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101 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:44 am


Ailis slowly got to her feet, ears flicking towards the sound of two wolves arguing.

Wait, arguing?

She turned her head and body towards the argument between Jo and... What was her name? Asha, wasn't it? Ai's eyes narrowed at Jo's words. Although she did agree with the female over the alpha's own words (and she mentally quotes, Sure, if they get killed there's less mouths to feed), she wasn't quite sure what the other was doing was wise. Perhaps she had lurked in the shadows for far too long to understand, always watching and calculating like playing a large game of chess, but that's the way it is. If she was to lose her temper with the alpha, so be it. Not her problem.

Well, maybe the alpha was right. To an extent, at least. Right now, it mattered not about their own lives, but that of the elk. Without it, they might as well forfeit their own and end the race much quicker.

Still doesn't justify sending them out with a bad heart, Ailis thought numbly.

However, the rusty wolf would have to watch this "Jo" carefully. He seems quick to anger, when pushed properly. Wouldn't want to tiptoe on the wrong thread.

She walked past the trio consisting of the alphas and the pup, and in acknowledgement of his flirts and order, brushed her tail against his forelegs lightly. Turning her head to look at him with light eyes and a twitch of her nose, Ailis followed Asha.

Strangely enough, she had taken a liking to Asha. Fierce. Strong. The best part? Asha appeared to be easily swayed.

Appearance deceives, she reminded herself. Remember that.

To the hunting grounds

Wolves Mentioned: Jo, Rebekka, Chewbo, Asha, Luna, Bogatyr
Wolves Addressed: None

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102 Re: Stonehenge on Fri Apr 05, 2013 9:50 pm



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103 Re: Stonehenge on Sat Apr 06, 2013 3:33 pm


As she bounded away from the rocks, a scent caught her nose. It smelled unfamiliar... And wet.

She shook her head and body, thinking it was just a trick, but took another whiff. It was definitely not a pack scent. Ailis froze and looked around, trying to find the source of her curiosity. Was it here?

The female jogged a bit to catch up to Asha, briefly telling her, "There's someone here, not a part of your pack." Hopefully the grey wolf could tell too. If it was a larger wolf, male particularly, she wasn't about to go explore on her own.

"I am going to follow my senses and see who it is. Care to come?" Ailis offered a light-hearted smile, before turning away and heading towards the Loch Ness lake. "It seems to be coming from over there!" Cream paws leaped over trees and rocks, and before too long, she was blended into the forest.

To the Loch Ness lake instead~

Wolves Mentioned: Rain, Asha
Wolves Addressed: Asha

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104 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:15 am



Rebby smiled at the pup when he stated that we was strong. A soft expression was placed on her face as she watched him correct her about his strength. It made her heart go out to the pup as the smile widened a little and she nodded, “Of course. But just think, you'll be even stronger when you get older, yes?” She grinned and lowered her head to the pup with a playful look, “Then you can give Jo- your Pa' a run for his money.” she whispered to the pup so Jo wouldn't hear her words. She was obviously joking, but she was being nice to the pup to make it feel better and get his mind off the shadows.

The threat was a little less, but as Rebby watched the edge of the forest she could see the shadows still lapping around the corners and in the crevices. They didn't have much time left before the shadow started to take over the land and kill everything in sight once again.

Rebekka lowered her head and slumped her shoulders when she thought of Jet's death from the shadows. She couldn't bare to lose another member of her pack; she wouldn't know what to do if that problem ever arose.

Her gaze snapped back to Jo to see him face to face with one of the newer wolves. Asha was it? She shook her head as it wasn't important who it was; what mattered was the fact that Jo was laying into them pretty harshly, which caused Rebby to frown at her mate. Everything he was saying was technically true, but it was still harsh to say it like that...or at least say it to someone's family member that just recently died.

Her eyes examined Jo's posture and expression and sighed. She could tell that he was frustrated and angry at this wolf. Perhaps if it was a different circumstance, Jo's reaction would be a bit lighter, but right now, Rebby could see that fatigue in his eyes. In his posture. They both had a responsibility to take care of their pack, and as of recent, the job became a lot more demanding.

Once the shadow disappears, Rebby thought that a nice long nap with Jo would be on the cards. She knew that he'd be too exhausted to pass up on the idea, and not actually flirt with her as they would pad to the den. Or at least that's what she hoped...though she's been wrong before.

A gasp and a jump came from the alphess' form as Jo picked up his pup to prove a point to Asha. She frowned and stood by his side in an instant. “Jo.” Rebekka said sternly as she looked at the pup. “Calm down.” She pressed her head into his neck and gave him a long nuzzle before giving him a look.

With that, she turned back to the pup and lowered herself again, “Sorry sweetheart. You okay?” She looked at him and watched Jo ruffle his fluffy fur once again. It was clear that Jo didn't want to scare the pup, but still...sometimes we do things we don't mean to do. Rebby wanted to be there for Chewbo just in case. She wanted to help him.

“A good, strong, little man like yourself is fine, right? Like your Pa?” She gave him a smile of encouragement and then looked back up to Jo and Asha once the argument had finished. A frown formed on her face when Asha gave her a look of what seemed to be pity. Rebekka understood that Jo could be a flirty, puppy making machine, but that isn't all he was. She of all wolves knew that the most. Rebekka didn't appreciate the look that was given to her at all. Jo was right in the fact that everyone deals with things in a different way; and even though Rebby doubted Jo was too torn up about Jets death, his statement still rang with truth.

With a sigh she watched as the wolves bounded off to the different areas in search for something. She saw a stranger wolf mutter to himself and curl up beside a tree. She debated whether to wake him up or not, but at the moment, he was in no danger, and so she gave him an envious look due to him being able to have a bit of relaxation, amongst all of this drama.

Rebekka, Jo and Chewbo were the main ones left inside the stoned circle. They were slowly running out of time, and Rebekka didn't want to take any chances in harming Chewbo (or herself). It may seem selfish, but Rebekka knew that Jo needed her to run the pack. Just like she needed him. Despite their differences, they worked well together most of the time. They made an unlikely team...despite how irritated Rebekka got with her mate.

It was like the fates wanted to torture her and give her a challenge. And as Rebby thought about all the members of her pack; A female hating Beta, a honour hungry She wolf, a snapping Russian swearer, along with a flirty female and an childlike innocent one to name a few, it was clear that she had a challenge indeed.

“It's only a matter of time. Hopefully our pack can do this. I know they can...I just hope nobody had eaten the Stag.” Rebekka muttered to herself as she laid on the ground next to Chewbo.

Wolves Addressed: Jo, Chewbo
Wolves Mentioned: Asha, Ailis, Lennox, Shelyn, Boga, Luna, Champei. Poison
Word Count- 917

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105 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:00 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend
The pair of sea green eyes darted between the grey male, and the angry sounding female. He had no idea what they were arguing about, he was far too busy staring at Asha's legs, the bare one in particular. Did it hurt? It looked gross! All pink, and... not covered in fur, he sneezed a bit and stepped back, before suddenly being pawed over by his father, making him fall onto his side and look up at the three with his chubby cheek against the ground. He rolled up onto his stomach and shook his head.

“Of course. But just think, you'll be even stronger when you get older, yes? Then you can give Jo- your Pa' a run for his money.”

He nodded some, see, even Rebekka could agree how strong he was. He stood up, puffing his chest out confidently, nothing could scare him right n-

Well nothing except Jo suddenly snatching him up. He let out a small squeal as it came unexpectedly and he had not been held in such a manner in a long time, his paws danging in the air and his nose bumping into the female as he was shoved into her face, beginning to tremble a bit as he felt the vibration of Jo's growling paw against his scruff, shaking his head and pulling away as soon as he was set down, head swaying to the side avoid anymore ruffles from the gray paw.

“Sorry sweetheart. You okay? A good, strong, little man like yourself is fine, right? Like your Pa?”

He looked up at her, and scrunched his nose a bit. He wasn't so sure that he really wanted to be like Jo... he was a different wolf than he had come to expect. "Oi'm fine..." On the outside, on the inside, he was rather scared of Jo, though he really had no where else to go.

Addressed: Rebekka
Mentioned: Asha, Jo

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106 Re: Stonehenge on Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:47 am

“Jo.” “Calm down.”

Jo gave a might sigh as he made himself calm down. Jo was not a naturally aggressive or stern wolf. Normally, he had no care for the world around him. He preferred to take things in their stride. He was care free and calm spirited, when he wasn't flirting that is. But Jo was at his end. The pack was new. He had barely become alpha and he could feel the pressure of being one crushing among his shoulders. He could protect himself and Rebby; but a whole pack? He wasn't so sure any more. No one thought he was up for the job, not that he took much notice on what others thought of him, but maybe they were right. Was Jo unfit to be alpha or did he simply need a break from this chaotic situation?

He slowly rested his head on his mates and closed his eyes. Rebby barely ever used a serious stern voice on him. Not like the one she had just used. Normally, it was stern with a bit of worry or playfulness to it. This one was pure seriousness. She was not playing around this time.

The male moved away from his mate slightly and lay himself onto the ground, resting his head onto his paws. He glanced over at his son. The pup was something. Clearly the pup had the makings of greatness in him. How else would he have survived this long without his mother?Mother nature was not kind and not many lived to their old age.   However, he had defied her and made his way across the land to meet his father.

Jo bet it sucked being in that kid's situation. Being alone in the world, feeling the grief of losing a family member and then to find that his only remaining family doesn't really want him. Though, Jo was new to all this. Yes, he wasn't acting the way a father should to a pup, but Jo had never been a dad before. He was new to this situation. Jeez, he didn't even bother with his younger siblings, he was too busy with all of the girls.

Though, even without being a good dad, Jo could see that the pup was scared of him. 'Nice going, Jo.' He snarled to himself. He quickly looked up at Rebby and gave her a look that clearly wanted her to help. He then cast his look upon the pup before looking back at her. He wanted her to help calm the pup down. “Hey, Jewwy, Pidge will cheer you up, right Pidge?” He smiled at him in a awkward manner. Jo was not good with kids.

Word count: 443

This is Berk. It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three. Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so. The only upsides are the pets. While other places have ponies or parrots... we have... dragons. -HTTYD

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107 Re: Stonehenge on Sat Apr 20, 2013 2:08 am



Rebekka held in the need to melt and say 'Aww' when Chewbo puffed his chest out in confidence. She smiled sweetly at him and give him an encouraging grin, though she it was replaced with a look of worry when the pup squealed and looked scared from Jo snatching him up. A frown appeared on her face at her mate and she shook her head. He clearly didn't know how to treat children.

"Oi'm fine..."

Rebekka's eyes softened when she saw through his lie and she lowered herself some more to meet his level. She lifted his head up gently and looked into his eyes with a warm expression,“Hey, it's okay.” She started off gently and smiled at him,“Jo didn't mean to scare you, he's just a little stressed. I'm sure he'll make it up to you.” She then moved her eyes to Jo and narrowed them subtly in front of the pup. It was clear that it was command. “Wont you Jo?” There was a sweet sound in her voice, though it was slightly strained so Jo would actually listen to her.

She turned back to Chewbo and gave him another smile, “A strong little man like you can do anything, right?” Rebby encouraged as she tried to calm him down and stop his little form from shaking. He heart called out to him and she was certain she would make Jo pay for scaring the pup senseless.

“I can see the strength in you, Chewbo. You must get that from you Ma' ?” She asked gently, genuinely being nice. She was aware that the mention of his mother might upset him slightly, even if it wasn't intended that way, “She must've been a great woman to bring up a boy like you. She must be really proud” Once again, Rebby gave Chewbo a warmest smile as she gave his nose a little nuzzle to be playful.

Rebby looked up from Chewbo to give Jo a look to do something. Though it became apparent that he was doing the same to her. That no good, flirting, puppy making wolf! He put Chewbo in this mess and she had to fix it. She scoffed to herself and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Hey, Jewwy, Pidge will cheer you up, right Pidge?”

Rebby's eyes widened and then she closed them as she shook her head, “Tell you what Chewbo,” She said, making sure to annunciate his name so Jo wouldn't call him 'Jewwy' ever again. “You're a lot smarter than your Pa'.” She stated as she intended it as a joke at Jo. She smiled at him, “How about you get Jo back?”

Rebby gave Chewbo a wink and whispered in his ear. It was time for a little fun in all this doom a gloom. Hopefully the other wolves were close to completing the prophecy.

“Want to help me take Jo down?” She said playfully, “Wait for an opening and then go for it.” She smiled and pulled away before looking at Jo with a grin. Not a word was uttered, but she suddenly pounced towards Jo playfully and tried to push him over.

Tried probably being the operative word.

WOLVES ADDRESSED: Jo, Chewwy (Or Jewwy as Jo put it)

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108 Re: Stonehenge on Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:41 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend
As soon as Amanda saw the young wolf streak into the stone circle she was sure her eyes were playing tricks on her and that her vision was getting worse, which it did day by day. But she couldn’t help herself from crying out, “Alison! What are you doin’ ‘ere lass?!” she immediately streaked over the small distance between her and her niece and when she skidded to a halt and her eye took in the wolf’s form she was certain it was no mistake. It was her niece! Her niece was really here! Her little Ali!

The she-wolf immediately winced and recoiled at that terrible screeching sound which came from the shadow. Despite her reaction to it, almost instantly afterwards she took a protective stance next to her niece. As she watched the shadows skirted outside the edges of the stone circle. ‘So Jo was right to lead us here.’ She had been rather sceptical that these stones could protect them, but she was glad that they did.

She immediately looked at her niece with worry in her eyes. Normally she would stand and watch this amazing thing, the stones seemed to have magical power and could ward off evil spirits. Strange happenings like this were of course filled with mystery and mystery intrigued Amanda.

Then that bright light white appeared, so bright she had to turn her head away from it for a few moments until it died down. She slowly turned her head back to face the centre of the stone circle and her amber eyes widened. Possibly one of the most amazing and beautiful things she ever saw was right there, she couldn’t believe it. As she listened to the…she wasn’t quite sure what it exactly was, and the words settled into her brain one after another as the mysterious wolf spoke.

~Teensy Weensey Time Skip Since I am Not Sure What Else to Write~

“Go find this stag and his doe in whatever form she’s in. We’ll slit into groups. Lenny, Champei, Luna Amanda and Alison in one group.”

Amanda immediately snapped her head up at Jo’s voice and flicked her ears back in a bit of hesitation. Wasn’t Alison a tad young, who knows what dangers would happen…But, Alison was with four other wolves, which included Amanda and if Jo thought it was safe, well, she’d go along with it. But if anything happened to her niece, oh boy.

“Let me just grab Steve before we go! Ready!”

Amanda cast a smile at Champei, while she had not spoken directly to the she-wolf, she had heard the conversations she had with Lennox and her childish simpleness made the storyteller smile. Amanda let out a good natured laugh as she watched Champei bound off humming. “See you later,” she called to the ones who were staying at the stones before clumsily bounding off.

Wolves Addressed: Alison and the ones staying at the stones..
Wolves Mentioned: Alison, Lenny, Champei and Jo.
Notes: YES. FINISHED! AMANDA IS BACK IN BUSINESS! Sorry for that small time skip TT^TT I wasn't sure what to write and since I have terrible writers block at the moment and I'm already far behind I didn't want to stretch out my inactivity. And sorry for the lameness TT_TT

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109 Re: Stonehenge on Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:51 am


The hetrochromic cretin had fought himself to exhaustion collapsing on his back with his legs dangling in the air. As he lay upon the earth he looked around watching the wolfs around him, it had only occurred to him that others were near…

without attempting to get up he began to wiggle his body and flail his legs (in such a ludicrous manner one would think he was suffering some form of medical trauma) so that he slowly shimmied across the ground towards the nearest wolf he could, he continued to shimmy until he came close enough to communicate, but lay there on his back watching as most darted off, and watched those that remained bickered.

He found himself scowling at the angry vibe… (before realising his head was upside down so attempted to smile in a fashion that would at least in some part look like a frown, but is still looked off so he abandoned the scowling altogether) and shimmied up to a small wolf…

while still lying he looked up at the pup grinning…

“Heeeeeey there little fella… you look not-happy, s’not good bud… your… what’s the word… ooo don’t tell me… it not happy… its… umm.. Bleah? You look… bleah… what’s up that bigger fella got you down? … well I say bigger I’m not really sure from this angle everything looks big…. Or have I shrunk? Hmm no I don’t think so… I’m sorry I’ve only just met you and I’m saying a lot of words, I just don’t really meet a lot of others, apart from fairies but they get boring after a while… I was going to talk to the big one but he’s being pounced on… so hi... need cheering up?”

he stared at the pup with half an expression of playful innocent, and half blissfully ignorant…

Addressed: Chewbo
Mentioned: Jo

Note: this is my attempt to integrate i had meant to earlier but work is... pressing... thats the word... and don't worry if he seems incoherent, he probably dosnt know what he's saying either

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110 Re: Stonehenge on Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:48 pm


Pack Friend
Pack Friend
The pup shook in his chubby paws and looked up at his father as he was told that his step mother would calm him down, turning his sea gaze from the horrifying grey figure over to the more soothing, not so... grabby one, and tilted his head a bit as she began to speak.

“Hey, it's okay, Jo didn't mean to scare you, he's just a little stressed. I'm sure he'll make it up to you. Wont you Jo?”

He blinked, then perked his ears forward at Jo, well... he'd better! This pup deserved like... a turkey leg or something with what he did! He scrunched his nose a bit, well he was already mad at Jo for leaving his mother in the first place, now he also had a bad first impression going for him!

"Eh... okai, as long as it's edible!"

He flopped down onto his flank, he was already beginning to feel a bit hungry, that stag, was it really the only one left?

“A strong little man like you can do anything, right?”

He blinked, then stood to his paws and grinned a bit, wagging his tail back and forth, "Yeah, Chewbo can do all things!" he claimed, bounding around a bit, he was Superwolf after all, nothing could scared him!... Well, nothing except Jo, that is!

I can see the strength in you, Chewbo. You must get that from you Ma' ? She must've been a great woman to bring up a boy like you. She must be really proud.

The little male cringed a bit at the mention of his mother, but went back into play mode as he again fell for all of the flattering, "Yeah yeah! She rois'd me real good! Oi'm... well oi'm the strongest wolf in Scotland!" he claimed, waddling over to her paw and nosed it onto it's size, "See?" His nose was a bit warm to the touch, however, the lack of food and long travel obviously had an effect on him.

"Tell you what Chewbo, you're a lot smarter than your Pa', how about you get Jo back? Want to help me take Jo down? Wait for an opening and then go for it."

It was clear by the park in his small red-brown ears that his already painfully high ego was increases as she stated how smart he was...~

"Yeah yeah!" He covered his mouth and whispered, tail wagging a mile a minute, "Superwolf needs a sidekick after all!" He asked excitedly, it was rather surprising how quickly he was warming up to Rebekka, it was odd, the wolf he thought he would hate the most turned out to be the one he was getting closest with.

His attention was broken by a sudden voice, he turned around and looked up, sea green eyes opening a bit wide. What an oddly colored wolf, he thought, tilting his head at his words.

"Oi'm... better now!" He answered, walking between Gladbane's legs and looking under him, was he colored this way everywhere? Yes, he was. He walked back over to the front of him, licking the purple on his paws and shaking his head, ew, no!

"Yo' taste funnay."

Addressed: Rebby, Gladbane

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111 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:55 am

Without warning, something tackled Jo. His teeth bared and his hair rose, but he soon calmed as soon as he noticed that the thing that attacked him was none other than Rebby. Jo was a little surprised by the playfulness of his mate, but he liked it. They hadn't had a moment like this in a long time and Jo felt it was the right time to release some built up tension in his muscles and head.

With a chuckle Jo rolled across the grass and playfully knocked the female off him. He knew to be careful with Rebekka since she was as delicate as a flower. She was not one to rough and tumble with, but the occasional playfulness from her was something that Jo enjoyed. Though, teasing her was a much better sport.

“In for a bit of rough and tumble are we Pidge?” He smirked as he nuzzled into her neck as he stood over her. He continued to playfully nuzzle all over her body, laughing as he did. He gave her a joyful lick on her cheek as a thank you for making him less stress. Rebby knew exactly what to do, even if she didn't know she was doing it.

He carefully place his body over her and lowered until his face was over hers. “Or we could practise something else?” He whispered into her ear. Jo meant nothing by what he said, but the simply delight in teasing her made this chase of cat and mouse fun.

Word count: 254
Notes: Lame


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112 Re: Stonehenge on Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:45 am


"Oi'm... better now!"

The wolf jumped to his paws in one swift move smiling happily as the younger wolf walked under his legs:
“Oh that’s good, because there’s nothing worse than un-happiness… except rock trolls… and fairies… and demons… and exploding butterflies… and-”

"Yo' taste funnay."
The wolf smile turned into surprise as the little wolf licked his paw, he looked down at his paw… than back at the little one…
“Silly one my paw is not for the licking, it is blessed with the purpleieness of berry blood… witch everyone knows is magic….” His eyes darted from side to side before he whispered “it’s to keep the fairies away…”
He sat down staring at his paw before licking it himself… Deciding he liked the sweet taste he continued to lick as he spoke;
“Besides I taste awesome… I taste like purple! Which is sweet and yummy… and probably better… than… you… hmmm?” without warning he licked the small one’s face.

he stood with his face scrunched … “blaaah…” before continuing to lick his paw, “you taste like… blaaah… and fur…. Definitely not edible, and not a fairy ….they taste like sticks, and berries”

Addressed: Chewbo

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113 Re: Stonehenge on Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:11 am



Rebby let out a squeal of giggles and screams as Jo and herself rolled across the grass playfully. She let her heart soar with happiness at the playful tackle and grinned at Jo before he knocked her down, lightly trapping her with his body. Though the trap didn't dampen her spirits as she give Jo a cheeky little grin and nuzzle. Her eyes held amusement as she let the stress unravel from her limbs. It was nice to have a cheeky and playful moment with Jo. One where Rebby appreciated a sweet and happy moment compared to Jo's constant flirting in the form of teasing. This moment was a flirting that Rebby could handle. Mostly because she didn't realise it was flirting at all. She was having fun with her best friend (who just so happened to be her mate).

“In for a bit of rough and tumble are we Pidge?”

Rebby rolled her eyes at Jo but still kept the smile on her face as he nuzzled into her neck and then over her body. She wriggled from underneath him and begged him to let her go as she laughed, “Jo!~ Stop it!” She laughed which caused her words to float away and have no effect on her partner, “Jo~ that tickles!” Rebekka squeaked as he nuzzled a specific spot which caused her to try and shimmy away.

Though when he did stop she was surprised, right until the moment where he placed his body over her own more carefully and lowered his head until his face was right above hers. Her smile looked a little more nervous at the new position, but she was determined not to let his teasing get to her.

“Or we could practise something else?”

Rebby let out another squeak as her eyes widened and her ears flattened against her head. She became flustered and hot as she tried to utter her response back to him, “Jo!” She resulted in shouting her name as she tried to hide her face from him as well as her embarrassment. “There are pup's here” Rebby cast a bashful look towards Chewbo to see that he was making friends with a different wolf...and by different, Rebby was being polite. She cocked her head to see the different toned wolf converse with the pup and narrowed her eyes in thought. She was making sure that he wouldn't harm Chewbo, but by the look of it he seemed to have the mind of a pup himself...and the strangeness of something else.

Rebby had almost forgot about Jo's taunts. That was until she looked back at him and remembered her position. She let out a groan and pouted at Jo, “Shush you.” A small smile appeared on her face once her flustered body cooled down.

And in that moment Rebby felt content. The stress had melted from her bones and she felt refreshed and more confident. Jo had a funny way of cooling her down without even realising it. Mostly because he was usually the one making her flustered, but still. He knew her better than anyone else, and vice versa.


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114 Re: Stonehenge on Mon May 06, 2013 3:55 am



    "Why am I back here...?" The female muttered, staring through the brush at the standing rocks. The place made her uneasy, but since she had ditched the place in the midst of the craziness, something had been bothering her. Decidedly, coming back would be the only thing to make the knots in her stomach go away.

    Still, that did not mean she was happy about it by any means. Shoulders shrugging with a sigh, Circe poked through the growth and made herself visible to the strikingly smaller number of wolves that stood in the standing rock circle. There were less of them than she remembered...something like guilt hit her belly as she realized that the rest of them must be dead. Least I got out of there she told herself. The cognitive dissonance was great, but try as she might, Circe couldn't shake it.

    "Greetings," she called from outside the rock circle. Circe did not dare to enter the ring. It felt forbidden, and she had a deep feeling of being unwelcome. A bit timidly, the mottled female looked over the rocks. How do they stay like that? she wondered. A tale weaved through her mind in explanation. It was likely far from the truth, but to her, it was something important. An allegory on why the world was the way it was.

    "Interesting..." She muttered, seeing the formation with a new sense of awe.

Mentioned: Rebekka, Jo, Gladbane, Chewbo
Addressed: Rebekka, Jo, Gladbane, Chewbo

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115 Re: Stonehenge on Mon May 06, 2013 4:09 am


Pack Friend
Pack Friend

Oh that’s good, because there’s nothing worse than un-happiness… except rock trolls… and fairies… and demons… and exploding butterflies… and-
The tan and white pup looked utterly confused, what was this silly wolf rambling on about, fairies and trolls and what?
Silly one my paw is not for the licking, it is blessed with the purpleieness of berry blood… witch everyone knows is magic….
Chewbo stopped, and stared, his eyes squinted... yes, he had fallen into a pack of strange ones.
"Uh, oooookai meester you uh... okai."
The confused and puzzled little pup gave the bigger wolf a nuzzle on his purple paw, maybe he would get some of this um, protection of these... fairies. His ears were suddenly distracted by a sudden fit of giggles, causing him to turn his head and tilt his head at his father on top of his stepmother.
There are pup's here
He tilted his head the other way at Rebby's bashful and then shook his head, they were just being silly! One day when he is older he will look back at this moment and cringe.
His seagreen gaze was taken off of the pair as he suddenly felt a lick on his head, his fur poofing up from the drool and causing him to bat it down with his paws and looked up at Gladbane,
"Oi what you doing?"
Blah... You taste like… blaaah… and fur…. Definitely not edible, and not a fairy ….they taste like sticks, and berries
He began to rub his fluffy fur and stood up, sneezing a bit at Gladbane with his nose scrunched,
"Oi'm not suppose to be edible, oi you gon'a be laik Boga now?" He asked, referring to when the brute had tried to make a snack out of him!
He shook his head, and then simply patted Glad on the paw, "Maybe Mr. Berries is just hungry! Superwolf can find Mr. Berries food!" He said planting his nose to the ground and beginning to sniff around, walking out of the ring and only bumping into a new female's leg and looking up at her,
He shook his head, "Ello! But yo' not food!" He said circling around her and then returning to the group within the stones.

Wolves Addressed: Gladbane, Circe
Wolves Mentioned:

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116 Re: Stonehenge on Mon May 06, 2013 10:17 am



    "Food?" Circe retorted, leering down her nose at the youth. "No. I am not food," she growled. Her gaze followed the little male disapprovingly as he ran around her then darted back to the others. If she had remembered their names, she might have greeted them with it.

    However, good as she was with stories, names were not something that the female was good with. So, that gave her reason (and hope) to believe that they would not remember her and her not so classy escape from the danger that had pressed against them not too long before. If they did, then that would be a problem. However, thus far, Circe had no obligations to these wolves.

    Her conscience might quarrel with that idea of hers, but Circe shoved that back so that she might be able to focus on the pressing matters at paw. The other three seemed...occupied to say the least. Oh, you interrupted you dummy she thought, scolding herself for the brash move she had made.

    "I did not intend to intrude," she murmured, dipping her head and averting her eyes. "I'll just go..." Turning around, Circe began to trek back to where she had come from. Maybe there was another pack around that hadn't just been faced with a force that had left even Circe reeling after just a slight brush with it.

Mentioned: Jo, Chewbo, Rebekka, Gladbane
Addressed: Jo, Chewbo, Rebekka, Glabdbane

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117 Re: Stonehenge on Tue May 07, 2013 9:37 am

“Jo!”  “There are pup's here” 

“Let them look” He smirked, winking at his mate. “The pups will learn about the birds and the bees soon anyway” He chirped as he nuzzled into his mate's neck. He gently pulled on her fur playfully and then planted soft licks around her muzzle. His tail pounded the air furiously as the playful side of Jo really bloomed. He pounced off his mate and trotted away from her confidently. He gazed back at her before lowering his chest to the ground and wiggled his behind, his tail still wagging hard.


Though, his play session with his mate was interrupted. A female stood just outside of the stone circle. Jo was sure that he had seen her before, but Jo had seen a lot of women in his life, how was he to know if he had met someone or not. He shifted from his play bow position and sat up straight, though the female had already decided to leave.

"I did not intend to intrude,". "I'll just go..." 

“Whoa” He spoke with a full charm lanced in his voice. He jogged up to the female and rubbed himself against her. “We can't just let a pretty thing like you go wandering off into Scottland's forests. It's full of goblins and bears. Not safe for a wee thing like you.” He smiled as he tried to re-direct her into the direction of the pack. “Everyone is welcome here. Please, make yourself at home” He grinned as he looked her in the eye. “My den is just down that hill, meet you there ,champ” He whispered in her ear before winking. A bit of harmless fun made the world go round.

Suddenly the grass from beneath his paws started to glow a brilliant green. The sky seemed to get it's colour back and the sun smiled down on them. The grey of dying and rotting eroded away and nature was once again beautiful. Jo couldn't believe his eyes when the flowers started to bloom again. His pack mates must have found the elk and saved their land. A happy feeling set in his stomach before he rose his head and let out a mighty howl in celebration.

Wolves addressed; Rebby and Circe, then the rest of the pack.
Notes: My mouse is playing up, so I didn't want to get my post box. Also, lame for Jo.
Word count: 374


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118 Re: Stonehenge on Wed May 08, 2013 1:17 am



    Before she knew it, one of the wolves that had been within the creepy rock circle had chased after her. Circe reeled back from him as he rubbed up against her, informing her that she was invited to stay with them and that there were goblins and bears in the wood.

    Goblins and bears that, apparently, a "wee thing like her" couldn't handle. Circe frowned and began a retort at his comments, but the male was already moving on to his next thought, which included making herself at home and informing her that the den was just down the hill. Then, something magical happened.

    The grass seemed to come alive, and the flowers seemed to grow and blossom right before her eyes. Shocked, Circe sat and stared at the wonder that had just occurred. This isn't real, right? she thought, unable to stop her eyes from lighting up with curiosity and bliss at this new happy realm that had shone before her.

    Circe was unaware of the events that had led to this joyous blooming of the world, and she certainly was clueless about the ant named Steve and the Great Elk that had cursed them in the first place. She clearly could not have known that this was not an omen; to her, it was. Just watching the male that had welcomed her light up with joy, Circe felt the infectious feeling bubble within her, too.

    Slowly, the female stood, and she looked about one last time. "Well, I do believe that this sign enough that I should, in fact, stay." she announced. If nature was this welcoming to her (or so she thought) then who was she to let it down by leaving?

Mentioned: Jo, the Elk, Steve
Addressed: Jo & crew
Word Count: Two hundred eighty-five (285)

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119 Re: Stonehenge on Fri May 10, 2013 10:21 am


As the little one nuzzled his paw he couldn’t help but smile as the little un got some of the purple on him:
“you shall be safe from lesser evil! I shall make you your own protection ward later in case a demon bear octopi suddenly appears… its more common than you’d think…”

… "Oi'm not suppose to be edible, oi you gon'a be laik Boga now?”… " Maybe Mr. Berries is just hungry! Superwolf can find Mr. Berries food!"

the simpleton sat staring as the little wolf set off on his short quest for food, before slinking up beside him…
“did… did you say you’re a super wolf?! That’s AWSOME!... can I be the supper villain can I can I can I?!?!”

The childish wolf began to dart around franticly striking super-villain poses before darting back…
*attempting to make a maniacal voice* “Bwahaha Sooo we meet again my arch nemesis whom I am only just meeting today! BEHOLD MY POWEEE….huh?”

Suddenly as he looked down the grass started to glow a brilliant green… and all at once he froze, as if in disbelief…

“… hey little superwolfy you can see this can’t you… I’m not crazy like they all said right… right… I mean look… haha… magic… HAHA!... MAGIC!... wait did I do that?!?! I CAN MAKE GRASS GLOW!!!”

He stood beaming at himself before turning to the pup…
“you know this isn’t the first time I’ve done magicy stuff….” He looked side to side before whispering “I use to be the prince of the Elvish court… but they revoked my power when I didn’t marry the fairy kings daughter…. It was kind of awkward…. But the reception was lovely all the same…”
He began to trail off in his imagination while liking his paw

Addressed: Chewbo

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120 Re: Stonehenge on Sat May 11, 2013 1:54 am



Rebekka became flustered as Jo's insistent kissing continued despite that there was a pup there. Her ears lowered and her mouth fell open as her face heated up when Jo continued without a care in the world.

“Let them look”“The pups will learn about the birds and the bees soon anyway”

“Jo!” Rebekka shouted in embarrassment, though she let a few giggles slip from her as he nuzzled and nipped at her fur, “Darn you, Jo!” She shook her head with an bashful smile as he planted soft licks around her muzzle and she could see his tail pounding the ground furiously, which made Rebby's smile brighten a little bit. She was happy that Jo was less stressed now. He wasn't a really stressed wolf to begin with but the tolls of being an Alpha on this particular day had worn them down slightly.

She rolled onto her paws as soon as Jo got off her and she mirrored his movements with a little cheeky smile on her face. It wasn't everyday she would be cheeky, and it wasn't in Rebekka's nature with all wolves, but when it came to Jo, he really brought out her teasing side which she never knew she had.

The smile on her face and wagging tail was an indication that Rebby was feeling less stressed out than before. A little more energy had returned to her and she was feeling brighter and more confident with Jo around her. He knew what to do without even meaning to. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why he was picked as her mate? They complimented each other. They were best friends, and Rebby wouldn't deal with any of Jo's crap if he gave it to her. She at least tried to put him in his place (unlike some she wolves).


Rebby's head perked up at the sound and her ears lifted as well. She tilted her head to the female just outside the circle and she had seen her earlier in the day. She wondered if the wolf was okay. Rebby's eyes focused on her, but for the most part she seemed to be fine. Though the blackness a little distance from her was what worried Rebby slightly. “It has to be time for the land to be repaired, surely?” Rebby whispered to herself as her mind rambled with thoughts and scenarios of what was happening with the other wolves.

"I did not intend to intrude,". "I'll just go..."

It wasn't even a minute after Jo and Rebby's playful moment had he started flirting with her. Rebekka's eyes narrowed on Jo and her smile fell into a line. She simply rolled her eyes and scoffed at him, “Not even five minutes Jo.” She shook her head and sighed at him before trotting towards them both. The last thing she needed was a silly flirting wolf at a time like this, “I'm sorry about Jo.” She smiled at the wolf, “My name's Rebekka, I'm the alpha, along with this flirting idiot.” Rebby nudged Jo playfully as she smiled at Circe. Though she was slightly annoyed that Jo could easily drop their moment to flirt with a stranger. Not that she didn't expect it of course. She had been mates with Jo long enough to know what he was like.

“Are you hurt in any way? It can't have been all that safe out of this circle?” She asked as she kept a weary eye on the shadows. Though something caught her eye in the distance. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to pin point what it was. Her eyes finally widened where she saw the shadows being replaced with glorious plants and fruits. The colour had seeped back into the land, injecting the greens back into the grass and the plants around them. The colours bloomed around them as the deadly shadows disappeared from sight, all was left in it's place was their replenished land.

A massive smile grew on Rebby's face as a weight was lifted off her shoulders. She let out an airy laugh as she examined the whole land with pride. Her pack had did it. Her wonderful pack had returned the two loves together. Rebekka's heart swelled with pride and she nuzzled her head in Jo's neck as he let out a celebratory howl.

“They did it, Jo!” Rebby exclaimed with excitement as she looked at Chewbo, “We're going to be safe.”

"Well, I do believe that this sign enough that I should, in fact, stay."

Rebby turned her head back to the wolf with a friendly smile and nodded, “Of course you may stay. We're happy for you to join.”

WOLVES MENTIONED: The whole pack. Chewbo.

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121 Re: Stonehenge on Mon May 13, 2013 8:27 am

“They did it, Jo!”, “We're going to be safe.”

“Ahh Pidge!” He chuckled as he nuzzled into her cheek. His smile was bright and his spirit was lifted. Jo felt like a young pup again. Energy bounced around him like a lively jackrabbit. He wanted to do nothing but howl until his throat hurt. He wanted to roll around in the grass and cover himself with mud. He was sure that Chewbo would even join in on his games. Though, he had to collect his pack members first. No point being separated any more. It was time to go back home.

Jo let out another howl, issuing the pack back home to the den. There they could plan their next move. Find the prey, scout the area, rescue any wondering wolves. However, Jo wanted to do something else first. He wanted to relax. He wanted to lay down with his mate and let his pack converse with each other. He'd happily watch that.

"Well, I do believe that this sign enough that I should, in fact, stay."

“Of course you should stay, Babe.” He winked with a cheeky smile. “Lets go home guys.” He announced with a joyful tone to his voice. With a quick scoop, Jo pulled little Chewbo into his jaws. He was sure to be careful with the pup; he had already scared him once. Once the pup was securely in his paws, Jo wiggled his eyebrows at his fellow members before trotting back to the den.


WOLVES ADDRESSED: All by the stones
Word count: 253
Notes: Oh bother. Another shorty


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122 Re: Stonehenge on Fri May 17, 2013 5:59 am



Rebekka was so happy in that moment. When Jo nuzzled her cheek she gave his own cheek a lick of joy as her very own excited laugh slipped past her lips. She had never been so overwhelmed with relief in her life, especially since meeting Jo through the wisps entwining their fate. She'd been through quite a bit more than she had thought when growing up. A simple wolf, just plain ol' Rebekka. Look at her know. Leader of a pack that just saved the land and each other. Granted, Rebekka didn't do much of the hard work, but she was proud that her pack had cured the land by completing the prophecy. She couldn't wait to see them all again, even if some of them weren't overly fond of her.

She continued to watch the land flourish as if it could finally breath again. The suffocating shadows disappearing for what Rebekka hoped to be a very long time. It got Rebby thinking about the shadows and the prophecy in the first place. She wondered what the stag and doe had done to get cursed at the beginning. She could only hope that she wasn't going to be put through that fate, especially when Jo was her mate. She could only imagine what he would be like if he was cursed to search the land endlessly for her. Knowing him, he'd use the fact that he was looking for his mate as a chat up line of some sort.

Jo's excited demeanour, full of energy and life brought a smile to her face as she watched him pick up Chewbo in his mouth. She was slightly hesitant at first when Jo motioned to pick his son up, though after a second of hesitation, she could see that he didn't want to scare the pup like last time. He was trying and that was more that he had done earlier. Perhaps he was warming up to the pup? The thought brought a warm expression on her face as she turned back to the other members left in the area. Circe, and Gladbane.

“There's no need for us to stay here, we can get to Den. There you can meet the rest of the pack.” Rebekka smiled politely at Circe and Gladbane, though she was aware that Gladdy was slightly strange. She wanted to keep an eye on him, just in case.

With a final smile, she nodded in the direction she was headed and lead the remaining wolves at Stonehenge to the den.

Wolves Addressed; Circe, Gladbane
Wolves Mentioned: the pack, Jo, Chewbo
Notes: TO THE DEN~

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123 Re: Stonehenge on Mon May 20, 2013 8:10 am


“There's no need for us to stay here, we can get to Den. There you can meet the rest of the pack.”

Glad whipped his head around to face the wolf with such speed he tripped over, unable to contain his excitant, immediately rising in a flailing motion “THERE ARE MORE OF YOU!?!”
He began hopping after her excitedly before stopping suddenly as though he hit a wall…
He began franticly twisting his body while hysterically talking
“…W..why? … … … No, no, no, no, no, no! I am just making friends Mr grumples ... fine then don’t come”…

he began to fight with the air for some time, seemingly throwing himself into the rocks of the henge and the trees, before suddenly stopping and fleeing, in an odd limping run as he held a paw off the ground…


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124 Re: Stonehenge on Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:29 am

Geminos Padded quietly from the light fog, his eyes keen to any movement as he made his way to the eerie stones. They seemed to beckon him forward despite Something in him telling him to turn tail and run. With his ears pricked forward the Large male paused at the base of one of the great stones. His eyes scoured up the pillar and stopped once he felt the sting of sunlight in them. Ever so cautiously he pressed his nose to the stone and gave a light sniff. 'It seems like no one is here...' The thought formed as his gaze swept across the knoll. It did seem he was all alone here though it wasn't as if he was really bothered by this. The less wolves the less chance Malum could make an appearance.

As if Summoned by the very thought Geminos felt a second Thought push into the forefront of his mind. "Lets find 'em an beat 'em to a pulp then!" He let out a low whimper as he tried to will away the violent thought. No, He'd not let malum win out this time...Not after the last time he won control. "Malum I will not bend to yer evry' beck n call! Now stop spewin nonsense an let me think!" At that the second voice seemed to fade, much to Geminos' relief. With the new found quiet The male began to focus his thoughts on the basics. He checked the area for the scents of any other wolves once more before sniffing at the ground for signs of prey.
"I'm guessin there be not a single rabbit round here then..."
His voice took a downtrodden tone as he began to shuffle along amongst the pillars. His ears flicked back as he let out a long tired sigh. 'I'm guessin nothin be livin here period..' Geminos found himself torn. The pillars seemed to urge him to stay yet the land seemed to want him gone. His claws dug into the soft earth as he shook his head vehemently. Oh what to do, what to do..He simply could not decide. He knew he must have found this place for a reason but lady fate had yet to reveal why. His multicolored eyes narrowed as his gaze shifted up to the blue sky. Oh what to do...An idea struck him and suddenly he lifted his muzzle high to let out a long call. He knew he'd regret this upon a later date but for now he felt almost scared to be left alone with his thoughts...

thoughts."Geminos" "Malum"

Wolves Addressed: Anyone nearby
Wolves Mentioned: None
Mood: He feels lost again for the first time in years

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125 Re: Stonehenge on Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:58 am

(Just a warning: No one else is currently here.A new member can post here with you or another member can, but just informing you that you can move to another location like the main den if you wish)


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