Oishii was a polite wolf; when there needed to be bowed, he bowed. When he needed to talk politely to others, he would. So it wouldn’t be of any difference to punish himself for his sins. He saw forgetting numbers and words from his main language as a sin. But then again, deep down inside his soul he hated to be polite. If alpha’s didn’t deserve to be alphas he would like to put them out of their rank, for that matter. But of course he couldn’t; he had to stay polite…
‘’Baka, wasureru na…’’, he thought to himself, biting his lip as he forced himself not to forget anything anymore at all. ‘’Sore wa anata ga koko ni, kono gegno ga hitsuyodearu koto wa naiga, sore wa anata no totte hijo ni juyodesu.’’
The male sighed and opened his eyes, looking around him. He flicked his tail and moved his round ears a few times. There was a bird singing nd he tried to catch the direction of the sound with his small ears, yet he couldn’t really find the exact place where the sound came from.

He looked worried around him; he had been here in this forest for months, living alone most of the time, but he still wasn’t used to being in this new area. He missed the beautiful mountains, their tops covered with bright white snow, the pink and white blossom trees during spring, the peaceful rivers that you could cross by a small colorful bridge as your owner went for a walk with you and you were allowed to walk without leash for once… Yes he missed that all very much. This forest was beautiful, too, but it was nothing like the home he wanted to go back to.
‘’Izure no sakura mo, kanojo wa arimasu ka?’’, he aksed himself, though he already knew the answer. What was there to be answered for? He didn’t know anything himself about this place. He had never been this far away from where those humans had released him.
He heard the sound of the singing bird again and looked up, seeing the little chirper up in the trees, between the brown, orange, red and yellow colored leaves. It looked so happy, it looked so much more happy than Oishii was. It made the male feel lonely and desperate for a home. Maybe a new home…
‘’Kawaii…’’, he mumbled as he watched the bird sing. As soon as the bird looked down at him it stopped singing and flew off, leaving the wolf behind on its own. Oishii sighed again.

It was then when the sound of voices entered his ears and the male turned his head to look around him. There was no one there, but he knew for sure they were close. He swallowed and moved towards the voices, his round bear-like ears pressed against his skull. His thick white coat made him feel quite hot all of a sudden, but maybe that was the nervous feeling of entering someone’s territory and greeting those new wolves for the first time.
Once he came closer he popped his head out of the bushes. He saw a group of wolves and swallowed again, listening to their conversations. It was a different language from his, but as he had lived here for a while longer, many words sounded familiar to him. he only had to make that switch and then he would be fine… wouldn’t he?
The switch from Japanese to English. How did he do that again? No, he forgot again! How could he forget again!? ‘’Kuso…!’’, he cursed to himself and he took a deep breath, stepping forward, out into the open. It was now or never. He didn’t have to think, he had to feel. If he felt those words would come to him immediately, he was sure of that. he had to be sure…
He saw two wolves with each other, talking to another wolf. The pack’s smell was strong, but one of these wolves didn’t smell like the pack. Maybe there was another new wolf around somewhere here too. Oishii stepped into the open, his different colored eyes shooting from left to right; he was aware of any possible dangers and didn’t want to get into a fight, all he wanted was to join a pack and become a new family member.

By hearing these wolves’ words, it sounded like those two wolves he had seen at first were the alpha’s. Goodie good, he had to treat them right to get into the pack. That wasn’t going to be that big of a deal with his good manners and his charms.
‘’Eetto… konichiwa Sama.’’, Oishii mumbled and he bowed his head, showing the two his good manners. ‘’My name’s Oishii, I was wondering if you could, eetto… know where I could find a new home. I’ve been wandering on my own for months.’’
He smirked at his own words as he stopped bowing, thinking about these good manners of his. They would soon sure accept him into their pack. As he waited for them both to return the polite bow, he as well waited for them to answer his question.

Addressed: Jo and Rebekka
Mentioned: Jo, Rebekka and Bastille
Word Count: 1169
Notes: My new character is here, weeeee~ :’D
Also, longest rp post ever! :’D
Aaaaaand I made Oishii a rp post~ <3


1. counting from 1 to 10 (‘’eetto…’’ means ‘’ummm…’’)
2. Fool, stop forgetting…
3. It’s not that you need this language here, but it’s very important to you.
4. Are there any cherry blossom trees here, too?
5. Cute…
6. Shit…!
7. Umm… hello Mister and Madam.

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161 Re: Stonehenge on Sat May 17, 2014 3:29 pm

Bastilles tail sliced the air angrily and she snapped her jaws "I thought that was your mate. If I where you I wouldn't be calling me a pretty lady or else this pretty lady will rip your pretty little tail off" she said with a snap of her jaws. She knew this was definitely not something she should do if she wanted to join a pack but he needed to learn his place, even though he was an alpha. She watched him the with meanest glare, if looks could kill he would be six feet under. When he winked at her she lifted her lips in a threat. She turned to him fast and growled "I don't know who you are calling Babe but I hope it definitely wasn't me because I am not your babe" she said angrily, getting angrier and angrier by the minute. Her red eyes narrowed into slits and they bore into the male. She turned to the female "I apologize for the inconvenience. I meant no disrespect to you" she said making sure to emphasize 'you.

Addressed: Jo, Rebekka
Mentioned: Jo Rebekka
Word count: 181
notes: Sorry trying to finish school and graduation party. I should back to roleplaying soon Smile

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162 Re: Stonehenge on Mon May 19, 2014 7:13 am

(Hiya hun, I'd hate to inform you, but the plot has moved on for here. The plot is over at the den site now.)


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