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126 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:08 am

((just gonna edit this here ooc message an no posty table cuz im lazy At the moment))

Geminos, having found that there was indeed nothing here, decided to check around the area for any faint trails of scent. Soon his search was rewarded by a recent trail left by a few strange wolves. His heart leaped at the idea of others being nearby while his mind immediately went into "dont you do it!" mode. For once The male listened to his heart and sprinted down the hill, following the scent that led away from the great stones. He soon paused and turned back, glancing at the distant pillars. "Thank ye..." He then turned on his heel and ran after the scent once more

-To the Den-

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127 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:01 am


(New plot and something cute)

Jo struggled up towards the high peeking Stonehenge. His hind legs were stiff, almost dragging across the forest floor. They were stronger than before, actually being able to stand on them and use them for short distances.  His pack were a great help over the past two weeks, bringing him meat from hunts and helping him down to the lake. It embarrassed him to ask for so much help, but he knew that he needed it. It was making him stronger, be able to protect his pack once more. (And more. *winks*)

Jo finally made it to the circle of stones. Fresh flowers bloomed over the lands, sparkling in colours and a clean scent. He closed his eyes at the amazing smell before laying himself down inside the circle. He lets out a shaky breath before resting his head on his paws. That was enough exercising for his recovering muscles for one day.

“Hurry up slowpokes!” He chuckled, calling back to his pack mates. He closed his eyes as he waited for the rest of his group to follow. Memories of blue fire and burning eyes haunted Jo's thoughts, but he did not let them control him. They tried to root into his fears, but he held them off. Memphis has taken his pack, he wasn't about to take his mind either. He pitied the older wolf. He didn't know what it was like to be driven so insane that you weren't even you anymore. It was a horrible thought. One that Jo shrugged off. No more thoughts about Memphis. Now is a time to celebrate and love.

Jo pulled his head up from his paws as he searched the plains. “Alrighty guys, now is the time when all things cute and lovey happens. Now is your time to really get to know each other.” He smirked. “By the way, the den is free if anyone wants to repopulate.” He loudly whispered, a tone of laughter in his voice. “Now, see these flowers? Yeah, well pick anyone you like and give it someone. Anyone, or keep it. Do whatever you like buts its a mushy token of love.”Jo rolled his eyes with a smirk. “or a token to a good night.” He smirked to himself.


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128 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:15 am


     The male yawned and rolled his eyes as they neared Stonehenge. 'This outta be good,' he told himself quietly, following closely behind Jo at a floaty pace. He didn't want to overtake Jo in his strides, which were undoubtedly larger than Jo's with him in his current state. By watching his movements, however, Fyrebane could tell that he was making steady improvements. He had regained a good bit of leg strength already, he knew, but for a while there he'd needed a good deal of help getting from Point A to Point B. It was reassuring to see his leader walking with little trouble again.

     Fyrebane himself had gotten out of the whole mess without more than a few scrapes and bruises, at the worst. He figured he ought to consider himself lucky. Some of the others went through horrible things that day, physically and emotionally, but he didn't have much of anything to loose. He was loyal to the pack, he had friends here, but no deep down ties to anyone specific. 'Maybe,' he figured, 'I outta start.' It wouldn't be too easy for him, he realized, considering that he wasn't experienced in "best friendships" or getting serious with a gal, or anything like that.

     Furrowing his brows, he slowed his pace a bit, trying to buy himself an extra second before he found out what Jo's surprise was. Boy, he'd had something planned, and Fyrebane had a feeling it would lead him to an uncomfortable situation. Or maybe, it was an opportunity? He couldn't be sure, but he figured he ought to just get up there and down to the point.

     Swiping a tongue over his jaws and shaking his head, he picked up speed just as he heard a very unhelpful, "Hurry up slowpokes!"

     He arrived just in time for Jo to begin speaking, and sat down lightly, curious and uninterested at the same time. "Alrighty guys," Jo began, "now is the time when all things cute and lovey happens. Now is your time to really get to know each other." 'Oh lord,' Fyrebane thought privately. This wasn't exactly what the male had been expecting coming in to this. It wasn't at all, actually, and it frightened him a bit. "By the way, the den is free if anyone wants to repopulate," Jo whispered, but he caught most of it. Fyrebane's voice caught mid-laugh. "Now, see these flowers? Yeah, well pick anyone you like and give it someone. Anyone, or keep it. Do whatever you like buts its a mushy token of love." Hmm. "or a token to a good night." Fyrebane caught Jo's contagious smirk that last time.

     He realized that horrible reality that he had no chance of talking a single one of these girls, save for maybe Luna, into spending the night with him, but he doubted that even she would go that far. And plus, he'd never quite fancied her. Actually, she scared him a bit. Flirting games were fine and all, but, he wasn't that into her. And all lust aside, this was his big opportunity to start forging some ties around here. He was gonna take advantage of the opportunity. Selecting the best of the roses, he took it in his mouth and went to sit off to the side. Fyrebane was going to wait until everybody filed into the area before he did anything. He knew who needed a rose.

Wolves Addressed: Himself
Wolves Mentioned: Jo, Luna, Females, the Pack
Word Count: 570
Notes: Bit rushed. I'm very busy today.



The lithe black female advanced slightly ahead of her new packmates, eager to discover what lay in store for her at Stonehenge. A ring of mysterious stones was enough to have her excited, so she couldn't imagine that Jo had other reasons for bringing them here. Avalon had never seen Stonehenge from up close before, and so naturally, she just wanted to race up to it and inspect every inch, but she knew better than that. Instead, she would just have to admire the sight of it; she could visit later.

She'd chosen to forget about two weeks ago. The bad parts, at least, she chose to hide away from herself. The good parts, which were few are far between, were welcomed by her memory. What had happened there hadn't been all bad, and not for everybody. After all, she'd met Mustafa in the midst of all that hell, and that seemed to be turning in a positive direction. The memories of her dead mentor were still with her, but the good parts. Hardly anything in this world is completely evil. Most things have some good in them, and she would honor her second father by remembering his good.

For the most part, upon arriving where he was, she ignored Jo's words, but heard enough to catch the jest of it. Roses for someone special. She had someone special, or at least it felt that way to her. There had been an unspoken, sexual tension between the little black female and the big creamy male, and it had become even more torturous to bear with the coming and going of the last two weeks. Avalon was overly glad they'd both stayed with Dealan-De'. Her chest was fluttering like mad now, and it made her feel like she needed to sit down. She took a long moment to close her eyes and compose herself a bit. At least she had someone to give a rose to, and she hoped she'd get one back, but nothing could stop her from feeling so strongly.

Avalon swept her gaze, carefully, back and forth until she picked out the best-looking and least-prickly of the roses. Taking up her pick, she turned to find Mustafa.

Wolves Addressed: None
Wolves Mentioned: Memphis, Mustafa, Jo
Word Count: 369
Notes: Super short. I just really wanted to put something out there for her.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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129 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:56 pm

Silver appeared from the forest where she had been hiding in for a while now, she had wanted to get away from the fighting and away from all the bad wolves. Perking her ears, she heard the pack moving through the plains toward Stonehenge and decided to once again introduce herself to the Alpha pair and be an actual member then an outsider that she thought she was. She saw a bunch of the other pack's wolves traveling with the main pack and just shrugged it off as she bounded toward them.

Pulling up to Jo's side she smiled as she walked slightly behind the Alpha pair,"Hi I'm Silver. I hear your names are Jo and Rebecca. I was wanting to ask may I join your pack?" She kept walking with the other's and hoped that she wouldn't get torn apart and also hoped to see that handsome male she had met before again.

Wolves mentioned:Mustafa, Jo, Rebecca and pack
Wolves addressed: JO and Rebecca
Notes: If I misspelled anything let me know.

Last edited by Silver on Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:18 pm; edited 1 time in total

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130 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:31 pm



Mustafa followed the group of wolves up the hills and down the hills. His mind was somewhere else as he walked, his head to the ground, his eyes on the road. His head stung like he had a massive hangover and the thoughts of two weeks ago, those horrible memories, had come back to haunt him almost every single day and night. Yes, even during the night when his dreams too over his brains. It was all still inside his head.
The kill Avalon had made; she had appeared so cold, like she didn’t care. Didn’t she care she had killed a wolf? He might have been evil to the Dealan-Dè, but it was still a wolf like no other. Mustafa hadn’t been the same since he had seen Avalon beat him up and shedding his blood. Was she really capable of such an act? Was she really so cold?
Well, he couldn’t say he was a good wolf either, he had probably done much worse than her, but yet the thought of really seeing it happen gave him the chills. He had seen it happen. But then again, hadn’t seen the loved ones of the dying wolves him killing those wolves, just like Avalon had done? He was no better than her, and maybe that’s why he had been so bothered about it, why he had been thinking so much about her lately. He felt somehow attracted to the female, but why?

‘’Hurry up slowpokes!’’, he heard the alpha yell and he lifted his head, stopping in his tracks. He gave the male a glance before he walked again. He muttered to himself: ‘’Damn dude thinks he’s s’awesome.’’
‘’Alrighty guys, now is the time when all things cute and lovey happens. Now is your time to really get to know each other.’’, Jo said as they finally came to a stop and Mustafa frowned. Love? What was this all about? Why was he talking like this? They had been gone out to hunt, right?
‘’Whut’s this all ‘bout? I thought ya said we were gonna go out huntin’?’’, Mustafa asked, he growled a bit, but it wasn’t loud enough to be heard by most of the other wolves around him. He began to dislike this alpha’s behavior…
‘’By the way, the den is free if anyone wants to repopulate.’’

Hearing those words Mustafa couldn’t help but blush, he felt very strange in only a split second. What did Jo mean by repopulating? What the heck was he talking about? His bright amber eyes went to the side to catch a glimpse of the beautiful black female; Avalon stood not too far away from him. Seeing her made his stomach turn in an uneasy way. He was pretty nervous to see her now that Jo was talking this nonsense.
He didn’t know how to react to the dominant’s words. And always when the male didn’t know something he tried to act though and smart, like the wolf he always turned out to be. Today was no exception. He shook off the thought of Avalon and looked at Jo again, biting his lip.
‘’Now, see these flowers? Yeah, well pick anyone you like and give it someone. Anyone, or keep it. Do whatever you like buts it’s a mushy token of love. Or a token to a good night.’’
‘’I… I are’a flirter, I ain’t no lover…’’, the Hudson Bay wolf muttered annoyed, stil blushing. He tried to avoid Avalon’s gaze, yet he was curious if she was looking his way or not. Don’t look, he told himself, yet again biting his lip.

Mustafa turned to look at Avalon, a bit dazed and nervous. He could feel his heart beat loudly in his chest and for a moment he thought it was going to burst out of its spot. He swallowed and looked at the roses laying on the ground. Was Avalon going to grab one and give it to him, or maybe to someone else? Was he going to grab one and give it to her? Or to someone else as well…?
Someone else; another female had appeared from the forest. He had seen the wolf before, but he hadn’t thought she would have come back. He still didn’t know her name, but he recognized her scent and face to know exactly who it was.
The first few minutes he had entered the battlefield he had spoken to her and they had flirted, before she had left to bring the pups of Dealan-Dè to safety. After that the Hudson Bay wolf hadn’t seen the female anymore. And now she was back.
’’Hi I'm Silver. I hear your names are Jo and Rebecca. I was wanting to ask may I join your pack?‘’
Mustafa saw her and grinned; he felt that need to flirt again, not giving her a rose, but flirt. Like he had done that day. Before he had met Avalon. Avalon. Was she going to give him a rose?
Mustafa shrugged the thought away; no she wouldn’t. He bit his lip again, trying to get the blushing from his face. He stepped towards the white coated female, ready to speak to her and flirt with her, yet something made him stop.
He turned his head to look at the black female again. At first Mustafa had thought she was a female like everyone else, a female to flirt with. Yet looking at her now and the last two weeks after the battle, he realized he felt more for her than only a slight interest.
He decided to give the female a rose, Avalon should get a rose from him. Even if she wouldn’t give him one, she would get one from him. He wanted to go to the roses as he saw her taking one of them. He swallowed; to who was she going to give it? Hopefully it was him. He didn’t know how he would react if it was not him, though, but he really hoped it was him.

Mustafa avoided the female and went over to the pile of roses, looking at them each one by one. He had to pick the best one out as Avalon was the most special wolf to him in this pack. He found a nice looking one, it didn’t look at great as the rose she was holding herself, but it was the finest looking one out of this pile, it had to do the trick.
Turning around he saw the female and walked over to her. He felt himself becoming more and more nervously, he began to feel really uneasy. How should he give it to her? How should he bring it? Was that rose she was holding meant for him.
He stopped beside her and dropped the rose carefully, after that he poked her shoulder with his muzzle, waiting for her response. ‘’H-hey Ava…’’, he mumbled and he swallowed, trying to keep himself calm. He pointed his paw at the rose. ‘’This one’s for ya…’’
He sounded so stupid, but this is how he felt; stupid. He just hoped she would find him bold and cool and not cute. He didn’t want to appear cute. Well, he wanted to, but he didn’t want the others wolves except Avalon to find him cute.
He picked up the rose again, holding it in front of her. He held his head low so she would see it clearly and he hoped for the best.

Addressed: Jo, Avalon
Mentioned: Jo, Silver, Avalon
Word count: 1246! Dang, this is a long post! O: Writing mood, weeee! 8D
Note: I just pretend like Jo has lured Mustafa into this by telling they were going to hunt, yet now Mustafa is seeing it all from a different angle, lol. :p

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131 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:01 am



It was an odd thing to be a part of a pack.

They moved as one, yet were individual. One thing she was thankful for was her individuality; no matter how many she mingled with, she would be herself. However, her mind often thought back to what happened only a fortnight before.

It all blurred in her mind... She recalled a fearsome, dark creature, Avalon's merciless killing - although the wolf herself was a sweet thing, just a bit cold to killing, to which the copper herself was no stranger to - and suddenly dust. Fireflies? No, stars. Bah! She had to think about it, but all she could remember was that there were blue neon lights, and a great wolf. Hati, he called himself. Ailis had heard of him through legends, and it was a thrilling sight to see him in person. Such grace... It was better than the stories, she decided.

After a rather awkward explanation as to why she lied about her name - thankfully leaving out the bad tidbits and just saying "she needed shelter from being on the run" - they left it at that, although she can tell by their looks that one day they'll get the full story. Ailis snorted. As if. It wasn't entirely far from the truth, but more or less a lie. Ah well, what they don't know won't hurt them. What also happened was that her body was recovering, and she was now a healthy weight. After being encouraged to eat by her pack mates, she began to fill out, and was a bit plump to be honest. It was a bother, though, because now her fur poofed with the fat.

Unlike others, she saw, she didn't linger too much on Memphis. Well, not in the way they must have. During her times helping Jo around, she often saw his eyes go blank with distant fear, and others seemed to linger in their thoughts. She took a shot in the dark to say it was Memphis. Ailis would never admit it, but she admired the wolf. If he wasn't so terribly inclined to the death of wolves, he possessed qualities that she learned were quite useful. Also, he was an inspiration in her story telling. After all, who wouldn't want to hear of a great black wolf whom could summon the stars and fire?

Jo's sharp voice cut through her thoughts, telling them to catch up. She scrunched her nose lightly, smiling and jogging to catch up to him. For once, she was content. Perhaps it was because, in her opinion, she has seen far too many things to be too perturbed by recent events. Sure, it was horrifying, but... Maybe it was because she wasn't directly tied into the events. The copper stood on the sidelines and helped when needed, but wasn't affected by it particularly. She remembered that being on the sidelines allowed her to catch something interesting,  such as Memphis's ghost nearby Rebekka, but that was about it.

However, her face fell the more she listened to Jo. A special someone? Repopulate? She scoffed. In the past few weeks she got to know the wolves better, and they her hopefully, but she didn't develop any "best friends". They were probably put off by her cynical and grumpy attitude, even when bright. Ailis especially gave careful attention to those she knew didn't like her because of the dark look she gave them the first they met before the attack. If the copper was going to stay, which apparently she is now, she wanted to at least be on good grounds with most if not all of the pack.

Her eyes swept the area. Most wolves went for the roses nearby, but she gave it a thought. Jo said any flower, not a rose in specific. Yes, roses symbolized love, but Ailis wanted to be unique. If she was going to give any wolf a rose, might as well make it count.

She bounded off to the nearby fields and looked around. How wonderful, she thought bitterly. The only flowers in abundance were poppies, daisies, thistles, and dandelions. Not letting this become an obstacle, she plucked plenty of all, even some lavender she found a distance away.

By the time she came back to the stone hedge, she had a bouquet of wild flowers in mouth that blocked her own face. It was a comical sight, to see a body that was usually associated with storms, rocks, and sarcasm to be flower-faced and have a slightly wagging tail. They won't be getting any of my flowers, she thought when she saw the looks some wolves gave her. Hmph! Then, by all means, Ailis will keep them for herself. They did smell rather nice....

The copper shook her head. Now was not the time to be the bitter aunt of the pack. Now was the time to make a friend, a real friend. Finally settle down and start to build relationships with the wolves. Not romantically, as she was certain only a mad wolf would find her attractive with scars and a torn ear, but perhaps close friends. That would be nice. The only question now was to pick who she would declare her new true friend.

Sheepishly, she looked around, before burying her face in the flowers with her ears laid back.

Ailis decided to give it to whomever gave her a flower first, and if nobody came, then Ginger. The lovely little thing was always friendly with her, and the copper had a soft spot for pups, so she immediately took the other under her wing, even if she treated the pup cynically as well.

"Yes, that's what I will do," she mumbled into the flowers.

Oh dear goodness, help me, she thought.

Wolves Addressed: Herself?
Wolves Mentioned: Ginger, Jo, Rebekka, Memphis, Pack
Notes: A bit rushed. Oh Ailis, you're so mean but when it comes to flowers you're such a shy little thing. PM for any edits.

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132 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:47 am



The whole ordeal with Memphis had felt like it had lasted a life time. Feelings of fear still lingered on occasion, especially in the middle of the night when Rebekka would be woken up from the ever frequent dreams. She found it difficult to sleep for the first couple of nights. The tension and built up walls that she had created still needed time to diffuse themselves. It helped with Jo being there though. Despite the amount of times she shouted at him and hit him, she would sleep that little bit closer to him than usual. Feeling safer when they were together...and allowing easier access to whack him one when he got a bit too suggestive for her liking.

The two weeks had been a necessary wind down for the pack, herself included. She felt that bit more confident in herself for a change, though that didn't stop her shyness when it came to doing some things. It wasn't like she had a personality transplant after all, just a little perspective on things.

Her pack had survived.

The thought brought a gentle smile to her face as she followed Jo into Stonehenge. It made her immensely proud to be a leader of a pack that actually survived something together. All be it with some injuries here and there.

Looking behind her, watching her fellow members join them, she held a warm smile, even chuckling slightly at Mustafa's indignation about being there. She noticed the way himself and Avalon acted towards one another (much like the majority of the wolves here) and quickly turned her head to Jo to give him a slight smirk. Young love was either adorable, or amusing, depending on the character. In this case, Rebekka had a feeling it would be sweet.

“By the way, the den is free if anyone wants to repopulate.”

Well, Rebby's smirk didn't last long after that. Her immediate reaction was to blush brightly and widen her eyes before looking down, “Jo!” she reprimanded in an embarrassed tone. She threw a small glare at him, hoping he was the only one to notice her reaction. Heavy embarrassment and shyness weighed on her as she shuffled for a moment before walking over to the flowers, grumbling something about suggestive males being no good for her.

Do whatever you like buts its a mushy token of love.”“or a token to a good night.”

Rebekka's face deadpanned as she turned to Jo with an unimpressed expression, “I will hit you” she mumbled to him, whacking him with her tail anyway. Trust Jo to make everything suggestive on a day of love and appreciation. Couldn't he just leave it up to wolves imaginations? Well this is Jo, so that answer would be a 'no', Rebby scoffed in thought as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. Though a small smile still appeared on her lips.

"Hi I'm Silver. I hear your names are Jo and Rebecca. I was wanting to ask may I join your pack?"

For a moment, Rebekka was surprised. It seemed like so long ago she was asked for permission for someone to join the pack. Most wolves seemed to just end up here through their own fate entwining with hers. A smile appeared on her face as she glanced at Jo, and then nodded, “Everyone is welcome here.”

Bending down, Rebekka picked up a flower and placed one in front of Silver, “Here.” She didn't say much, but hoped the token would be something that brought a smile to the wolf's lips. That's what the day was about for Rebby; showing her affection and making people smile.

Grabbing a few more roses, Rebekka make her way over to Fyrebane and smiled at him with flowers in her mouth, “Fry...will you accept this rose?” She bowed slightly playfully, placing one at his paws before lifting herself up to his level, “I'm really happy you're okay after everything. I'm really proud that you're in my pack...even if I had no idea what to do with you when you flirted at me when we first met” A little chuckle escaped her as she remembered her awkward reaction.

“I was wondering- if you wanted to of course, was wondering if you would like to become Beta for this pack. You don't have to accept, but I think you're a fine wolf and would do the job kind of already did the job anyway.” A warm smile and soft eyes were on Fyrebane, “Even if you don't accept it, I still wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.”

Wolves Addressed: Jo, Silver, Fry
Wolves Mentioned: Memphis, the pack
Word Count: 770
Notes: Fry is the first on Rebby's thanking list :Pshe's a grateful lass. Jo's going to be announcing Luna becoming Beta, just so you know I've not left her out :3

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133 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:36 am


It wasn't more than a few seconds before Mustafa came into sight. She smiled a bit overly at first, without intending to, and as a result, had her mouth pricked by a thorn. She really hoped no one had noticed that, because that wasn't what she was going for. A few seconds in, and she was already making a fool of herself, naturally. Avalon tried to adjust the way she held the rose a bit. Finally, she found a way of smiling where she could smile and not bleed at the same time, but the side of her mouth was still sore. She sort of had to loosen her grip on the Rose and poke the corners of her mouth up a bit, but in the end, a smile was a smile.

As nervous as she felt, she had a feeling that he was a bit more so. She couldn't help but get that vibe from him as he deliberately avoided her gaze. At least, she hoped that was why he was avoiding her. Avalon just assumed that they were sort of a thing? but not a couple. It was all just very, very complicated. But if it was the right word, she really did like him. She wanted to know that he felt the same way. She was fairly certain that if he wasn't giving her a flower she'd fall over and die on the spot.

Avalon had never felt this way about anybody before, but it was a truly wonderful way to feel. And terrifying. In comparison, she almost felt to be in less of an emotional panic when she'd taken a life than she did now. Now, she wasn't a sociopath, she still felt a somewhat-normal range of emotions, but she was a psychopath. To be fair, she was only moderately psychopathic, but nonetheless, she still counted as one. Sociopaths don't feel at all, psychopaths just don't feel correctly. Avalon could definitely feel this weird emotion that she couldn't quite describe, and it was directed at Mustafa.

She was watching him as he stood over by Jo, with a suspicious interest. He was looking at a white female. She could vaguely recall having seen that wolf at the battle that brought her here in the first place. He was grinning at the other female, she observed, shocked. If he thought he was going to saunter over there and flirt with that other female she thought that she was going to go and slap him. Avalon kind of thought she that had the right to do so. As he moved in the other's direction, her heart sunk. He really was going over to see the other girl. She almost dropped the rose that she had for him in her mouth. Avalon just couldn't believe that he was going to do this to her. And then he stopped. It surprised her to see that he wasn't going after the other female; she'd just assumed that he was choosing the other wolf over her.

When he turned to look back at her, she met his gaze. Her smile was back, and a bit pleading at that. She watched him go over to the pile of roses that lay there by the alpha. He was picking out a rose for someone, but she wasn't sure who. She felt herself blushing through her fur. The little female desperately hoped that flower was for her, because she didn't have anyone else to give hers to. When Mustafa had moved towards that other female, it had nearly made her want to cry. This little "activity" of Jo's was turning out to be a lot more stressful than she'd expected.

Now Mustafa was walking her way, and with a rose as well. She didn't know how to react to the situation in the least. But it was a great relief to see that he was definitely coming her way. Her heart was pounding furiously and she felt shaky. Avalon felt like the smile on her face must have looked very stupid, and it probably did look funny, but she simply couldn't help it.

He came over to stand next to her and she sucked in a breath. He nuzzled her shoulder as he came up next to her, and some little part of her melted. "H-hey Ava..." he started off, setting a rose down. "this one's for ya...." He took it back in his jaws to give it to her. Unable to fully express her appreciation with her eyes, she sat the rose she was holding down so she could speak. "Th-thank you," she responded with a funny smile on her face. "It means a lot."

"And for you," she said, her voice a bit unstable still. She picked back up her own rose and offered it.

Wolves Addressed: Mustafa
Wolves Mentioned: Mustafa, Jo, Silver
Word Count: 802
Side Notes: Not my best work, but oh well.



     And there she was. The girl who needed a rose.

  He watched her quietly, and from his own distance. She appeared not too far behind the others, and proceeded to go off by herself. The red female had gone off to pick wildflowers nearby. She was different like that. She really didn't fit in quite like everybody else, with her face marked up and her snippy disposition, but she had some good buried in there, too. Fyrebane could tell that she was something special in her own way, and he doubted that anybody else noticed.

  She must have had a rough past, but she never would speak about it with anyone, not that he cared much to share about his own former life. But he had a good sense of the fact that she'd been through far worse than he had. He felt some pity for her, even though he had no idea what she'd been through. Clearly though, it had been very bad. One look at her face gave it all away. She had very obvious slash marks across the top of her muzzle, and a bit of her ear had been torn off, too. To him, it looked like she'd fought with a wildcat or something. Wolves didn't leave marks like that. So, she was definitely tough then; he'd give her that, too. It dawned on Fyrebane that lives can take a turn in the opposite direction very quickly sometimes, and that she was probably a different wolf before whatever left the scars happened.

  Even now, she wasn't all that bad, as he'd come to find out. Still, he would have liked to have met the wolf before the scars. The way the world changed in an instant could be a scary and wonderful thing. It wasn't her fault, whatever had happened to her. The others ought to be a little more forgiving with her, he observed. The real wolf that lived inside that barrier probably wasn't anything like the one she appeared to be. He wished he'd seen her this way when they'd first met. For a cocky idiot, his brain actually brought him to some valuable conclusions when he used it.

  She looked funny, trotting back with a face full of brightly colored flowers. Her bouquet flared out in front of her eyes, to the point where he didn't understand how she wasn't tripping over herself out of limited vision. It was a ridiculously funny sight to watch, and he couldn't help but laugh to himself a little. And he spotted a bit of her tail wagging, too. It surprised him to the normally sulky wolf actually behaving in a way that indicated a positive mood. She never was much of one for smiling or wagging, he took it.

  He wasn't only going to give her a rose because he found her interesting, but because he wanted her as a friend. It was both personal and strategic. First off, Fyrebane just thought that she'd make a good friend; correction, a great friend. And aside from that, they both needed to make some friends around here. He needed to create ties within the pack, also. That was the strategic part. He hadn't spent the time to get to know some of these wolves, and he had to start somewhere.

  Before he could move, Rebekka appeared in front of him with a playful expression on her face. He was happy to see her happy. “Fry...will you accept this rose?” she asked, placing one before him and the squaring up to be level with his height. "'Course I will," he replied. Thinking back to when he'd first hit on her, he added, "Anything for you and those beautiful eyes." Clearly she'd had the same thing in mind as she said, “I'm really happy you're okay after everything. I'm really proud that you're in my pack...even if I had no idea what to do with you when you flirted at me when we first met.” He smiled at her. Not a smirk, but a genuine smile.

  She looked like she was preparing to say something big, which got hold of his attention. “I was wondering- if you wanted to of course, was wondering if you would like to become Beta for this pack. You don't have to accept, but I think you're a fine wolf and would do the job kind of already did the job anyway. Even if you don't accept it, I still wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.”

  "Wow, umm, wow..." he said stupidly, utterly shocked by what he was hearing. It was an authentic surprise to him. "Of course. I would be honored to serve this pack," he said at last. Suddenly remembering his mission though, he added, "Thank you. Now if you don't mind, I think that somebody else here needs a rose." He collected the rose from Rebekka and the one he was to give to the one who needed it. With a respectful nod of his head, he turned to find her.

  Strangely, approaching her made him a bit nervous, even though he was just attempting a friendly gesture here. "Hello there, Ailis," he began. "You look like you need a rose."

Wolves Addressed: Ailis, Rebekka
Wolves Mentioned: Ailis, Rebekka, The Pack
Word Count: 878
Notes: Pfft. Yep. Couple of meaty posts.

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134 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:35 pm

"Thank you Miss." She said to Rebekka as she walked behind them and heard the remake about repopulating the pack and giggled.
Silver took the offered flower from Rebekka and turned to find the large male she had been looking for, Mustafa. He had seen her and she was ready to give him the rose and flirt a bit but he stopped and looked around again until his gaze looked at a black female. The same one that was with the other pack's leader. He went to her instead of Silver and she almost dropped the rose she held, 'Dang it fowled again.'
she thought as she shrugged and watched the scene unfold. She delicately put her flower buy her feet and watched as the two gave the flowers to each other. Smiling she wanted to congratulate him but she would do it later when she had made friends with the female and assured her that she herself wouldn't take the strong male from her.

Silver watched everyone as she sat there with the flower beside her, waiting to see if she would get a flower or anyone would notice her there. They didn't know her from a hill of beans and if she wasn't approched then she would find someone.

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As they left the den Solmn followed the pack a bit exhausted from making the fog earlier. At first the young black pup did not know where they where going he just followed. As Solmn moved towards Stonehenge the smell where in someway familiar to him then the pup realized they where going to the place where Rebbekka rescued him from the bird. He glance at the female Alpha and wondered if she remembered it. Solmn in a way did not want to be here, this place mark the end of the life he had with his birth parent, even though it could also is the birth place of his new life. When he got is flower at first Solmn did not know what to do with it, so he look at every wolf judging their merit and how close he was to them. There was Silver a female wolf that scared him at first, for the simple reason that her fur is in direct opposite from his, when Rebekka offered a flower to her he then cross her off his list. He smile when Silver offered her flower to Mustafa, Solmn wished he could be like him in some ways, confident, strong and bold not fearing anything. Apart from the two Alphas and Ginger Solmn was not close to any one in particular. So what the pup did might seem a bit strange but he set off to the place where Rebbekka grab him.
He deposited the flower along the shore and dipped his little head. "This is the last gift that I give to you my birth parents, I know you can not grab it but for this ounce I am hopping for one of the wolf gods to intervene and bring it to where you are." At that moment the black small pup felt saddened because this was his way to say good bye for ever. He gave the flower one last glance then went to a spot where the rays of the sun warmed him while staying close to the pack.

Word Count: 345
Wolves Mentioned: Rebbekka, Silver, Mustafa,
Wolves Addressed: None
Note: To make sense of my post check Solmn's story in creative corner.

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Jayme hadn’t spent much time with the pack after the attack; she had mostly been in the woods hunting. With her size and mass it made it easier for them to bring down bigger game, it had also become her job to help carry the kill back. Jayme had liked it that way though keeping her mind off of the black male. He had reminded her so much of her father and the way the life left his eyes when he had taken his last breath, it had brought back memories Jayme was not ready to relive. Yes she had killed her father, but it was out of defense, I mean that’s how Jayme saw it, but how would the others see it? Would they think her a murder? A murder of her own kin at that, but she had always been on the run from him, he killed her own brother how could you not take revenge.

Jayme had been kind of distant from the others not wanting them to notice the thoughts that were raging in her head. Jayme knew some had noticed and was pretty sure they thought it was only about the fight at the den. She had seen the look the other wolves got at times, lost in thought in a far off place pain in their eyes and fear. It was one thing to hear of a death but let alone see one, to smell the stench of another as their body shut down and the overwhelming coppery smell of blood. There had been blood everywhere, Jayme had done her best to hide the seen from the pups but she knew a few had to have seen.

“Hurry up slowpokes!”

Jayme was then brought back to reality; she was traveling with the pack for the first time. She knew a few might not even recognize her so she traveled partly away from the others not getting to close to the as she knew she towered over most.

“Alrighty guys, now is the time when all things cute
and lovey happens. Now is your time to really get to know each other.” “By the way, the den is free if anyone wants to repopulate.” “Now, see these flowers? Yeah, well pick anyone you like and give it someone. Anyone, or keep it. Do whatever you like buts its a mushy token of love.” “or a token to a good night.”

Jayme blushed at the alphas words thankfully though her red fur covered the redness in her cheeks. Jayme followed a few others as they picked up roses, when it became her turn she picked one at random. The thorns cut into the soft tissue of her tongue; she winced slightly as she made her way to the outskirts of the clearing. She wasn’t too far away but far enough to where she could watch the rest of the pack. The big golden male was back the one that had given her a bad vibe when she first saw him. He moved towards the black female that had given the other alpha his end. Jayme smiled slightly as she watched the others; she placed the rose at her paws. ‘Why did they have to be so large?’ Jayme wondered ‘Why do I have to be so large? Others usually take me for a male, I’m not dainty and cute I’m just large and fluffy. Maybe I should have just kept traveling, I don’t fit in here, I was meant to live in cold places or at least that’s what my coat suggests.’ All the while Jayme was thinking this her large black claws kneaded the earth beneath them; soon she was drawing pictures on the soft soil.

Wolves Addressed: None
Wolves mentioned: Jo, Mustafa, Avalon, pack
Word count: 621
Notes: Poor oversized Jayme lol

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One of these days she would need to have a talk with Fate.

When she cried out for help, she didn't expect the large, reddish male to rise and walk her way. From her dealings with him on trying to improve her first impression, she caught sight of the better wolf than his own first impression on her. At first, she took him for a cocky flirt, and he certainly had such an air about him. However, he proved to be a brave fighter, and certainly a guardian. Maybe there was more beneath that exterior.

In all actuality, it was a bit odd to see him coming. After him leaping out to save Jo from Memphis, she saw him in a different light. Admired him, actually. He was strong and brave, qualities any wolf could appreciate, but he seemed to be a bit more. Compassionate, which was opposite of the arrogant flirt. Everyone has their own sides, she discovered long ago, and these were his. Though, despite all of that, it still struck her as strange that he would pick her to give a rose to. While Fyre and the copper would converse and become friendlier with each other, she always felt that she was too different from him. She learned he opposed storms - and she resisted the urge to sing her favorite pack-folk song about summing rain - and she had jumped to the conclusion that he would find her other habits odd too.

"Hello there, Ailis. You look like you need a rose."

Her voice was caught in her throat as she opened her mouth, and she closed it again. He brought with him a strange vibe that he was nervous, based on his voice and body language. Well, why not? Before he walked over, she overheard through the flowers that he was their new Beta, and peeked a bit at him to see his reaction. Then, he smiled at Rebekka gently and stood, taking both his rose and Rebby's and walking over. Suddenly, it hit her. He was nervous because of leaving Rebekka and taking on the position of the new Beta, most likely. Although that may not be the case, it was hard to sway from that conclusion.

For the briefest of moments, she felt a bit betrayed, but immediately shrugged it off. Ailis decided, finally, that he would make a fine friend; large, strong, and certainly has a decent amount of common sense. Usually a lack of such would put her off, but he had a worldly experience about him, something she could learn from and acknowledge with respect.

"Uh.. Well. I find that I am at a loss for words," she mumbled, standing and smiling at him. She wasn't quite his height, but could look him in the eye and stand as an equal. Her expression went a bit nervous, and she looked down at the flowers. This wasn't supposed to happen. Usually, she spoke somewhat properly, but she wanted to be on a friendlier and more equal level, even if it killed her.

She chuckled at her own clumsiness, and a bit to lighten the awkward mood. "Well, I'm not sure how to fully express this, but... Thank you." Raising her head, her eyes gleamed with gratitude. "You know, I wasn't quite sure who to give these to, but I think you need a few extra flowers too. Besides, I would like to congratulate you. You're the new Beta!" She chirped the last bit out, a bit happy at the fact that she witnessed his promotion. Immediately after, she lowered her head, ears back in embarrassment. Thank goodness her fur was red enough to hide her flushed cheeks.

She  bent down, taking the bouquet and walked a bit forward, placing it gently before his paws. "And... Well, I suppose... " Come on, it's just a simple question! Cursing under her breath in frustration, she worked up the courage before looking up at him. Quickly, Ailis mumbled, "Uh... If you have the time, do you ever want to talk more? You seem like quite the interesting wolf." Ailis cursed herself over and over in her head. For all her going around and appearing friendly, she was hopeless with beginning situations such as this.

She hoped that he wouldn't decline her offer harshly. He really was interesting, and it was in her best interest to make friends, after all. Though, the copper wasn't sure whether or not to get her hopes up too much. He seemed to be a bit too good for her. A better metaphor would be that he was a thousand steps ahead of her; living stories, leading packs, doing all sorts of things she never expected of him. In a strange way, she was proud of Fyrebane. This wolf went from a somewhat irritating flirt to a wolf she would consider a good friend. A true friend, certainly.

She just hoped that, deep down, he considered her the same. At least then she would be maybe a hundred steps behind, and not a thousand.

Wolves Addressed: Fyrebane
Wolves Mentioned: Fyrebane, Rebekka
Notes: Ailis, can you be anymore doubting and clueless, you poor wolf. Also, toying a bit with posting style for now. PM for edits.~

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Avalon accepted Mustafa’s rose, giving the male a warm smile. He chuckled and took a step back, blushing. It felt like he was blushing all over his body, was that even possible? He tried to keep himself calm, but instead started smiling so strongly that he thought his lips would rip.
Before he even could say some nice words to her, she was already giving a rose to him. The rose was for him? Awesome! It was something he had wished for, and it was now for real. He had never really expected Avalon would give him a rose. Well, he had expected it, but he just wouldn’t believe it until now. it made him feel a warm and happy inside.
‘’Th-thank you’, it means a lot’, she mumbled and she handed him over the rose she had picked out. ‘’And for you.’’

‘’Oh… thank ya.’’, the male mumbled, a bit embarrassed because he didn’t know what else to say. He swallowed and told himself to stop acting stupid. ‘’It’s lovely.’’
He showed her a smile once again and took the rose from her, after he had offered her his little rose. He couldn’t help but wag the tip of his tail a little. He didn’t wag his whole tail as he still wasn’t very fond of being seen as a weak wolf. When he wagged the tip, no one else but she would notice it, at least, that’s what he hoped for.
He held the rose a bit clumsy and almost dropped it, getting stung by one of the sharp thorns. He could taste blood in his mouth and shuddered, but immediately shook the thought about Memphis’ dead away.
He wondered what to do now, as he stood there in front of him. He was thinking back about Jo’s last words. A token of love, repopulating. It sounded all so stupid but the male couldn’t help but think about it. He wondered what the female was thinking at the moment.
He then realized he had been standing still like a statue, staring at Avalon. He woke from his daydreaming and chuckled, yet again blushing. He hoped she hadn’t noticed him dozing off.

He tried to find words, but every word he wanted to say to her got stuck in his throat on the way out, leaving his mouth dry and his mouth unopened. No words were spoken for a long time, maybe a bit too long.
He really had to say something and opened his mouth a little bit so he could speak and hold the rose at the same time. He didn’t want to drop it, as he thought dropping it by accident would probably make Avalon upset or angry with him. he didn’t want that to happen.
‘’Um… whut do’ya wanna do now…?’’, he asked, clamping his lips back onto the rose, cutting himself once more by the sharp thorns. Again he tasted blood, the bitter taste of the red liquid. It made him feel sick, yet he enjoyed the taste somehow. But why?
His words came out a bit foolish and he hoped Avalon would finish his sentence with another one; an answer to his question. Could they ever go to the den…? No, he would let her decide. she was way more special than all those other females. He could not flirt with her, but that wasn’t a problem to him. It felt like he could trust her with all his secrets, some feeling he didn’t have with other females around him. He had to keep this girl with him, it felt like his duty to take care of her, to keep her safe, even though she could manage on her own. Take care of her own.
He felt a bit uneasy as he waited for her response. He hoped she would advice him to do something fun with her. It didn’t matter to him what it was, but he hoped for something special…

Addressed: Avalon
Mentioned: Avalon, other females
Word count: 660
Note: Meh, a bit lame, I have to go soon somewhere. I also feel like making Mustafa a posting box. c:

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This wasn't what she had planned. Nothing was as she had planned.

Nine huffed a sigh as she followed after the wolves. For a long while now, she had been nagging at herself for staying around for so long. Why had she stayed so long? Fourteen nights she had kept on. Fourteen nights she could have put between her and her home.

So then, why was she still there?

As Jo announced that their purpose at the strange rock formation was to get to know one another and maybe enjoy a night with merry making, Nine knew that it was her sign to get the heck out of Dodge. She didn't do "getting to know" others. Nope. Not in her job description.

She snorted at herself. Job description. Like she was employed anywhere. Nine wasn't even certain if she was considered a part of this pack. Sure, she had showed up late to an ambush party and had stuck around to help the resident pack to recover, but she wasn't so sure about anything more than that she needed to get on soon, else her past was going to catch up to her.

But, now that she thought about it, she wanted to know these wolves. They were interesting. They didn't make sense. Nine ached to figure them out and maybe discover something about herself. Could she?


Nine let herself fall to the back of the group as the remainder of the wolves arrived to the scene. Already there were some that were giving a flower to others. Participating in this held a symbol of permanence in Nine's mind. If she participated, she would have to stay. She already cared for this strange trail mix of wolves. And she was definitely interested in them - at least, on an intellectual level.

What's gotten in to you?" she asked herself in a low tone. "You cannot afford to do this - especially not now."

Nine gave the pack a glance filled with longing and regret. They were good wolves. Better than any she had ever met before. And they had survived what Nine had been certain was not survivable. They were strong. And, what if her past wasn't coming after her? Nine glanced over her shoulder and into the woods. She had come to know them in her time there. There was something mystical about the place. Something unknown.

With a heavy sigh, Nine turned from the group of wolves and began to head in the opposite direction. If her past was coming after her, she didn't want these kindhearted wolves to be caught in it. She wasn't without regret - Nine couldn't shake the feeling that she was wrong about everything. There was a good chance that her home had just treated her as dead and didn't even bring her up. Nine wondered if there were myths about her disappearance. She could imagine her little brothers telling the story like it was completely different from the truth. Anything to avoid accepting that their sister had left.

Could she go back? Nine paused. She had never once thought about going back home. It had always been so far out of her plan that this was the first time that it had come to her mind. She looked over her shoulder at the Dealan - De wolves. Part of her wanted to say that this was home. Part of her wanted to stop running and let herself make friends.

All of her ached for something different. Everything about settling down was such a contrast to her typical lifestyle of hanging around for a few days and then leaving in the middle of the night.

She turned and looked at the wolves as their worries and fears seemed to melt away in the joy of just being. They had lived. They had kept their home. They were.

And what are you?" Nine asked herself. Many things came to mind. A coward. A know-it-all. Asocial. Curious.

She wasn't a lover. Or a fighter. She was a runner. And Nine was oh-so tired of running. So, so very tired. "
Maybe..." she started. With a final glance to the woodlands, she took a decisive step toward the pack.

Maybe I can stay a little longer..."

Mentioned: Dealan-de wolves
Addressed: Herself
Notes: boring but essential post to get myself back into the RP groove \o/

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  Seeing the female at a loss for words made him smile a tiny bit, in a friendly-but-amused sort of way. Some of her little quirks were amusing. He wouldn't tell her that. He saw Ailis looking him over, and he was pleased with the fact that she seemed to be giving him a chance. At first he'd been a bit on the fence as to whether or not she would tolerate his company. She didn't seem initially like a very easy wolf to him --- easy to befriend, talk to, approach, but now that she'd come partially out of her shell over the past two weeks, he'd seen her in a whole new light. Ailis wasn't nearly how he'd always imagined her.

  There was something more to everybody, he supposed. Fyrebane's brain wanted to delve into the subject, but he doubted he could survive so much thinking. He was smart enough, but not incredibly deep. Thinking things through didn't really come to him so easily. The ruddy male blinked off the subject; and reminded himself that he was here to make a friend, not to contemplate the depth of the spirits of his packmates. He had gotten off track.

  "Uh.. Well. I find that I am at a loss for words," she mumbled awkwardly. He grinned minimally at her comment. Fyrebane was wondering if she was a bit flustered, but she produced a chuckle which reassured him of the mood. He accompanied her chuckle with his own, heartier equivalent.

  "Well, I'm not sure how to fully express this, but... Thank you." Raising her head, her eyes gleamed with gratitude. "You know, I wasn't quite sure who to give these to, but I think you need a few extra flowers too. Besides, I would like to congratulate you. You're the new Beta!"

  "Ha, thank you!" he exclaimed in return. He felt a bit overly enthusiastic, but rightfully, he supposed. The male hadn't yet considered all that this promotion would mean --- for him and his fellow wolves. Again, he hadn't really thought things through before giving Rebekka his answer, but even if he'd taken a thousand years to come to a conclusion, he knew it would be the same one. It was an honor to be chosen for such a position, and he simply couldn't have turned it down. And he'd always liked to have mastership over others. He promised himself he wouldn't abuse this.

  Fyrebane observed that they were bouncing their attitudes off of each other, and both of them were growing a bolder. He wasn't sure why he noticed it, but it interested him. She looked slightly embarrassed now, but he overlooked it. As smoothly as he could navigate socially, speaking to her pretty much hit his social skills in the face with a rubber mallet. Talking to her had temporarily broken his charm. At least, he hoped it was temporary.

  Ailis was setting her bouquet at his feet now, and he felt himself suddenly flush. It was definitely a convenient time to have reddish fur, he noted. He was grateful for the gesture, more than he would have expected himself to be. "And... Well, I suppose... " she trailed off. "Uh... If you have the time, do you ever want to talk more? You seem like quite the interesting wolf." He hadn't been anticipating to hear something like that, but it was sort of what he was going to try to ask her, so he was glad he didn't have to say it. It didn't sound so great out loud. "Yeah. I'd like that," he attempted. "You seem like an interesting wolf, too."

  'Damn conversational skills,' he cursed himself. 'Come back. Please?'

Wolves Addressed: Ailis
Wolves Mentioned: Ailis, Rebekka
Word Count: 610
Notes: This took me forever because I am exhausted.



‘’Oh… thank ya. It’s lovely,’’ Mustafa responded. She was grinning like an idiot already, and she didn't think she could look any dumber, so that was a plus. Being around this wolf just made her feel stupid. Everything that she did, she felt like she did wrong. Avalon didn't understand why she just completely melted around this wolf, but she really kind of liked the feeling. Her cheeks were burning with excitement and embarrassment still.

She caught a glimpse of his tail wagging, and wagged her own in reply. In vain, she tried to beat her smile down into something less overdone. Her whole being felt silly with feelings that were just silly and she overall felt plain ridiculous. It occurred to her that the other wolves might be noticing this awkward exchange, and she desperately hoped they really weren't. So far, in her life that she could remember, Avalon hadn't ever been in this kind of situation, and she really didn't know what to do. She didn't notice when she almost dropped the rose she'd given him, but she did notice that he was standing there like a statue; she probably was as well.

Her stomach felt all full of butterflies that were doing their very best to make their presence known to her, and there wasn't much she could do about them. She cleared her throat to try and break the silence, but then she couldn't think of anything to say that didn't sound daft. Avalon didn't want to seem so clumsy in her speech and actions, but she hadn't much control over them at the moment.

‘’Um… whut do’ya wanna do now…?’’ he asked. He'd left the question very open ended for her, which she appreciated, but she hadn't the slightest idea of what she wanted to do or where she wanted to go. But she did want to go somewhere or do something with him. Suddenly, she found herself feeling very shy and awkward. It was one of those situations where she really wanted to bury her face out of shame, but she also knew that she couldn't do that right now, so she'd have to stand there and pretend like this wasn't so strange.

After a moment, she decided on something. Avalon hoped Mustafa would be up for it too. She wanted to get out of here, away from everybody else, and to find some space. Having all of the other wolves mulling about around them was a bit distracting, and she wanted to go somewhere where they could have some privacy. And then... she'd see what happened there.

Avalon didn't know what she wanted to happen today, but she hoped it would be something memorable. For that matter, she didn't know where she wanted to go either, but she'd let him choose, she supposed. "Let's get out of here," the little female suggested, leaving out where they would be going.

Wolves Addressed: Mustafa
Wolves Mentioned: Mustafa, Others
Word Count: 486
Notes: Short-ish and lame post is short-ish and lame. Sorry. I'm dead tired.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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141 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:58 am



After Mustafa’s question Avalon went silent and Mustafa wondered if it was right of him to even ask that question. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked it, or should he? He had never felt any feeling like this before so he didn’t know what was right or wrong. He felt really stupid and dumb, and soon realized he had been staring again.
He shook his head, trying to stop himself from daydreaming or staring. Now was not the time to fall silent or stutter like an in love schoolgirl; an in love Japanese schoolgirl, to be exactly. He waited for her to respond, but both Avalon and him seemed to be thinking, both were frozen like statues. It was a real strange feeling and Mustafa bit his lip. He wondered what she would answer. He thought of any possible answers but he knew nothing for sure.

After some time of waiting, which felt to Mustafa like an eternity, the female in front of him began to talk, giving her long awaited answer to his question.
‘’Let's get out of here.’’, she said and Mustafa swallowed. He wondered what she wanted to do. Why did she want to leave? Was the den maybe involved…? Probably, or maybe not at all. he decided not to get his hopes too high. After all she only said she wanted to get out of here, and he let her choose. He slowly nodded at her words.
‘’Sure, let’s do that.’’, he said smiling and as she turned around and padded off, he went after her and ended up beside her, walking a bit clumsy and feeling more uneasy. He looked back one last time at the others, seeing them exchanging roses and talking and smiling, before he looked back at the black coated female.
He wanted to say something and opened his mouth, but soon closed it again. Yet he felt like he needed to say something, to keep them talking, to start a conversation. ‘’Where-we goin’, ‘tually? Whut do’ya wanna do?’’

The female seemed with her mind somewhere else and the Hudson Bay wolf didn’t expect she would answer anytime soon. It didn’t bother him, though. He loved just walking beside her. If she didn’t want to talk then that was her choice, he would just walk beside her and talk, or maybe listen if she had to say something.
He felt like he walked not close enough together, as he realized there was a little gap between them. He wanted to walk close to her, really close, yet he wasn’t sure if they were already a couple or just two wolves having a crush on each other.
But, if he tried nothing he would probably never know. He swallowed and took a deep breath, moving closer to the female. He hoped she wouldn’t be startled, or that she would look strangely at him, or maybe even give him a nasty stare. That were the things he was the most afraid of.
As their sides touched during their walk and him moving closer to her, some odd scene came to his mind. Was it a flashback?

‘’You have nice eyes.’’, a white female with brown markings in her coat spoke as she examined him. Her dark brown eyes sparkling as she looked into his eyes. Was she blushing. Was she grinning? She wagged her tail slightly, at least, as she walked circles around him. It was like she was testing the male, or trying to find out of his was good enough. ‘’You look really handsome as well…’’
‘’Oh, well… thank ya, gurlie. Ya look lovely ya-self.’’, the male responded, grinning at her. oh, how much he loved to flirt with females, and sometimes they would flirt back, like this one.
The brown coated Hudson Bay wolf wagged his tail, a huge grin plastered on his face. He never wanted to lose his skill to flirt, that would be his most terrible nightmare.
‘’You know, if you like we could travel together… You like that?’’, the female asked and the male swallowed. His whole dream was going to turn into a nightmare. No, he didn’t want to be together with someone. Being mates with any female would let life end.
‘’Nah, maybe better luck next time, gurlie.’’, the male said, grinning at the female and he turned around. as he did so he touched the female’s cheek with the tip of his tail. No, he didn’t want to have a mate, he wanted to be free. Forever fleeing and seeking for power, that were his life’s goals.
The male ran off, leaving the confused and angry female behind.

Mustafa closed his eyes and shook his head. Was that him? Had he been meeting that female himself, for real? He couldn’t remember anything from it. This memory had never come to him earlier. It made him feel scared; was he even ready to become a couple with someone, even mates?
It made him doubt about himself, about what he really wanted. But yet again, how old was he during that very memory? Was it even him in that very memory? Well, it was probably him as the male in the daydream looked like him and sounded the same as him, but what was it about?
He took another deep breath, feeling so uneasy at the moment. He hoped Avalon hadn’t realized this all, or that she at least hadn’t realized he had been sort of ‘passing out’ with his mind.
He had to think of something else, something more fun and something he would look forward to. But what would that be?

Addressed: Avalon
Mentioned: Other pack members, an unknown female
Word count: 936~
Note: Weeeee, Mustafa had another memory he can’t place. xD

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142 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:23 pm


She was in the middle of wondering what Mustafa was thinking. Avalon wasn't sure where he might want to go, but she had some ideas. But at the end of the night, she had a good idea of where she wanted to end up with him. Hopefully, she was interpreting his desires correctly as well. She really liked him, and she thought that he felt the same way about her. It was all such foreign territory to her---relationships and being close with others. Never in the known past had she had the opportunity to get this close to others, and now that she had that liberty, she didn't want to mess it up for herself. Admittedly, she was a bit anxious to hear his answer.

Now that Memphis was out of her life, there was room for building ties and having some down time. She didn't have to constantly worry about her ruler and cater to his every wish. Her life as a pawn was over now, and she wasn't ever going back. There was so much in life that could hold you back or tie you down, but once you learned to let them go - or kill them - life was so much simpler. She was free; she could do whatever she wanted. She would do whatever she wanted. And what she wanted right now was him.

Lust was a strange and strong thing that had been long bred in to all things, and she was feeling its pull. There was something about this wolf that was different in all of the best ways. It was the reason why she couldn't go through with attacking him at the battle. She didn't know exactly what it was about him, but he reminded her of the only other time she'd ever felt that way about anyone, a long, long time ago. Avalon was afraid to put a name to that special feeling, but she knew what it was.

Was everything going too fast, though? It had only been a couple of weeks since they'd met, which wasn't a great accumulation of time, but she was certain about the way she felt. Over that time, she'd gotten to know him a good bit better, and she'd enjoyed every minute of it. Getting to know some wolves was just a pleasant experience, but getting to know others was something special. He just had that effect on her. She couldn't help but be all giddy in every moment she spent around him.

After what had felt like an eternity and a half, Mustafa finally responded with, ‘’Sure, let’s do that.’’ Avalon was thrilled now, knowing that they would be getting away from the group, but she still didn't know where they were going. Her hope had been that he would mention something, but things didn't appear to be heading in that direction. ‘’Where-we goin’, ‘tually? Whut do’ya wanna do?’’ he asked. Well, where they were going still remained unspoken, but at least they were both on board.

As they started off, she noticed Mustafa walking a bit funny. It was almost like he was trying to move closer to her without actually moving closer. At first, she just observed his awkwardness with silent amusement, but once he finally brushed against her side, she nearly melted. It sent a tingling sensation all throughout her body, a good, sweet tingle. Avalon was practically throbbing with joy and absolute mushiness now. She wasn't sure if he'd meant to brush against her side, but he looked incredibly distracted now. She purposefully brushed up against his side as they walked, but harder and more deliberately than he had.

Realizing that she still hadn't responded to his question, she mumbled in an affectionate tone, "Where you wanna go." It wasn't exactly an answer to his question, but she thought it summed up what they were both thinking about at this point. After all, they were both young and free, so why not have some fun? Why not make today something unforgettable? She didn't see a single thing standing in her way.

Mustafa was worth it to her. There was a word, one word, that would some up how she felt about him right now, but she wouldn't let herself think about it. Putting labels on relationships was what made them so complicated. A warm smile crept onto her face. Today was going to be a fantastic day, because she simply wouldn't let it be anything but.

Wolves Addressed: Mustafa
Wolves Mentioned: Mustafa
Word Count: 745
Notes: PM for edits or whatever. I had to squeeze this in, but it's not bad at all.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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143 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:32 pm



"Yeah. I'd like that. You seem like an interesting wolf, too."

At this point, she was practically giddy with excitement. Friend? Friend?! Friend!! That was all that ran through her mind. Usually, she prided herself on thinking on a higher level than others, finding pleasure in being superior in one aspect. Though, after going through so many things with this pack, Ailis has learned to step off the pedestal, one step at a time. Well. One embarrassing thought process after another, it seems, and she quickly fled from the path that thought was heading down. For someone who admitted to their flaws occasionally, she hated dwelling on them. It made the copper realize how bad of a wolf she actually was, and crushing guilt often followed.

However, it brought comfort that he seemed equally at loss for words as well. Their situation allowed each other to become much more audacious, perhaps even able to handle a smooth flow of conversation. What was funny was that from an outsider's point of view, this was a tense conversation. In her opinion, it was an easy exchange that words were just merely tools of conveying emotions.

What perturbed her was that maybe Fyre wasn't thinking of as philosophically as she was, or prying it open for analysis. It was an odd habit she had, and one that Ailis planned to discard as soon as possible.  As much satisfaction it brought to be sharp, it often hindered her in her own social life.

She couldn't place a proper word for the feelings and the thoughts that hopped through her head. It wasn't fear, nor anxiety.... It wasn't bouncing happiness either, although she had an abundance of that at the current moment. Maybe a bit of apprehension. For what? That their friendship will fail, or that something bad will happen and it will fall just in its baby steps? Well, there was that fear, but confidence was also sprinkled in. This new found relationship of theirs, even though it's odd at first, would prove to be a good one. She was certain of it.

Ailis looked down, and bit her lip, thinking of what to say next though. A small rock was protruding out, and she nudged it a bit, deciding to loosen it. Loosen it from the soil and let it go free.

Maybe she should try that. Let herself go.

"So uh..." Let it go, Ailis. Let yourself go. Have fun. Enjoy this new relationship, be yourself. Her golden eyes darted to the side, and saw Avalon and Mustafa trot off to themselves. An idea lit in her head. She felt that they at least needed to go somewhere where the both of them would loosen and fly in the wind. Definitely not do anything like that, as Ailis was fairly sure that Mustafa and Ava would be having their own fun, she mused mischievously. No. The copper refused to let that sort of thinking and that sort of thing mar the beginning of this relationship. She wanted it to be based on mutual respect and a fondness for each other's company. Build the foundations first before the castle.

"Do you want to hunt?" she asked, curious. Normally, Ailis would ask if he wanted to swim, but she knew that he disliked water. "I'm sure that grabbing a bite to eat would loosen us up. I'm up for the adrenaline anyway, aye?" Grinning, she went over and bumped him in the shoulder in a show of puppy-like playfulness. Food always helped the mood, and one way to someone's heart was through the stomach.

Fyrebane better be hungry, though, she thought. Otherwise she came short on ideas on what to do to break the ice.

Wolves Addressed: Fyrebane
Wolves Mentioned: Fyrebane, Avalon, Mustafa
Notes: Food always helps, lol. PM for edits.~

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144 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:18 am



Just as Mustafa had shrugged off the strange memory of another female, he could feel Avalon answer his brush against her side, by doing the same. Yet her brushing against his side was way stronger than what he had done. She returned it way stronger. It made him feel a little bit more unsure again. Where was she taking him? What was she planning on doing together with him?
He was pretty curious, yet she didn’t answer his question, not yet, at least. She was just as much daydreaming as he was, and he guessed she was just looking for a good answer to give to him. He didn’t blame her, he had a hard time giving answers himself.
‘’Where you wanna go.’’, she responded, looking at him. Mustafa looked up at her and felt his heart beat rising. She wanted to go anywhere he wanted to go? He was unsure what to say to her about that. How did he need to respond? He knew how to flirt, but having a serious conversation with a loved one was a new thing to him.

He saw her smile as she was back into her thoughts. What was she thinking about? Probably the things they could do today, together with the two of them. At least, that was what Mustafa thought she was thinking about it.
He had to answer her, respond to her. Yet, what was there to say? To answer? He tried to look for words but he couldn’t think of any. He was afraid any words coming from his throat would make her upset, angry or feeling uncomfortable in any way. He was in one of those moments where awkward silence would wash over him. He had felt it before once, that awkward feeling that caused him to go silent for seconds, minutes, maybe even for hours. But he had to answer, he had to at least say something to her to let her know he had heard her, and that he understood her. but what did he have to say? Where did he want to go? Where could they go?
‘’Um… I um… I, aaah… uumm…’’, it came out like a waterfall if stuttering, a mix up of unfinished words or sentences. He could feel his chest hurting from the nervous beating deep inside it. he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t say it. if they would go somewhere else, away from the pack, they would be there together, all alone with just the two of them. Then there would be even more awkwardness. He couldn’t bear with that, could he? But at the same time that was what he wanted; being alone with her, just with the two of them ‘’I… I um… Oh gosh, wait, lemme think…’’
He sounded so awkward, so weak, so coward-like. He hated that feeling, yet he loved it as well. What was wrong with him? He felt so confused, so strange? If this was what love was all about he preferred to have no love at all. Yet, no… He wanted to be with Avalon. He wanted her.
‘’I think… we… we should…’’
He bit his lip hard and squeezed his eyes together. Stop it Mustafa, stop it! Be a man damn it! A real man!
‘’I think… we should go to the Loch Ness Lake.’’, he said and he sighed, cursing himself for his stupid and strange behavior. But at least this was a good place where they could go to be all alone. Everyone was out here and some would go to the den… maybe. The Loch Ness Lake was some place no one would think of going to, now wasn’t it? He realized he hadn’t let Avalon decide whether it was a good idea or not, and quickly added to his last words: ‘’What do’ya think of that? A good place?’’

Addressed: Avalon
Mentioned: Avalon, others
Word count: 643
Note: Murp

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145 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:47 am


  He hoped his stupid-sounding comment hadn't put the coppery female off any. She would make a great friend if he could get to know her better, he was figuring. Fyrebane needed to make a few more friends around the pack, and Ailis wasn't the most social wolf, so he figured it would do them both some good to get to know each other. After all, it couldn't hurt to try and make friends with her. Even though she wasn't a traditionally friendly wolf, she was friendly enough for him. It was a shame she didn't put herself out there a little more, because he thought that she'd get along well with some of the other pack members, too.

  Standing around was getting to be a bit awkward now, but he didn't know what to do. He didn't really have anywhere else to go, and took a quick glance behind him. When his head swiveled back around, he noticed that Ailis looked a little peppier than normal, but in a strange way. He couldn't tell what about, but she was definitely thinking hard. At least, he thought, she hadn't been paying much attention to him standing there dumbly.

  As much as he wanted to, he couldn't solve the mystery of what was going through her head. Her face bore an expression of happiness, but also of consideration. He wasn't sure if he should try to come up with some kind of ice-breaker comment or suggestion, but it didn't look like a very good time to interrupt her. Thinking on such a deep level had always perplexed him even further, though he did realize that some wolves relied very heavily on their brains to navigate through life. Fyrebane was all hot-blood and impulse, and physical power. Sure, he was clever enough to think things through if he wanted to, and when he did use his brain, it usually helped, but he could get on fine without much higher-level thinking involved. The survival instinct that had been bred and beaten into him at a young age had gotten him considerably far as of yet.

  With a slow blink, he tried to clear his head out. He still hadn't decided if he was going to say something, and he watched as the female pawed at a little rock. Fyrebane could recall that she was particularly fond of rocks, which he found unusual, as he had no faddish of any nature.

  "So uh..." the female began, finally breaking the universal silence. "Do you want to hunt? I'm sure that grabbing a bite to eat would loosen us up. I'm up for the adrenaline anyway, aye?" Ailis invited. Pleasantly surprised by the suggestion, he found that he actually could go for a bite, and plus, hunting was his thing anyway. It was a task at which he was more than comfortable. "Yeah, sounds like a plan!" he replied, starting off in that direction.

  He took the lead and started padding at a comfortable gait off towards the hunting grounds. A nice run to stretch out his muscles was just what he needed right about now, and it would be a great opportunity to get to do something with Ailis, too.

-- To the Hunting Grounds --

Wolves Addressed: Ailis
Wolves Mentioned: Ailis
Word Count: 534
Notes: Found the time for this little number. It's not anything amazing, but I'm glad to have had the chance to get it out. I'll be posting for Avalon later.



She thought, and hoped, that they'd had the same idea. Avalon really liked him, and she really wanted to get around to the den at some point. It was all so scary and foreign, but at the same time, wonderful to be here and now in this position. She couldn't be certain as to whether or not Mustafa had the same intentions, but she was pretty confident that he liked her in the same way. At the same time, she was still painfully nervous about what could happen today. Her stomach felt knotted up inside from worry and the slight shyness that was overcoming her.

Of course, she was concerned that by some chance they didn't share the same intentions or feelings towards each other, in which case she wouldn't know what to do. Things were either very simple or very complicated between them, and she couldn't tell which was true yet. The past two weeks had felt far to fast and simple. Time had blown by since the battle (which she thought ought to have a name). She didn't know if they could call themselves a couple, even though they'd grown pretty close over the past two weeks.

But, wherever they stood, she still liked him enough to go all silly with embarrassment around him. Clearly, he must have felt the same, because he looked incredibly nervous. Avalon was glad that it wasn't just her, but with them both in this state of perpetual awkwardness, there wasn't much that could be done. She'd given him the choice of where they should go, even though she already knew where she wanted to go. Not wanting to seem overly desperate, she'd left the decision down to him.

Avalon listened to the messy spill of words. ‘’Um… I um… I, aaah… uumm… I… I um… Oh gosh, wait, lemme think… I think… we… we should… I think… we should go to the Loch Ness Lake. What do’ya think of that? A good place?’’

It was a bit of a disappointment to her to hear his answer after finally picking it out of the rubble of his speech. She had hoped they'd been going somewhere else, but this was okay. She liked the lake, and just because they weren't going now didn't mean they weren't going at all, she reminded herself.

The lake would be a fun place to go, and no doubt it would be looking beautiful this time of day. After all, rushing into things wouldn't be any good. Also, Mustafa had been struggling for an answer, so for all she knew, he had just chickened out of what he had meant to say last-second. Either way, Avalon had decided that she would be perfectly happy to go to the lake with Mustafa and spend some time together. And maybe this was for the best too, because she was giddy with nervousness herself.

After another moment, it occurred to her that she still needed to respond to Mustafa's questions. "Of course," she replied. "Anywhere's good with you." She turned to trot towards the lake she'd come to know, assuming Mustafa would follow. She picked up her pace to a playful lope, hoping to get in a little bit of play-chasing on the way there.

-- To Lochness Lake --

Wolves Addressed: Mustafa
Wolves Mentioned: Mustafa
Word Count: 543
Notes: Added this for Ava.

Thank you for the lovely picture, Ailis!
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146 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:19 pm

Silver looked at the two couples and sighed, she had been away too long it seemed to acquire a male's eye. Slowly she rose to her paws and took the rose from her foot to her teeth avoiding the thorns or at least trying to. She saw two females whom she had seen but never met, eh this was a good time she guessed and if there were any males other then the three she saw then she would flirt but for now she trotted to Jayme who was drawing in the soft dirt.

"Hi I'm Silver, what's your name?" she asked kindly after she gently put the rose on the ground by her feet. "That is a beautiful drawing, what's it called?"
She hoped her questions wouldn't scare away this potential friend in the making.

Wolves Addressed: Jayme
Wolves mentioned: The two couples, Nine and rest of pack

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147 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:11 am

Little Old Jo

Jo continued to watch his pack, a small smile on his face. They were finally looking like a pack. A weird one, but a pack none the less. Oh, and with a pack, came Alphas and with Alphas, came Betas. Rebby and Jo had discussed the matter before. Their old ones had left after the battle, and the pack was in need of helping paws.

“Luna, Babe.” He beckoned, struggling back onto his paws. He waddled over to the long legged female, that quite clearly over shadowed him. “Pidge made her speech more formal, but ya know I'm not one for big speeches. So, fancy being my second in command. The pack could use your goodlook and brains, babe.” He smirked, pushing himself closer to the female. He placed the rose by her paws, winking into her emerald eyes. “For you, babe.” He chuckled before limping back over to his resting spot. “Be by the rocks, if ya need some fun.” He called back, swooshing his tail.

He was glad that Luna got to the new Beta. He hoped that she'd accept the offer. He knew that she was a loyal member and had a strong head on her. With her and Fyrebane as Betas, the pack would thrive. It had dwindled since the battle with Memphis. Members scattering, vanishing into the night. Jo didn't blame them,nor did he really care. Go wherever you needed to go. Don't dwell if ya know ya don't belong. Thats what he kept doing. Travelling until his paws ached and his stomach grumbled, or at least until he could find a lady to spend the night with.

“Jo!”“I will hit you” 

Jo rolled onto his side, his tongue flopping out of his mouth with a sigh. He chuckled at his mate before closing his eyes. “You wouldn't hurt a cripple now, would ya?” He peaked at Rebby before closing them once more.

The autumn sun fell on Jo, casting a small breeze through his fur. The scent of nearby elk fluttered, the loch ness waved, the flowers danced and his pack's scent was held close by. The dying leaves littered the Scotland marsh, coating it in a blanket of orange and reds. The alpha buried his head beneath them, blocking out the sun, casting a strange warmth over his face and muzzle.

'You're getting lazy, Jo.' He muttered inside his mind. Really, was he having a nap in the middle of the day? Well, catch rest whenever you can, sounded like a good motto to him. Anyway, he wasn't really napping. His eyes were shut, but he could still listen around. Rebby was still near.

“Pidge.” He mumbled, still leaving his eyes closed. “Come lie with me.” He whispered, hoping she'd lie with him. He wanted to be close to her. Ever since the fight with Memphis, Jo was keeping a closer eye on his mate. He was still the wacky, flirty male that got on her nerves, but something grew between them. Something that he didn't understand. It was not love,no, it was bigger than that. He didn't see Rebby in that light, and he doubted he ever would. He loved her more than someone could love another, which was strange. Jo wasn't a fan of loving someone. More of a quick night and then I'm out of here, sort of guy.

Hmmm, maybe Rebby was special. Just maybe.

wolves addressed: Luna and Rebby
word count: 569



She didn't know why. She didn't understand why she had stayed. She could have moved on and continued to travel, but she didn't. Pan stayed with the pack. Pan was a wolf of many things, but staying with a pack wasn't one of them. Not for a long time at least. Before she had joined many packs, met new wolves, seen them be born and seen the die. She watched as each generation passed before her. And then she had enough.

So she moved on, walking until her paws complained. She saw a lot. Saw the rising mountains in Italy, the ever flowing snow in Russia, the gorge in Solvenia, the pulpit rocks of Norway, Radan mountain in Serbia, and so many more that her mind was scrambled with amazing scenery. For one who could live forever, the sights never bored her. She would visit them once she tired of this pack and their future generations, but for now she would appreciate the lush landscape of Scotland.

The weather bristled against her fluffy coat. She smiled at their whispers. She loved the cold. She was made for it. She had ventured across what would later be known as France, and while its weather wasn't warm, the Scottish lands felt more like home with its biting wind. She couldn't wait for the snow to fall on the land, making her striped fur blend with the white ground. It would be a time when she was at her best.

"And what are you?"

Pan turned her head and saw a young female. She looked troubled, her brows knotted as though she was in deep thought. The lady was dwelling over something. On what? She did not know, nor was she about to get involved. Or so she thought. Within seconds she had realised that she was walking towards the female.

"Maybe..."."Maybe I can stay a little longer..

Ahh, so that is what she was thinking about. Whether to stay with the pack or not. The very same thought had past her own mind once before, and a many of time before that. Join and have a brief moment of happiness or be alone without the pain of watching them turn to dust before your very eyes. Morid, but the truth. Pan had seen many things with her old eyes, and death was one that still hit her hard. Maybe not as hard as the ones of this pack, but it still hurt to watch one die.

“Tak.” Pan started as she approached the female. “Vy turist kak ya ili ty bezhish' ot chego-to, yunaya ledi? ” She asked, gently trying to coax the female towards the pack where her decision would be fixed.

Wolves addressed: Nine
Word count: 451
Translation: Are you a traveller like me or are you running from something, young lady?


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148 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:06 am



Avalon at first seemed a bit disappointed when Mustafa gave her his answer. Wasn’t she happy? She probably wasn’t. or maybe she was but had she expected him to say something else. As he tried of that possible other answer he could have given her, he realized she was maybe talking about the den.
‘’By the way, the den is free if anyone wants to repopulate.’’, Jo had said before letting everyone take a rose. Mustafa swallowed at the thought. Did Avalon want to go to the den with him? he wasn’t sure, but he hoped she wanted to go. Yet now he had chosen to go to the Loch Ness Lake. But then again, it was probably the only place where they could be on their own, and that’s what he wanted; being with her, on their own, no one to spy on them or make fun of their awkwardness around each other.
Yes, the den would come later, not now, but later today. But then again, if she really wanted to go to the den, too, that was. Of course, he had to let the female choose. A lady always chose. They would go to Loch Ness Lake and once there, they would do fun things together. After that he would ask her if she wanted to go to the den or not.
He really wanted to go there, but asking about it too quickly might turn out to be the opposite of what he truly wanted to do with Avalon. He just had to tag her along to the lake and there more would probably happen, he hoped.

‘’Of course, anywhere’s good with you.’’, she said. She sounded quite strange in Mustafa’s ears. Was it that disappointment in her eyes he had seen? He hoped he just imagined it all. A weak smile appeared on his face and he could feel it creep wider and wider. An awkward smile; he had to stop smiling like this.
Avalon turned around and started to walk. Mustafa took a deep breath, trying to keep himself calm; now they were really going somewhere together and it made him creep out a little. What if he said something stupid? He wanted to be with her, but being with her also made him feel strange and weak, something he really didn’t want to feel like.
Was this truly love he was feeling? Then love was a pretty nasty thing to feel. It made you feel all warm inside, and like you could take anything in the world, defeat all your opponents with pride and strength. Yet on the other side it made you feel weak and vulnerable. Mustafa wasn’t sure what feeling was true, or which one he should see as the one taking the upper hand.

He sighed and went after the female, walking in a quite slow pace. He smiled slightly as he saw her walking in a playful lope. It was like she was challenging him to a game. It made him feel a lot more comfortable about the situation. He loved that female, and he hoped giving her this rose wasn’t the worst decision of his life, but the best. The male hoped he would feel like this for a very long time, that he would live long to have many adventures with this lovable female.
Quickening his pace he ran after Avalon, laughing. He would go for it, and tell her how he really felt about her. Maybe it was finally time for him to stop flirting with random females and relax and find a true love, and Maybe Avalon was this true love he needed. After all no one could be in love without having someone to feel this love to, to confess this love to. Love was a strange thing, but he kind of liked it.
He ended up beside Avalon and slightly bumped against her side, accepting her challenge to a fun game of running and laughing. If it would stay like this forever… yes, he would be very happy to tell her his true feelings.
‘’Th’last one at the lake has t’be pushed under water by th’other.’’, he said playfully, grinning at her, and he ran in front of her with a bunny-like leap. ‘’Don’t make me slow down for ya~’’

~To Loch Ness Lake~

Addressed: Avalon
Mentioned:Avalon, others?
Word count: 717
Note: Who shall be the first one to be pushed under water, hmm? c;

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149 Re: Stonehenge on Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:19 pm



Watching the other wolves take their flowers filled Rebby with a sense of accomplishment. Though they had fought for their land together, there was sometimes still tension between some wolves. Whether it was romantic tension, or just the want to be friends but not know how to go about it. Rebby enjoyed the fact that this day of love helped some members along in their endeavours.

Fry had accepted the position of Beta, but quickly went over to Ailis. While Jo's approach was a little more direct than Rebby's was. She shook her head at how casual he was, and even smiled at the way he lazily lounged on the ground.

“You wouldn't hurt a cripple now, would ya?”

Rebby scoffed at Jo's words and rolled her eyes at him, “I'd make a special case just for you, babe” Her term of endearment was an obvious use of sarcasm, but as she turned to him, she couldn't help but smile a little. She bowed her head and decided to look elsewhere so Jo wouldn't be able to see it, but he had a funny way of knowing what she was feeling, even if he wasn't looking in her direction.

At times it infuriated her to the bone, knowing that whatever she did, Jo would know that she was embarrassed at passing comments he made, or that she was smiling even when she was meant to be mad at him. She couldn't complain though. On the inside, she rather liked having a special someone that could do that with her. Even if that special someone really knew how to rile her up...and was inappropriately flirty. All. The. Time.

Peaking her eyes back over to Jo, she could see the way he lounged. For a moment, it was nice seeing him look so peaceful. Just enjoying the slight breeze and the warmth of the sun. Only for a moment though, because as she was taking a little time to admire him, he too had decided to peak his eyes open at her. She blushed a little and snapped her head away from him, but didn't even bother stopping the smile on her face, “Oh what's the use.” She mumbled to herself, shaking her head at the smile that Jo brought on her.

He really was something special. A puppy making machine as she used to call him, but still someone special to her. She never quite had anyone like Jo in her life before she met him. And she never knew that she would have someone like him. At a young age, she fantasised about finding her Knight in shining fur, but instead she got a Jester in 50 shades of grey. Somehow it seemed to be a better fit for her, even when she denied it to other people, she could at least admit it to herself.

“Pidge.” “Come lie with me.”

“Hmm?” She questioned gently when he mumbled her name. Her eyes widened slightly at his request, and she took a moment for it to sink in. was a rather nice day, and looking around it seemed like the other wolves were really taking the love inspired day and working with it.

“I suppose I can spare some time” She joked gently, her surprised expression replaced with a tiny smirk and warm eyes. She knew that Jo usually wouldn't ask for such a request, but from recent events, the two had been getting closer. Almost having your friend almost die on you kind of put things into perspective.

Friend wasn't even the correct term for what Jo was. He was definitely something else. Something more that she loved. Not of the romantic kind, although she has caught herself appreciating his face from time to time (not that she'd ever let him catch her). But he was something more, something she couldn't quite describe. Soul mates in a way. They just fit together. Just like that.

Taking a deep breath of autumn air, Rebby padded over to Jo, letting herself down next to him. She curled close to him, allowing herself to bask in the sunlight and exhale. Closing her eyes, a soft smile crept on her face. She instinctively moved closer to Jo, “You know, I don't know if I told you this because I'm pretty sure I've spent the last two weeks shouting at you for being reckless and getting hurt and all that...but I'm really happy that you're okay, Jo” She whispered the last part to him, almost afraid to open her eyes just to see some sort of smirk aimed at her.

“You're still an idiot though” She mumbled, peaking at him to see his reaction. She studied him with no extra words spoken, but silent one between them. She didn't feel the need to speak them out loud, at least not yet, but her message was clear. 'Love you, Jo.'

Wolves Addressed: Jo
Wolves Mentioned: The pack
Word Count: 819
Notes: N'aw, an actual sweet post between the alpha's :3


The fields around Stonehenge really had thrived with a bit of Fate's magic. It was hard to believe that the shadows had killed everything in its path when all that was there now was flowers as far as the eye could see.

They swayed gently as the breeze touched them, though there was an area that was moving unusually...almost as if someone was walking through them (or should I say bouncing). Every now and again, a couple of flowers would disappear and be whacked from side to side roughly as the trail of the mysterious thing continued onwards.

With a few more tugs, Ginger bounced out of the flower field with a wide grin. Petals and grass stains stuck to her coat, but the wagging of her tails showed that she didn't have a care in the world for being dirty. Wrapped in her tails were a bunch of flowers she had plucked while walking. Some of them dangled from being snapped, while others looked like they made the journey fairly intact. Either way, Ginger didn't care, she just wanted to spread the love around (as per usual).

With a happy sigh, she bounced and hummed to herself, almost dancing her way around a couple of the rocks of Stonehenge. Her head bopped from side to side as she jumped and sprang, wiggling her butt from time to time at the music she was humming completely off key.

After a moment of dancing, she saw the fun sounding wolf (Pan) and made her way over with grin, “Hello! Here's a flower!” She exclaimed happily, tilting her tail towards her mouth enough so she could grab a flower and pass it onto Pan. With a little bit of awkward snapping to catch the flower, Ginger finally managed to snag one. She pushed it up to Pan's paws and looked up at the large wolf with no intimidation, just pure happiness.

Noticing the wolf beside her, Ginger's eyes widened and she gasped in excitement, “Oh! Nine! I got one for you too!” Attempting the same move as before, Ginger ended up dropping all of her flowers with a little pout. She looked at Nine and then at the bouquet that lay sprawled on the ground. For a moment she looked back and forth, before she grinned and simply brushed all of the flowers up onto Nine's paws, “For you! You can share if you want” She suggested with a bright smile, wagging her tails happily.

She stood up on two paws, as tall as she could go, and gently leaned against Nine in a sort of small hug. “Give it to someone special, kay? Like all of the wolves!” In her moment of excitement, Ginger lost a little balance and fell backwards with a little 'ooof'. She looked up at the two females with a bashful grin and giggled, “I meant to do that”

Wolves Addressed: Nine, Pan
Word Count: 482
Notes: Ginger is pretty much going to try and do a full circuit Razz So first stop, Pan and Nine
Music: One minute to win it – Wreck it Ralph soundtrack

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Caroline flinched when the wolf with stripes approached her. Her strange language took a moment to register with the traveler, and she swished her tail, blinking and waiting for some sense to come of the words.

Nine shook her head in dismay, "
I'm sorry?" Part of her was curious about the strange wolf and her strange language. Part of her was terrified by the large teeth that dangled from her mouth. The wolf's green eyes were old and intelligent, like they had seen the world and knew of all the majesty and tragedy that the world held. Nine wanted to learn from this wolf, but the language barrier caused the words to stop in her throat. Though, some of the words sounded like her native language.

Young lady for sure was among the words said. Another sounded like "tourist." Furrowing her eyebrows, she made a dangerous guess that the older wolf was asking if she was a traveler. The inflection made it seem like it was a question. Finally, Nine nodded. "
Yes, ma'am," she stated, albeit forlornly. Her next words were cut short by the young female Nine had met upon first coming to these lands.

She doled out flowers, claiming that Nine could share them with someone special - like the pack. Nine's grey eyes gleamed with amusement. "
Thank you, Ginger," she dipped her head graciously to give a friendly nudge to the young wolf. But, then Ginger proceeded to trip over herself, tumbling head over tail, and claiming she meant to do it. Nine suppressed a laugh, nodding to the pup. "I believe you," she managed through trying to hold back her amusement.

As if suddenly remembering that Pan was there, and that she wasn't as alone as she thought she was, Nine raised her head and stood taller. Inwardly, she cursed herself, hating that she had let another see that she wasn't as stoic and knowledge-driven as she put off to be. it was next to impossible to not find love in her heart for the playful young Ginger. A soft spot that Nine was certain would be the cause of her downfall.


Looking at the Dealan-De wolves, Nine wondered if living with them, it would be different. Maybe having a soft spot for a group of wolves wouldn't be the death of her, if they were these wolves. These wolves that had fought for their home. These wolves that seemed to love one another like they had been family their entire lives. Nine gave a little sigh, perplexed eternally by the differences between this pack and the others that she had dwelt through.

Or maybe they weren't so different. Maybe she had just left before she could really notice the magic that coursed through the air between a group of wolves who truly cared for one another. Maybe she had been blind, after all, and not as observant as she thought she was.

The longer that Nine watched the wolves, the longer that she wondered how much she had wrongly judged the other packs she had gone through. Her own birth pack was another story, naturally, but, not every pack is the same, after all. Staying here wouldn't hurt, she decided. Nine could fight alongside these wolves. Already, she felt their conviction coursing through her veins.

Nine was one of them. She had been for a while, but she had been denying it. The feeling of belonging overwhelmed her at last, and a slight smile took shape on her mouth. There was a saying, home is where your heart is. Her home was here, because Nine's heart had been captured by these unique and wonderful wolves.

She was home at last.

Addressed: Pan, Ginger
Mentioned: Pan, Ginger
Notes: Nine is too cute for me to handle.
Words: 611

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